White House Pathway to Lawlessness Part II


The decent of the Obama Administration into violating due process of law has been strikingly documented through a seemingly unending series of scandals. That the US Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, did nothing to uphold federal law in these cases is not only amazing, but that Congress stood by and allowed these travesties of justice to go unchallenged may be even more stunning. The old theory that the three branches of government operating independently of each other and yet being accountable to the people has been dashed to pieces by a White House that used appointees within the Supreme Court as well as other branches indicates a bias that cannot be nullified when dealing with corruption.

Solyndra defunct

The scandals that range from publicly misrepresenting important legislation such as the Affordable Care Act to exercising extreme negligence over foreign policy are so numerous that we will simply explore the major infractions that were intentionally committed by the administration. Using federal agencies to harass political opponents as well as entire states for straying away from the Obama White House’s tyranny or contradicting its narratives was a widely used tactic that went largely unreported and never prosecuted.

The Solyndra Scandal depicted as the questionable use of tax payer funds by the White House to finance ill-advised private ventures that supposedly would promote the use of alternative energy brought many suspicions to bear. Allegations of crony capitalism emerged once an inside whistle blower revealed that the company was on the verge of bankruptcy as it has been out flanked by its Chinese competitors for using obsolete technology therefore sealing its fate in competitive international markets. Yet, with this knowledge the President proceeded to enrich those friends of the White House regardless of imminent market failure. The Department of Energy did not do its homework in vetting proper loan requirements for a faltering solar panel company not to mention several other firms operating clean energy operations. More than 535 million in tax funds were lost in what would have been considered fraudulent operations under private sector standards.

Lerner lied

When it was discovered that IRS personnel had engaged in obstructing the approval of charitable status to conservative groups seeking to solicit election campaign information on behalf of Mitt Romney for the 2012 presidency characteristic stonewalling began. After the testimony of 2 IRS commissioners in front of Congressional panels Lois Lerner took the 5th amendment numerous times to escape incriminating evidence that would have been used against her. Despite independent Inspector General findings that indicated improper conduct no action was taken. Lerner among other IRS staffers even received bonuses despite the embattled agency’s follies documented time and time again. With evidence that files and hard drives were destroyed still no prosecution materialized.

NSA police state

When a major story broke that revealed that the NSA was keeping an AP reporter under surveillance it only led to further revelations that the administration had been using UAV’s as well as smart street lamps to maintain spying activities on civilians across the nation. When it was discovered that the president had desired keeping US citizens under indefinite detention as part of the NDAA appropriations bill, many analysts suspected that the police state under the administration was fast becoming a reality without the knowledge or approval of the public.

Overthrowing foreign governments

Of all people it was Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat who drafted articles of impeachment against President Obama after US forces were put under foreign command beneath the French in a coalition that aided the overthrow of Libya under ruler, Moammar Gaddafi. One might recall that this US backed coup orchestrated by Secretary Hillary Clinton led to Libya becoming a haven for a number of Terrorist organizations now using the region as a training ground.

Aiding in the current chaos in the Middle East was the administration’s support for the overthrow of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, a US ally, who had maintained stability in the region for decades. Hillary Clinton worked to install her friend Mohamed Morsi as the new Egyptian president. Being a Muslim Brotherhood member, Morsi received millions of US dollars, F-16 fighter jets, other backing even though the people of Egypt began to grow weary of the decline of their nation under the Muslim Brotherhood. Within months the Egyptian army overthrew Morsi imprisoning him in answer to the social unrest that the new leadership had caused when food shortages and economic conditions worsened.

Illegal amnesty

Executive orders by President Obama to enact amnesty for illegal aliens living within the US as well as to assist illegal aliens entering our borders illustrates just one more way the Obama White House has sought to undermine the state of America. While the president instructed ICE to release criminals back into the general population even as US citizens were being murdered by repeat offenders in sanctuary cities through-out the country the White House resisted attempts by Congress to defund efforts by the federal government to enable the foreign invasion of our borders even forcing US Air Force bases to be used as daycare facilities for South American children that were shipped by government paid drivers to deliver the masses to our southern border. If this is not the classic utilization of Cloward Piven Strategy it would be more than coincidental. Only last minute efforts by Senator Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions averted complete implementation of Obama’s executive orders.

Further word

The above mentioned scandals are but a fraction of the intentionally orchestrated violations of law, misuse of tax payer funding, and foreign policy errors that should have been prosecuted after thorough investigation. Congress in many cases did not specify under oath testimony, even more egregious was the sanctioned refusal to uphold the law by Attorney General Eric Holder, who would be eventually cited for contempt of Congress. Despite the reprimand, Holder remained in the Obama White House now assured immunity from future charges once the AG office was handed to Loretta Lynch.



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