US Media Character Assassination of Trump Supporters


During the course of a Rush Limbaugh radio show one caller made a poignant observation. He reported on how as he drove along a rural highway that every town he passed through was inundated with “Vote For Trump” posters and signs. As he saw it, there seemed to be a grass roots movement to regain America from the current administration and sold out media that refuses to acknowledge the will of the true electorate. This conclusion was corroborated by a recent poll conducted by Gallup of 87 thousand respondents who supported Trump along all lines of entrepreneurs, college educated professionals, and skilled professions that had earned trade careers.

The illusion

In essence, contradicting the intentional denial of the US media in its attempt to get Hillary Clinton elected, still the illusion persists. Many Democratic Party pundits have expressed anxiety over an unseen and unanticipated tidal wave of voters who are fed up being uncounted and unsophisticated bigots by the mainstream media. The major news networks aside from Fox, Newsmax, the Blaze, and Breitbart have tried to label Trump supporters as primarily White, middle class, uneducated, racist bigots, who are concerned over their perceived loss of power. Just as they did with the Tea Party, the DC establishment as well as the press corps, have tried to demonize the true voice of the American people with their rhetoric and false narratives.

Democratic machinery

Hillary’s 3 point lead has been slowly deteriorating even with a huge staff of 700 election personnel and 700 million already spent to promote her tired and ineffective message. While Donald Trump defeated 16 GOP opponents and at times led Hillary in the polls with a fraction of the manpower and funding, he even financed his own campaign, still Clinton struggles to maintain her lead. Donald Trump has been acquiring increasing funding from sources all over America corporate and public to launch a mass media campaign that has yet to get off the ground while Hillary’s has been well underway with disappointing results.

Legacy of White House failure

Much in common with a big government that refuses to answer questions over millions being paid to Iran, continued threats to our military whose been ordered to stand down as our enemies buzz our Navy ships and fast boats come dangerously close to our destroyers while rockets land close to our aircraft carriers in the Gulf of Hormuz, it’s all about preserving Obama’s legacy. National security, the safety of US citizens at home and abroad under the aegis of executive amnesty and the Iran Nuke Deal lead us inescapably to the recurring conclusion that our government refuses to put the American people first while using political correctness to wreck our society.

Strategy of deception

The capriciousness of an administration that continually tells the opposition to sit in the back of the bus, shut up, move along, you aren’t smart enough to appreciate our vision, just take it- is wearing thin on all Americans white, black, Hispanic, and others who have bothered to take an interest in politics and actually comprehend what Constitutional government is all about. Apologizing to the world for American exceptionalism and the achievements that have benefited the world as a whole is a façade that is eroding away like a rotting burlap sack on a scarecrow’s face. Castigating Americans who want the people to have a say in their own government as backward hicks and angry white folk is a disingenuous political strategy that even blacks are beginning to see through as Donald Trump poses the question “Why not try something else?” 50 years of Democratic Party rule has brought nothing to those who have mindlessly cast their votes for such government sanctioned ineptitude.



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