A Delusional White House That Inspires Terrorism


In lieu of the latest Islamic terrorist attack in France we are once again saddled with the rhetoric of the White House over gun control. From Dallas, Texas President Obama used the solemn occasion of a memorial to fallen Dallas police officers to drive home his politically correct drivel. The inference that police departments around the country are racist, that more gun control will somehow curb deadly attacks, and that diplomacy is an easy fix to terrorism throughout the world typify his illogical rationalizations. To many the president’s latest remarks are not only evidence that he is out of touch with world events, but that he is delusional.

Nice France and Beyond

Using a 20 ton truck to run over a crowd of people in Nice, France Mohamed Bouhlel a 31 year old Tunisian born Muslim saw fit to kill 84 people leaving an additional 52 in serious condition. The French expert on terrorism claimed that the suspect who died in a rain of police gunfire was rapidly radicalized. With the uncontrolled influx of Muslim population ever since 9-11 France has fancied itself as a progressive European Democratic socialist nation, yet instead has doomed itself to a large foreign population of ambivalent inhabitants who have no allegiance to their country only to their ideology. The resulting tragedies with ISIS inspired killings illustrate that point. One might recall that after the bloody night club murders at the nightclub in Paris that the hotly pursued suspects were hidden by the local Muslim community.

Call for deportation

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich stated that Sharia Law is not only incompatible with Western civilization, but the fact that it is dangerous to our society underscores the remedy for this radical influence. Those Muslims who publicly support Sharia Law either within America or upon attempting to enter our nation should be deported and prevented from re-entering. Fair enough. We have millions of Muslims in the US already who when polled ( 53%)show a disturbing level of support for Sharia Law to be upheld in the US even using force in order to achieve this twisted agenda. If Hillary Clinton is elected she will create a pathway to more than a million more refugees to be relocated here at a cost of 400 billion dollars. Few if any will be vetted as admitted by many intelligence sources.

The twisted agenda

Under what law or Constitutional provision does allowing the influx of a potentially dangerous segment of international refugees into our borders using taxpayers’ dollars exist? What obligation does America have to accept unvetted refugees and illegal immigrants into our country financed by the unwise funding of the federal government? Answer. None! This insanity can only be rationalized as a way of the Democratic Party using destructive measures to introduce automatic voting support to keep itself in power! There is no humanitarian motive involved in either the refugee predicament or Black Lives Matter, only the hollow deception of the left unconcerned over what damage their policies will cause should they succeed!

An insult to those who died

With Black Lives Matters members invited to the White House the very day after the memorial for 5 slain officers in Dallas, President Obama continually acts as a pyromaniac who loves to start a fire and watch according to black Sheriff David Clarke. The delusional President Obama typically rewards violent protesters while advocating gun control. Micah Johnson, the sniper who shot 14 Dallas police officers during the Black Lives Matters rally in Dallas is now being elevated to the status of martyr by commentators on CNN and MSNBC as an insight into the insanity of the left here in America and the contrarian reactions of the Obama White House.

The continuing onslaught

It seems that Black Lives Matters as well as Islamic terrorism are two factors driving the White House narrative of gun control and greater tolerance while acts of violence against not only civilians but police are the order of the day. The delusion seems deeply imbedded in the Obama Administration who has fostered the “Ferguson” effect and labeled anyone who speaks out against radical Islam as alarmist bigots! The president is liable to quickly jump to conclusions whenever a black suspect is shot by police, but is inherently doubtful of any charges made against the Muslim community when the escalating level of terrorist attacks continues to raise its ugly head in the news headlines. Do his actions define delusional behavior or is he simply practicing the Islamic call to use deception as a tool against infidels known as the term Taqiya?



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