FBI Director Comey and the Elect Hillary Plot


If anyone of sound mind had any doubts about the White House and federal government being inherently corrupt, the testimony between FBI Director James Comey and the Congressional inquiry committee should have answered that. In front of a nation of American TV viewers the “elect Hillary for president scheme” played out in all its unholy grandeur. The distinct difference between the opening statement by GOP leader, Jason Chaiffetz, and that of Elijah Cummings were not only starkly contrasted but the difference between honest questioning and the typical Democrat Party dismissal of damning evidence!

Equal in the eyes of the law?

That the rule of law applies equally to every man and woman in this country no matter the color of skin or walk of life was quickly dispelled in front of news cameras as the Congressional committee of both Republican and Democrat panel members conducted an impotent dog and pony show and allowed the Clintons to once again avert another prosecution wrought by their own deeds.  In this arena of admitted wrongdoing yet lack of will within the DOJ to enforce the law, James Comey stunned prosecuting attorneys all over the US once having laid out his case that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had indeed been grossly negligent and careless with her use of unsecured devices for transmitting classified US documents on a number of different devices.

Just give me the truth

Trey Gowdy did not allow Comey to vacillate in answering his specific line of questioning which established without a doubt and with the acknowledgement of the FBI director that Hillary had committed violations of the Espionage Act, had unwisely sent secret documents on unsecured devices within hostile countries when she traveled abroad, and had conducted state’s business on an unsecured server in the basement of her home beyond the protocol of state department regulations governing the secured handling of sensitive federal government documents. That Hillary Clinton had also refused to keep an official itinerary of her movements and whereabouts destroying that evidence is beyond troubling. It is criminal.

A question of intent?

FBI Director Comey reiterated again and again that he could not establish sufficient intent to incriminate Hillary Clinton, but was that really the proper question here?  As Trey Gowdy and Congressman Hurd had both pointed out liabilities from committing such acts did not fall within the requirement of intent only that the infractions were committed. That no reasonable prosecutor would take a case like this, according to James Comey, was more than a statement, it was a warning obviously to those who would press charges against Clinton should they choose to pursue. It was demonstrated early on that the former Secretary of State had taken an oath and been given a tutorial on what would constitute the proper handling of classified documents. She is the head of state for crying out loud and James Comey characterized Hillary Clinton as being incompetent, uninformed, and unaware of what she was doing? Please, give us a break!

The damning question

If we cannot hold our federal officials to a higher standard being that they are supposed to not only specialize in but protect the secretive workings of our diplomatic operations then what are these people doing in office? The greater question is even, what untold damage has already been unleashed upon this nation thanks to the blunders of our Secretary of State or for that matter intended betrayal of those who are in the highest echelons of power? The FBI Director did not stop with admitting that Hillary Clinton had violated her duties in sharing classified materials with her staff and others under unsecured situations but that in all likelihood her server had been hacked. In considering that the DOD and OPM had also been hacked by the Chinese and Russian governments is it any coincidence that Hillary’s server had been breached as well?

More lies

One must keep in mind that it was only the investigation of the Benghazi disaster that caused the discovery of Hillary’s secret server under Trey Gowdy’s scrutiny and in contradiction to Hillary’s assertion of her compliance that she and her staff stonewalled Congressional investigators for months before a subpoena for her server in March ended the standoff. One might recall that Hillary claimed that she had voluntarily released her server, another one of many of her lies that have tainted this affair and only perpetuated the distrust of Americans in her actions and loyalty to her country.

Refusing to pursue further

There was little discussion concerning the fact that Hillary’s lawyers had made unilateral decisions in not only retaining custody of the emails on her unsecured server rather than handing them over to investigators, that 30,000 such documents were destroyed beyond being recoverable, and that the former secretary of state’s lawyers did not have security clearance to be viewing these emails, but the question of obstruction of justice or destruction of evidence was never seriously explored. If Hillary had nothing to hide then why not hand over the e-mails?

Grim Conclusion

Growing up as a child I heard this expression voiced over and over again, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Why? If this rationale were widely applied to the law, anyone knowingly committing a crime would always have an insurmountable tool to frustrate the prosecution. Just as her chief architect of her secret server, Bryan Pagliano, who even with immunity took the 5th amendment 125 times under questioning in a previous hearing there is something here that is so illegal, so corrupt, and so dangerous to the security of this nation that no one, no matter how high up on the totem pole of political office should ever be allowed to get away with it! The travesty to justice here is inexcusable!

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