The RNC Convention Setting The Tone For a New America


Great expectations and twisted perceptions by the US media surrounded the opening of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The liberal press were doing the best they could to mislead the public and drown the conservative message in deception. The liberal media attempted to portray the GOP in disarray when, in fact, Donald Trump had not only captured the nomination but had attracted record voter turn-out in the primaries well as bringing more voters into the fold than ever would have responded to the DC establishment career politicians who did not even have the courage to oppose President Obama.

The intentional misinformation

Key speeches given by the Trump family as well as conservative GOP leaders such as Newt Gingrich highlighted the important distinctions between the nonexistent remedies posed by Hillary Clinton and the tried and true solutions already demonstrated under former President Ronald Reagan. Yet, the decidedly obstructionist press corps incessantly spin the proceedings in a negative manner desperately attempting to offset the message of reform and economic restoration brought to the table by the Trump Pence 2016 election campaign.

Plagiarism? Right

Calling out Melania Trump’s speech for being plagiaristic when President Obama and the Clinton’s have done the same was typical of the media’s hollow attempts at diluting the GOP’s message. How can general platitudes usually expressed by most people be legally owned by anyone? Yet, this is the agenda of the news networks paid off by the White House in 2009 to do their bidding. Like the shills they are, CBS, NBC, ABC, and MSNBC have done everything from lying to the public to actually criticizing police departments for killing assassins who have already murdered their comrades calling the assassins lynch mob victims.

Melania’s words

Melania Trump’s speech in support of her husband was not only moving, but typically the classic testimony of immigrants who originally came here legally and had a desire not only to better themselves but to assimilate into the American way of life rather than demand health services, food stamps, education, drivers licenses, and then attend rallies where our nation’s flag is spit upon and burned. Under the Obama administration the overwhelming signal sent out to the unrestrained masses of illegal immigrants has been to trespass, demand entitlements, and vote for Democrats! The notion of contributing to our society has diminished just like the forgotten throng of patriotism among those who should appreciate privilege rather than demanding it like a right.

Praise earned

Yes, the Trump children could be expected to give a glowing account of their father,  but what does it say about a father whose children are all successful, dedicated, and in awe of their parent because he instilled important values within them. Eric made a lengthy case of his dad as a mentor, a friend, and a dynamic businessman who never accepted the impossible as an excuse not to succeed, a message echoed by his siblings with sincere consistency. It was clear that the Trump family is not only close, but that they share true admiration for their father.

Bruised egos

Not surprisingly, Ted Cruz failed to endorse Donald Trump although congratulating The Donald for his nomination. Cruz true to form went on a lecture of Constitutional freedoms that the GOP party should standing for and should never abandon once they attain the presidency and begin the process of reforming the federal government. Ted was one of many of Trump’s opponents invited to appear at the RNC and speak such as Rick Perry, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and others who were critical in the heat of the primaries. Although Cruz drew boos for failing to endorse Donald Trump his message resonated among true conservatives.

The old pro

Newt Gingrich acting as a peacemaker after Cruz’s speech pointed out that as Ted had advised the crowd to vote with their conscience and to vote according to the Constitution that there was only one presidential candidate that would act according to the Constitution and that was Donald J. Trump. His poignant insight into the Cruz narratives helped to further the message and to keep it from being lost in needless controversy perhaps salvaging Ted’s ultimate intention.

Calling out the liars

The longest round of applause came from a somewhat unlikely source, but a very valid authority within the journalistic realm. Laura Ingraham, a Fox News contributor and radio talk show host made one of the best points in the entirety of the RNC Convention in the past four nights. She called out the US mainstream media the phoneys, the pundits, the leftist mouthpieces telling them to do their job, to show up and witness the convention first hand rather than compose hit pieces. She faced them off from her podium as they were lined up directly in front of her from across the massive stage when she addressed them one could hear some of their adversarial snarls. “Do your job!” she said, challenging them to report rather than doing the bidding of the White House.


As the Trump kids had mentioned through-out their speeches in summing up just why their father who does not need the money or the aggravation in order to enter into the political arena as president, the Trump campaign is not just an election process, but a movement bigger than a single man’s ambition. It is all about making America great again! There are so many aspects to this convention that it could not be summed up all at once, these were some of the most outstanding aspects of the presentations that kept the events on an electrifying level.


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