Dallas Police Shooting Black Lives Matter and Anarchy


Saul Alinsky in his book “Rules For Radicals” outlines clearly in the course of action for disrupting a government and its society it would take lies, social unrest, and even acts of violence so that the ultimate goal of anarchy could be reached. Once respect for authority had been breached a state of rebellion would be soon to follow. Keeping in step with Karl Marx and his Ten Planks of Communism in his Communist Manifesto, Saul Alinsky existed like most socialists in a hypocritical state of insulation from the forces of disruption he advocated. Yet, with the ignorance of today’s youth and the indoctrination by the federal government in our public schools the bloody lessons of history seem poised to repeat themselves again.

Race baiting

One need only recall Black Lives Matter rallies led by Al Sharpton as they marched down Independence Avenue in Washington DC chanting “Kill cops!” Here is the role model for race relations in America, those race baiters such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who unashamedly advocate violence and aggression against authorities while black on black shootings through-out the US far outnumber any other racial class or social group. The lack of accountability in black communities is a stunning contrast to the predicament suffered by law enforcement tasked with trying to protect and serve while being assassinated on the job by terrorists and extremists using race as an excuse to commit atrocities against enforcement personnel. Law and order are under assault.

Disruption in the night

12 Dallas police officers were wounded by one gunman who used military style tactics. Three suspects were apprehended as well. Five of the officers died of their wounds. One civilian, a mother, was the only thing standing between her and the bullets sprayed by the assassin and three kids. She was struck in the leg. The Dallas PD responded quickly as officers rushed into action and a hail of bullets in the midst of what was thought to have been a peaceful protest of Black Lives Matter demonstrators who held their hands up in the air in the hot Dallas evening chanting “Hands up don’t shoot” a fallacy that originates from the Ferguson fiasco.a

The old lone gunman story

The shooter was an Army reservist. His tactics are consistent with those taught on the New Black Panther videos that illustrate how to attack police. As a matter of fact, President Obama and Hillary Clinton have done a film with both standing on a podium alongside heavily clad New Black Panthers who are chanting racial epithets and mocking the parents of victims of shootings. King Samir Shabazz is standing alongside Hillary and Obama mouthing his hostile rhetoric. The same Shabazz who was arrested for intimidating voters at a polling facility, a felony offense, but was released when AG Eric Holder who informed his DOJ that blacks would not be prosecuted sparking the resignation of one career civil rights attorney, J. Christian Adams.


More attacks

In lieu of the Dallas police shootings 2 more police murders occurred in Missouri and Georgia. These deliberate and well planned attacks upon police across the nation are part of a coordinated effort to politically compromise our society. Such philanthropists of terror such as Hungarian Billionaire George Soros have funded millions of dollars to front groups dedicated to disrupting the American way of life in an attempt to destroy freedom and capitalism. They use the unwitting to play the race card. Just as Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB agent clearly outlined in his lectures, such false narratives as racism are used to ensnare the useful idiots into campaigning against authority.

Bloody end resulta

We can see this clearly in play with a president who uses every such grim opportunity to once again repeat his tired call for gun control. Our very own government would not only reward violent protestors from Ferguson inviting them to the White House, but also continue to destroy our 2nd Amendment rights so as to leave US citizens unprotected from the thugs who thrive under the orchestrated unrest of the Obama White House and its war upon the police of our land. The question remains as Dallas detectives work alongside federal authorities. Is this simply a reaction to the recent shooting in Minnesota or is this an act of terrorism under the guise of a racial reaction? Why would our president once again be making detrimental statements about our law enforcement before the facts of such investigations have even been rendered? It seems these fatal incidents end up becoming top down operations once again emboldening the killers who have less and less fear of being prosecuted under this White House.

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