Brexit Trump and its Parallels to the US Economy


Recently Billionaire and presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump commented on Brexit from his Scotland golf course. Sure we could expect that the media would take every opportunity to intentionally misquote Trump and try to discredit his interpretation of the EU financial crisis. With Brits voting by a landslide to exit the European Union we have proof that Great Britain has finally seen the light and its people are tired of unelected officials of Brussels calling the shots as the economy and job market of England decline.

Bed advice from the clueless

One could have expected that President Obama along with Hillary Clinton both urged Great Britain to remain in the EU and continue to suffer the consequences. In fact, Brits resented the arrogance of President Obama and Secretary of State, John Kerry, making special trips to the UK in order to urge the people of England to remain in the EU, but for once the people with an opportunity to exercise their will chose their way instead of the questionable rhetoric of the globalist elites who would have us all answer to the appointees of a new world order dissolving our borders and our sovereignty.

Take it from Trump

Donald Trump drew a succinct parallel between the decline of England due to the regulatory assault of the unelected and the refusal of Washington to listen to the will of the people here in America. Higher taxes, funding unpopular programs, and allowing our borders to go dangerously unguarded are some of the similar issues shared between the embittered British voters and frustrated Americans fed up with the incompetent federal government and the declining quality of life we are supposed to accept here in the US. Once again, Donald Trump was right on point as he defined the similarities that have alienated voters and yet gone unaddressed by an elitist and out of control bureaucracy within the DC establishment and the angry masses of Brits who are tired of having draconian legislation from Brussels making bad trade deals for the UK. Refer back to the TPPA pronounced by Senator Jeff Sessions as not only being detrimental of America, but having been spawned without transparency or access from the general public!

One little catch

Of course we could count on the leftist propaganda of the US media and British news outlets to characterize those who supported Brexit as being bigoted, white, misogynists, Muslim haters, with Donald Trump leading the pack as an unconcerned profiteer simply obsessed over his own personal gains at the cost of the incredible benefits that the EU has bestowed upon Great Britain. There’s only one little catch. If that’s true then why were a record number of British citizens outraged over the UE and wanting to exit the tentacles of Brussels for England’s market independence? Gosh, maybe the people were tired of seeing the UK losing jobs and having money siphoned from their nation in order to prop up the EU along with whatever failing economy of such European countries such as Greece that seem to keep popping up!

Birds of a destructive feather

Just as the Federal Reserve continues to print fiat currency in the US to artificially stimulate a stumbling economy, just as the White House continues to pass omnibus bills to float the unwanted taxpayer funded fiascos of sanctuary cities, Planned Parenthood, subsidizing illegal immigrants, and continuing the failing Obamacare system, so have the Brits endured much of the same. Little do the people of the US realize the similarities of an EU healthcare system that runs inefficiently with intolerably long waiting lists designed to operate in such a fashion. By delaying health services and patients die as a result, the supposed lowered costs qualify the system for more taxes to fund its infrastructure much as Obamacare and the VA are run here in America.


Once again Trump nails it, but the media will try unashamedly to label night as day and truth as a lie. If one is informed about these issues, and the federal government would rather that you were not, it is impossible to see nothing more than the idiocy of the world governments and how they are swindling their citizens while forcing their people to accept a lower quality of life. The vehement defense of the EU by the elitist globalists such as Barack Obama and the British government supporters is typical of our so-called leaders who would sell out their countrymen inn favor of tyrannical misjudgment and political fallacy.


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