Trump Not Fit For Presidency Are You Sure Mr. Obama?


With the coming 2016 Presidential election and the anticipated attack campaign of the DNC, US media, and DC establishment we can always count on Barack Hussein Obama to throw in his 2 cents. Whether it be abroad while meeting with foreign officials or at home, the President has always seen fit to criticize his political opponents whether his audience cares or not. As a matter of fact, President Obama is one of the few if any oval office executives who have embarrassed the US by making negative remarks about domestic matters such as presidential nominees while making international visits.

A question of origins

Let us do some comparison shopping when looking at the credentials of GOP nominee Donald Trump and President Barack Obama. First of all, there is the question of origin. A controversy has swirled around the birth place of Barack Hussein Obama, his true parents, and whether or not he was constitutionally qualified for the oval office. One might ask why there are edited photographs showing the deliberate insertions of young Barack into photos of the Stanley Dunham family clearly showing anomalous flaws associated with inaccurate or mediocre trick photography. Why would it be necessary to falsify supposed family photos?

Conflicting testimony

How was it that Barack Obama attended Columbia University under a foreign student federal grant if he was indeed born in Hawaii as the controversial in house generated birth certificate on the White House claims? Why were Obama’s scholastic records at the universities he purportedly attended locked down along with his medical records? Why have students who attended the same classes during the same time frame been quoted as saying they never saw Obama attending their classes? One witness attested to a number of the school’s professors as being infuriated with the young Obama’s poor attendance records. Admittedly Barack used drugs in high school as well as college.

True accomplishments

We know that Donald Trump attended military school by age 13 graduating from the New York Military Academy as a star athlete he then attended Fordham University and Wharton School of Finance receiving a degree in Economics. During summers he worked in his father’s real estate business and began meeting with key business community figures when Donald moved to Manhattan. Trump gained a reputation for renovating problem properties in NYC and delivering these projects under budget helping to improve the inner cities urban environment even when the city itself could not deliver projects on time or within fiscal limits.

Malevolent influences

Barack Obama began life beyond college taken under the wing of convicted revolutionaries Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, who both planned and carried out bombings in the Weather Underground extremist group. These two fugitives from justice destroyed federal buildings were involved in killings of police and government workers and were unrepentant in their public statements after they were inexplicably acquitted from prosecution. These are the kinds of influences that shaped the political aspirations of one Barack Hussein Obama. One might easily see just why the current president has been an apologist for radical Islam, has pushed an open borders policy, and has threatened national security with an Iran Nuclear Deal that has endangered the existence of Israel as well as America.

A question of character

When the president of the United States of America welcomes violent protesters into the White House after the burning and destruction of cities like Ferguson and Baltimore, one must surely question his sense of loyalty to the people of this country. When President Obama releases 214 drug convicted felons back into society and instructs ICE to release 86,000 convicted illegal aliens back into the general population his allegiance to this nation should obviously be in question. Yet, this man has the audacity to judge Donald Trump, an accomplished businessman who employs some 200 thousand people in his various enterprises as being unfit for the office of the presidency.

The true threat

When evaluating the meager if not nonexistent accomplishments of Barack Hussein Obama while being at the helm of the nation it is easy to see how a successful billionaire (Trump) who holds those who fail or show gross negligence in their actions being subject to termination as being a threat to the inept system in which the current administration has conducted itself for the last 7 years. Apparently holding the standards of public office as opposed to being in the private sector being two very different levels of consequence when considering such issues as fiscal responsibility, leadership qualities, and the safety of the general public sadly exist today. It is clear that the White House can preside over the death of Americans in Benghazi, the death of border agents in Fast and Furious, that half a billion dollars of tax payers money can be squandered over a bankrupt company known as Solyndra without repercussions. Little wonder that Donald Trump is perceived as a threat to the status quo on Capitol Hill.

Fiscal incompetence?

Donald Trump has been criticized over bankruptcies that were legally executed as a result of a bad economic climate that suddenly caused rapid real estate devaluation, but did he carelessly mishandle taxpayer’s funds? Did Donald Trump allow American’s lives to be lost? One might ask how a man becomes president of the US with little more experience than scooping ice-cream at Baskin and Robbins as a kid in Hawaii and becoming a community organizer (protester) in Chicago as qualifications to hold the highest position in the executive branch of the US government? Is it possible for some people to comprehend just how the federal deficit is now at 20 trillion dollars under a presidency that lacked any expertise in sound economic principles?

Ultimately deceived

How do you compare the deplorable track record of the Obama White House claiming the ability to judge who is fit or unfit to the accomplishments of a multi-billionaire, accomplished actor, and father of several successful children who have sterling performances in the business world? The difference between objective evaluation and ideological entrenchment can only be characterized as denial of the truth relying political correctness to cloud the issues. Unfortunately, the people of the US have been so dumbed down by government funded public education, deceived by false political narrative, and morally compromised that reality has little meaning anymore. Corruption is ignored. Lack of performance is overlooked. Lies become truths while the propaganda machinery funded by those invested in taking down America makes a contest out of what normally would be a hands down landslide for the better qualified candidate being Donald Trump. Then again, these are different times.




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