President Obama and the Orlando Florida Massacre

It was a typical weekend night at the Pulse Bar in Orlando, Florida with Gay couples dancing, drinking and mingling when all hell broke loose. Omar Mateen, an American born radicalized Islamist began a deadly shooting spree. After exchanging fire with an off-duty Orlando Policeman, Mateen withdrew to the inside of the club where casualties quickly mounted. One survivor, interviewed by Meghan Kelly at Fox News told of the massive hail of bullets that the madman, Islamic terrorist unleashed over and over again upon the dead and living. The man said it was as though this gunman was in a blind rage.

Simultaneous operation

On the west coast within a short time of the atrocities committed in Orlando, a Gay Pride parade scheduled for the streets of Los Angeles was halted after a man in s suspicious vehicle was stopped by police and a cache of weapons, ammunition, and explosive powder were discovered by authorities in his car. The officials of the parade proclaimed that the festivities would go on and that no one would intimidate Americans everywhere into retreating from public activities and living in fear. Experts say that the two incidents were likely coordinated terrorist plots.

An inadequate response

In the largest public shooting in US history what seems even more stunning were the president’s comments in lieu of the tragedy. One can always rely upon President Obama to weigh in on the wrong side of the rule of sane logic, but what he omitted from his announcement not only typifies his lack of leadership but his continuing apology for the Islamic state. While calling the shooting in Orlando an act of hatred and terrorism, once again he refused to mention Islam. It was only minutes after the shooting began in Orlando that Omar Mateen used his cell phone to pledge his allegiance to ISIS! Is this not enough to link radical Islam to the attack? Furthermore, the president had just been briefed on the details by the FBI before making his public views known!

The same old narrative

Calling for more regulations upon the 2nd Amendment rights of American citizens as he usually does in the wake of the horrific Orlando shootings, Hillary Clinton as well repeated the same nonsensical rhetoric that is emblematic of the left whenever gun violence occurs. The faulty liberal assumption that disarming the general public will also limit weapons to terrorists and criminals will only widen the gap between the safety of the innocent and the advantage of the killers!

Institutionalized denial

Recently disturbing news has come to light over the fact that even when investigated by the FBI for his disturbing behavior and obvious hatred toward women, homosexuals, and Jews after two probes, no action was taken against Omar Mateen. a man who obtained weapons from a gun store just days before and had a license to carry firearms. He had also been offered a key position as a security staffer for a business. Yet, this is only one of many instances where the FBI has been ordered to stand down by the Justice Department whenever they have definitive evidence to prosecute would be radicalized Islamists in our midst!

Failure to launch

One must ask why, knowing 2 hours in advance of the attempted Garland, Texas attack by radical Muslims where Pamela Geller’s guests in a cartoon contest not notified? With more than 200 attendees and 2 terrorists armed with assault rifles on the way, the events there could easily have been the largest slaughter on American soil ever recorded but for the efforts of 2 Garland police officers! Eric Holder ordered an FBI stand down of Mosque surveillance where known factions of Islamic terrorism were receiving support. Valerie Jarret, the Iranian confidant of the Obama’s has pressed continually for denial of terrorist Islam activity within the US, while using our own Constitution against us in order to force America to accept Islam.

Emerging agenda

A CAIR official for the state of Florida spoke out on the incident at Orlando calling for a revolution! He stated that Muslims should defy authorities when being pulled over and questioned saying that their response should be, “none of your business!” CAIR, named by the Texas court system as being an unindicted co-conspirator in the “Holy Land Foundation” involving terror financing. CAIR, a front organization for HAMAS and the Muslim Brotherhood is now not just becoming apologetic in the face of this last murder, but is now taking a militant stance as could be expected with the weakness of the White House constantly evident.

Trump weighs in

In all this the GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump, tweeted calling for President Obama to resign in the wake of a tragedy caused by Muslim extremism that our leader who continues to refuse to call it for what it is. It is exactly this disturbing scenario that exhibits the problem that exists in fighting the radical Islamic threat on our own soil-the dismissive attitude of the administration, internal compromise, and White House sanctioned denial! Many experts are saying this is only the beginning.

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