The Wrath of Khan and Donald Trump


During the recent DNC Convention freak show of celebrities and their portrayal of victimization there was one particular stumbling block introduced to try and trip up GOP nominee Donald Trump. A supposed Gold Parent and self-described Muslim patriot by the name of Khizr Khan. This appointed speaker got on the Democratic Party stage and proceeded to trash Donald Trump saying that the GOP nominee’s policies against allowing uncontrolled immigration and refugees from Syria unvetted into the US were racist and bigoted.

The true agenda

The left held their breath and waited for Trump to take the bait, but so were The Donald’s Republican detractors! They couldn’t wait to find an angle for them to distort his response and politically capitalize. Khan was not at the DNC Convention to share moral standards or humanitarian platitudes. He was on a mission being part of the Democratic Party machine. He was there to help instigate a firestorm of Trump controversy and the US media were ready willing and able to act as the accelerant!

When the mask comes off

Under the guise of being incensed over his supposedly heroic son’s death as an US Army Captain in Afghanistan as his wife stood silently by as he made his finger pointing accusations, Khizr Khan continued his verbal assault accusing Trump and Americans like him of being unappreciative of the wondrous contribution of Muslims to America! Yet, the whole truth had not yet been revealed. The cat was not out of the bag yet. Things are not always the way  they seem and especially when under the tutelage of the leftist Democratic hack machine smoke and mirrors. Then came a truth that few in the US media were willing to submit to the American public.

Funneling money

It turns out with relatively little effort that Khizr Khan is a high powered attorney specializing in getting foreigners into the US not just any foreigners but Islamists from the Middle East. As well Khan also tends to limit his humanitarian efforts to wealthy donors willing to pay heavily to the Democratic Party coffers not only to attain the supposed privilege of US citizenship, but to fund their election campaigns. Khan was not chosen at random or for his bleeding heart circumstance. He was placed there as a tool for discrediting Donald Trump just as the entire US news media has been in full scale attack mode trying to eliminate Hillary Clinton’s opposition!


The Palin Mode

Instead of making a clear and concise case for the obviously allowed law breaking of Hillary Clinton and the damsge her reckless handling of classified information has done to endanger national security, they are in full “Palin mode” as Rush Limbaugh recently mentioned in his radio program. With such foolish narratives as Trump’s mental health, should he have access to the nuclear missile launch codes, does Trump have the proper temperament to become President of the United States? In their unholy alliance with the White House and the Democratic Party  the US mainstream media is trying to singlehandedly elect Hillary Clinton no matter how obviously corrupt and unhinged Hillary Clinton demonstrates herself to be.

The preferred response

Trump’s better advised reply to the false accusations raised by prominent Democratic and CAIR operative Khizr Khan should have been this:

Mister Khan would have us believe that even though his son was murdered by terrorists in the Middle East that we citizens here at home should allow our soils to be invaded by refugees who are unvetted, when ISIS has proclaimed they will infiltrate the ranks of the migrants already. Mr. Khan would have we Americans accept that we should endure Islamic acts of terrorism within our nation while our government refuses to protect our borders. While 1000 cases in all 50 states are being investigated by the FBI for ISIS related terrorism Mr. Khan would have us lay down our laws, our sovereignty as a Constitutional Republic, and our right to safety just so we can allow a dangerous element into our midst that has already caused numerous acts of death and terrorism.

And further more

Mr. Khan if you are going to attack an American nominee for the US presidency because he calls for the American federal government to do its job and protect its own citizens instead financing the uncontrolled influx of unprocessed refugees from a war torn region rife with terrorism that has already sent Europe into chaos then I ask you, who is the real culprit here? It is you Mr. Khan because as you run a profitable operation of undermining our nation by enabling foreign intervention and funding the political party that is doing so, it is indeed you who are not only wrong, but a threat to the American way of life!

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