More Sinister Aspects of Dallas Police Assassination



In the aftermath of the greatest loss of life among a city police department since the 9-11 attack we are forced to face even more disturbing implications of a nationwide war against our law enforcers. The US media is doing all it can to milk this tragedy for ratings whether it costs more lives and property damage or not. Many aspects of these attacks are being hidden or simply not covered by the news networks.


The Dallas Black Lives Matter protest did not go as peacefully prior to the shootings as was reported it seems. Not long before the first barrage of AR-15 bullets an altercation had begun at a beer and wine store where protesters came off the street and barged their way through the entrance grabbing liquor and strong arming the store staff, but nothing was reported about the incident. Troubling also were large segments of the protest who did not respond and go into a panic after shots had been fired as if they knew ahead of time exactly which area was going to be fired upon prior.

Poor planning

A former US Marine pointed out to me that the Dallas police had allowed the protest to get out of hand as the marchers entered an uncontrolled area of the city streets where too many vantage points for a sniper were available and could not be controlled. The area with the least amount of hidden access and potential for a firefight should have been pre-established thus limiting as much as possible the dynamics for a sniper firing from cover on his own terms. This former artillery sergeant pointed out to me that the Dallas tactical squad had not thought this out. As a result, lives were lost, civilians were wounded, and the extremist element was emboldened across the country. A pre-ordained route should have been scouted before the protesters arrived.

Killing as many whites as possible

Micah Johnson’s residence it turns out was a large weapons and explosive material stash. When Dallas Police Chief, Gary Brown was asked about the expertise of the shooter in making bombs he acknowledged in a press conference that the killer knew what he was doing and had not carried out his intended plan to spread further death and destruction. Another question emerges in evaluating this scenario. Was his home merely a distribution point for other perpetrators? Many of these kinds of questions simply go unanswered or not asked at all.


Uncovering more

Another inconvenient truth has emerged on top of the fact that a friend had said that Johnson had been influenced by the New Black Panthers. It turns out that Micah Johnson was also a follower of Islam. This fact has been glossed over by mainstream media. Once again, as Homeland Security under Jeh Johnson expunges words like Jihad, Muslim, radical Islam, from hundreds of their documents and the lies about it to Senator Ted Cruz under questioning, these shootings have a deeper darker origin then authorities are letting on.


One might also ask, why would Police Chief Gary Brown be grilled by the press over the Dallas PD’s use of a robot carrying an explosive to kill a shooter that had murdered or wounded what is now 14 police officers on that terrible night? The police chief responded that he would do it again in order to save the lives of his men. What refreshing transparency as opposed to the White House! Once again, Jeh Johnson describes the Dallas Police ambush as being an isolated incident. In view of the evidence that conclusion seems fabricated as most all is under the present administration.

Who and why?

As other police departments in Baton Rouge, Mississippi, and St. Paul struggle with brazen Black Lives Matter demonstrators throwing Molotov cocktails, rebar, and concrete rubble at officers causing injuries while shutting down interstate highways, the question of who is really behind all this remains. It is clear that the Democratic Party is one factor silently supporting these atrocities for political gain.

Follow the money

George Soros, a dedicated Communist, a billionaire of purported Hungarian origin has been bank rolling what is a massive, well-coordinated, and financed effort to disrupt the upcoming RNC Convention along with the American free enterprise system under the guise of Black Life Matters protests. Using inflamed hatred, accusations of racism, and paid agitators who travel from one demonstration to the next while some cities such as San Jose, Albuquerque, and Baltimore have ordered their police departments to stand down. As squad cars burn, people are injured, and violence spreads we have a White House that rewards anarchy and discourages the truth. The greater question in all this is why is Soros being allowed to donate to such a hideous cause?


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