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Ask yourself how it is that major terrorist incidents such as have occurred in Boston, Chattanooga, Moore, San Bernardino, and Orlando have spilled the blood of innocents even though these murderers were on terrorist watch lists! How is it that the FBI can allow these murderers to slip through their hands? Even in the case of Pam Geller’s private Allah cartoon contest in Garland, Texas the FBI knowing 2 hours ahead of time of an impending attack did nothing!

The hidden agenda

While people angrily ask how mass murders like in Orlando cannot be averted even under FBI and Homeland Security surveillance a disturbing agenda seems quite clear. As Jeh Johnson while being interviewed by Bret Baier at Fox News that home grown terror is the preferred threat as opposed to ISIS operations within the US we are seeing a form of stark institutionalized schizophrenia that is practiced under the present term of political correctness.

The big lie

As Americans die at the hands of fanatics screaming Allahu Akbar and pledging their allegiance to ISIS our courageous leaders like Hillary Clinton and even Paul Ryan will tell us that we need more regulations on guns while our porous borders and allowing unvetted refugees from the war torn Middle East to arrive on our soil are the American way! In the last 7 and a half years under the Obama White House America has suffered numerous attacks from Islamic extremists while actually intimidating our police departments and ordering them to stand down during riots. In all this the safety of the US citizen rates a distant second when it comes to the PC rationale.

Vilifying truth

Those who advocate closing our borders and vetting those who come to America are demonized as bigots and racists by the liberal factions that have poisoned our airways with propaganda. Donald Trump, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Pamella Geller, those who care about the safety of our citizens are more the targets of leftist frothing at the mouth outrage than the killers themselves. Why? In all this insanity there has to be an ulterior motive.

No solution

When cities who have the strongest gun bans such as Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore have the highest black on black shooting incidents it seems gun control doesn’t work because the criminal will always obtain weapons no matter how hard the government regulates gun acquisition for innocent law abiding citizens. No matter how many watch lists are instigated by the FBI the killers seem to succeed anyway while our leaders tell us it’s hopeless. Could there be a plot somewhere in here?

A method of madness

Perhaps the truth will emerge in this fashion. Federal government agencies are actually allowing terrorists on watch lists to penetrate the soft targets for a reason. That reason is that in all these chaotic incidents the true agenda is to nullify the 2nd amendment or to remove so much of it that it is merely a hollow image of its original self. Meaningless, and America becomes a huge soft target, an institutionalized killing field, created by the liberal federal government who wants gun control not to defeat Islamic extremism! Just look at the way the war against terrorism is being fought. Obama’s hesitant war against the JV team ISIS. Thousands of unvetted refugees pouring into the country, the White House suing our border states for upholding immigration law and releasing convicted criminals back into the general population. The federal government funds sanctuary cities while US citizens become the victims.


Ultimately, misdirection is created by pointing to atrocities that could have been prevented as the reason for gun control laws that already exist yet are not being properly executed. We have more than enough laws already! If one looks at the fact that government protection is an intended action rather than the ingeniousness of the terrorist factions then it all becomes clear. The elites want a helpless population under a world government with the sanctioned use of terrorism as a way of justifying the means to an end! Machiavellian, yes, effective, yes, and the only logical explanation for the stupidity of the PC rationale that continues to pervade our treasonous leadership supported by a lap dog media that will not stop until we get new leadership that has guts and governs by the truth!



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