FBI Caves and Hillary Goes Unpunished



In a world where right has become wrong and wrong has become right we now have further assurance of this convoluted distinction. FBI Director James Comey appeared on national TV today to announce that Hillary Clinton will not be charged for obvious violations of US Espionage laws. That a former Secretary of State who engineered the fouled “Arab Spring” which led to overthrows of US allies in the Middle East, Egypt and Libya leading to the installment of Muslim Brotherhood leadership as well as the Benghazi massacre that left 4 Americans dead, how a person with a record like this could be allowed to run for the oval office is a mere reflection of the times.

Ignorance is no virtue

Recently, Judge Jeanine, a Fox News host televised a montage of her street interviews of run of the mill persons such as students, blue collar workers, and business travelers routinely caught on camera, the response to simple questions involving American history were shocking. The interviewees were unable to distinguish between nations that are socialist, the names of any of our founding fathers, or even what the significance of Independence Day was all about. The display of such ignorance on a massive scale within our society only epitomizes what the problem is. The uninformed state of the electorate is the very strength upon which our federal government relies upon. When our citizens have neither been taught the value of our US Constitution at school nor had it advocated by our own government it is clear that our so called leaders want the populace deaf, dumb, and blind for a reason. When the people do not know their rights then the government will experience little in the way of resistance as it takes them away!

Sad Realization

When the Democratic Party can get away with its top leaders violating the rule of law with impunity and still receive the support of an apathetic voter base while the GOP does nothing to oppose this travesty of justice, America as we know her, as for those brave young soldiers who died for her, for the greatest generations who toiled for her without expecting anything in return but dignity, that nation has been torn asunder. Today as the FBI Director admitted that 152 emails contained classified information that was defined as such as the time it was exposed through unauthorized channels, still Hillary Rodham Clinton was given a pass while such people as General Petraeus had their careers destroyed for being caught doing much less. Today an inexcusable act of destructive proportions was allowed to stand unenforced and unpunished by a justice system that has been politically castrated by Democratic Party leadership unassailed by Republicans who refused to defend our rights. This deplorable act demonstrates just how our Constitutional Republic can be compromised from within when citizens pay no attention to the political process and allow the bought off US media to think for them!

Ultimate knife in the back

The Democratic Party under the Obama administration has proven that the DC establishment can and will undermine the Constitutional process with uncanny impunity as the populace simply carries on in their temporary bliss of disinformation, reality TV shows, and internet games. It’s not just America that suffers here but western civilization as well because as we as a nation falter clearly through corruption from within, we demonstrate to the world what a paper tiger of principles and the rule of law we really are. To our allies who await for our leadership role in the world we appear to be a warped caricature of our former selves as terrorism and hard line Communist regimes are allowed to grow in strength emboldened by our self-imposed stupidity. All this as a criminal overcomes yet another barrier to her ascendance to a post she never should have been allowed to run for!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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