But For the Clamor of White House Lies



We live in an increasingly dangerous age. Not from anymore threats than have already existed, not from any climatic impact despite the distortions of the left, and not even from a looming world war, yet the threat is still existential. The greatest problem facing America and ultimately the world is the lack of truth. We cannot get the truth out of Washington DC, we cannot retrieve it from liberal factions, and it seems to escape the comprehension of the masses.

Giving it power

A threat becomes even more pervasive when it is denied. A threat gains credibility if is dismissed or ignored. A threat becomes more menacing when our leaders tell us that it does not exist. Take for instance ISIS. A virtual state that has manifested itself in the Middle East larger than the state of Delaware, ruling over 8 and ½ million people, and growing despite the efforts of Kurdish tribes, Iraqi military, the country of Jordan, and limited US airpower with advisors on the ground.

How it started

After President Obama’s rapid program of military withdrawal in Iraq a vacuum was created that spawned one of the most vial and brutal regimes the world has ever known. Their borders reach far beyond the land mass they wreak havoc upon as they rape women, burn people alive, behead Christians, and drown the hapless in cages lowered into a river. They bolster their militant convoys with American made M-1 Abram tanks abandoned by the Iraqi army. They broadcast their seductive recruitment messages all over the world through the internet.

For five years

While President Obama has issued many statements denying the threat of ISIS in the beginning dismissing them as inconsequential as they grew in numbers and overran the Iraqi army. For the longest time they gained ground with little resistance as the government of Iraq acquiesced and their soldiers laid down their weapons and fled even though they outnumbered their foe. Despite warnings by the CIA and intelligence advisors complaining that their reports were going unheeded, the slaughter went on. The Obama White House merely made excuses and blamed it all on Congress.

A lack of sincerity

When the US did enter a coalition with nations that could little afford to carry on a war for an indefinite period of time such as Jordan or the Kurdish tribes pathetic measures were adopted as rules of engagement wrought with PC rationale. US fighter pilots awaiting authorization from Obama appointees at the White House until the opportunity to destroy major targets had passed. Airstrikes conducted with grenade sized ordinance that would minimize results. The refusal to use B-52’s to carpet bomb ISIS troop concentrations based upon trying to limit collateral damage. Sending in limited numbers of US Special Forces vulnerable due to their limited numbers epitomized the hesitant efforts of the Obama White House.

In the absence of sanity

Ordering US Marines to lay down their weapons, abandon their tanks, and leave valuable tools of war in Yemen as the US vacated its own Embassy, yet another faulty presidential decision. Under a state department run by Hillary Clinton Libyan leadership is overthrown and becomes a haven for terrorists training for attacks on the US and its allies. In Egypt Hosni Mubarak, a US ally, is dethroned and a Muslim Brotherhood buddy of Hillary Clinton, Mohamed Morsi, is installed and within months even with hundreds of millions in US military aid gladly donated to Egypt unrest continues. Under Islamic extremism Egyptians cannot tolerate even worse rule and a military coup ousts Morsi and imprisons him on charges leading at a death sentence.

Aid to our allies refused

The very “Arab Spring” envisioned by President Obama and his state department had blown up in their faces and a series of lies and denial become the damage control while the White House now refuses military aid to Egypt, the hard fighting Kurds, or Jordan. Our fearless leader in the oval office continues his platitudes on the backing of a fledgling coalition, but little progress is made in curbing the growth and cunningness of ISIS then and now. The end result of denying the truth is quite evident. Even when the White House concocts a story alleging that harsh intel from 49 different sources was sanitized to blind President Obama to the severity of the ISIS campaign once again the truth emerged. Another lie delivered by spokesman, Josh Earnest.

Actions speak louder than words

Our President, who while filming a survival segment for TV with Bear Grills, ignored reports of a Chinese naval flotilla that violated the coastal waters of Alaska as he frolicked in front of the camera. While the Capital of Brussels endured one of the most horrific terrorist strikes of all time at a nightclub, Barack Obama refused to abandon his vacation in Buenos Aires and danced the tango sipping champagne as calls came for him to leave. The truth was that he couldn’t have cared less while Josh Earnest excused this obvious ambivalence as the refusal of the president to drastically alter his plans due to a terrorist attack!

A question of truth

One must ask if it’s delusion or intent that drives the Obama White House to make excuses and blunders that lead to our enemies gaining the upper hand as innocent people die from suicide bombings and shootings calling all the while for making it even harder for an honest US citizen to buy a gun. The truth is eviscerated as Americans are lectured on the toleration of radical Islam and the wonderful contributions of the Muslim community to the world as yet another tragedy caused by gunmen screaming “Allahu Akbar” assaulting those pleading for their lives are slaughtered. “Where is the truth?” you ask. We know it’s not on the tongues of President Obama or Hillary Clinton. Perhaps it’s in the blood of the victims who were reassured that ISIS was only the JV team.




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