Trump Invites Russians to Find Hillary’s Ditched E-Mails



In the course of investigating Hillary Clinton’s illegal handling of Top Secret and Classified State Department documents that were conveyed from her private home brew server we have seen astonishing efforts to cover her tracks. Deletion of some 30,000 emails and scrubbing her server prior to surrendering her online equipment to the FBI via subpoena is but one of many acts of evidence tampering and destruction committed by the former Secretary of State. Not to mention the fact that she instructed her staffers to defeat classified protocol by cutting headers from documents to avert proper procedure is another example of the appalling misuse of highly sensitive material regarding national security under Hillary’s watch.

Sheer criminality

With these revelations is it not surprising that the Russians and for that matter the Chinese were able to hack a number of federal government agencies such as the Department of Defense, the Pentagon, the OPM (Office of Personnel management)? Experts are certain that Clinton’s server was hacked as well. The US press corps was rocked today when a news conference given by Donald Trump not only invited them to ask any questions they wanted, but that he invited the Russians to go and obtain the missing 30,000 emails that were expunged from Hillary’s server. Why not? It seems the Obama Administration’s security is so incompetent and careless that it would seem the next logical step would be to expect that the Russians must have already recovered those emails that were forensically scrubbed so as not to be recoverable.

The trail of calculated lies

If Hillary had nothing to hide then why did she have to delete so many e-mails? It is no doubt safe to say that she knew her emails were indeed incriminating which compelled her to seek legal counsel and the sophisticated fashion in which her e-mails were deleted. Hillary even lied in March when she made a public statement saying she had voluntarily surrendered her server to the FBI. In truth she stalled, used her attorneys to review the material, and refused turning over e-mails in the possession of her attorneys who in turn disposed of them in a thorough manner (untraceable). Of course we can expect the liberal news media to make outlandish charges toward GOP nominee Donald Trump, but it will not diffuse the firestorm already gathering momentum.

The Trumpster intercedes

Donald Trump in inscrutable fashion has overshadowed the antics of the first 2 days of the DNC Convention calling out an untrustworthy candidate (Hillary) for the crimes she has been unlawfully exonerated over. FBI Director James Comey proved once and for all that the Washington DC elite are indeed above the law especially when it comes to the executive branch. The bitter opposition to Donald Trump orchestrated through such groups as BLM, Move On, the SEIU, ACORN, and CAIR have all consolidated their efforts with Democratic Party authorization to try and stop The Donald. The last thing the DC establishment wants is to be accountable, to have unnecessary agencies closed down, and to stop the endless flow of slush funds used by the Democrats to finance their political agenda. Trump would use the standards of the corporate world to fire the incompetent and corrupt. That message is sending fear through the ranks of bureaucrats continually wasting taxpayer money in their crony capitalist ventures.

In conclusion

In an age of uncertainty that has been ushered in by the most corrupt administration ever to soil the premises of the White House, one can only imagine just how such unpatriotic collusion could go unpunished except for the realization that the Department of Justice has been transformed into an agency that condones injustice used as a tool to enable the violations of the Obama Administration. With the election of Donald Trump a day of reckoning can be anticipated. The hollow rhetoric of the DNC and their celebrity ball of leftist entertainers will not absolve those who conducted their undermining free for all of the nation’s highest offices. Ironically, it may be our very enemies who produce the damning evidence that will put the final nail in the coffin of Hillary’s legacy of unpunished criminal conduct.




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