Definition of Globalism and Where America Fits In


You have heard the splutter of people like Secretary of State, John Kerry, who claims that all borders of nations all over the world should come down. You have heard President Obama telling us that the Tran Pacific Partners Trade Agreement is a good one. You have heard pundits sing accolades over how NAFTA was such a wonderful deal of the US. Behind all these false narratives is a profound agenda that has nothing good in it for the American citizen.

Those who profit

When several elements converge all at once that involve the interests of international corporations that have no allegiance to the United States, United Nations rulings that attempt to override the US Constitution, lobbyists willing to pay off Senators and Congressmen on Capitol Hill, and a narcissist for a president who loves to hear himself think, this is the definition of globalism. Taking the sovereignty of the US and making this nation vulnerable to laws that violate our Constitution and thus the welfare of our rights as citizens is just one aspect of this progressive agenda.

Who suffers

The out sourcing of US jobs via NAFTA and the TPPA is yet another tenet in this unholy alliance of intentionally misleading diatribe and the brutal reality of economic  travail in America under the lies of Washington DC from those such as Bill Clinton, Hillary, Barack Obama, and others. Who espouse the nobility of globalism and the celebration of all cultures in a kumbabya of supposed worldwide unity! The truth is that the impact of globalism on America is just another word for how this nation foots the bill for every bail out, terrorist regime, crisis, and flawed trade partner deal that comes down the pipe!

The effects

The US trade deficit with China is astounding. We buy some 400 percent less product from them than they do us simply because they protect their markets from free trade while American companies suffer under the restrictions posed by the limitations put upon them by our very own stupidly drafted agreements that put America at a disadvantage. The effects are the loss of US jobs and American companies that are forced to go overseas to escape the highest corporate taxes in the world. No company can endure 35% reduction in their bottom line and function responsibly.


Add this insult to injury. As we allow a huge trade deficit with China they purchase our debt through Treasury Bills to the tune of a trillion or more dollars so that our rogue White House can continue deficit spending at break neck speed! Follow the money trail and you will be able to determine the true motives behind the shiny lies told by our leaders and brandished by the sold out media in America! Globalism touted as the humanitarian tool of diplomacy that will bring the world together is a myth, a creation by the flawed progressive mind that must deliver its message through deception because it could not withstand the light of day any other way.

Partners really?

Mexico is most definitely not our ally nor is Canada. During World War II Mexico did not fight alongside us, Canada did, but to assume that Canadians are just like Americans would be the wrong assumption. After the 9-11 tragedy Mexico did not declare war on terrorism, but did declare themselves as neutral. Yet, they send their undocumented people over here by the millions seeking our jobs, our subsidies, and our education all the time denouncing us, waving their flags on our soil, and acting like they are entitled! This decrepit behavior can find its origins in the Democratic Party who refuse to guard our borders and want thousands of refugees from the Middle East to be placed here at the expense of the US taxpayers as our intelligence services admit they cannot be vetted. At the same time ISIS has declared they will infiltrate the ranks of the refugees who are already arriving. Great! The US gets to fund people who have no allegiance to us and could be members of an evil terrorist contingent bent on our destruction. Our fearless leader in the oval office has allowed harm and terror to be imported from across the world to here on our soil. I give you yet another definition of globalism in its purest form as conducted by the left.

Over the border blackmail

Mexico currently has 18 plants humming along owned by US corporations seeking cheap labor, nonexistent environmental restrictions, and governments that can easily be bribed. Canada as well is host to numerous US corporately owned factories that are a proud development of the NAFTA agreement that was tirelessly pursued by President Clinton. It is estimated that NAFTA alone has allowed the loss of 945 million US jobs since its inception. Mexico enjoys employment at the expense of US jobs. It’s citizens send back billions of dollars working illegally in the US. Our citizens have been robbed, murdered raped, and out sourced thanks to Mexico.

Enemy at the gates

Experts and investigators have proof that one reason that the Mexican drug cartels can operate with impunity and traffic their product through the unenforced borders of the southern United States is not due to the generosity of globalism, but because the money flowing to Capitol Hill and into the pockets of the federal government either under the table or through the aegis of regulatory formality. How else does a Mexican Army general get executed by the drug cartel, how does El Chapo get away with easily escaping Mexican prisons and making threats on Donald Trump’s life? Why is there wide spread heroin addiction in New Hampshire and opioid use through-out the US? This is the impact of “Globalism” on America yet not truthfully admitted by our so-called leaders.

One common denominator

Once again, just follow the trail of the money. The neo-economists have attempted to point out how the perversions of globalism and a one world order somehow benefit the United States, but instead there are all the negatives that are causing a steady decline in America as we are urged to bail out Puerto Rico, aid Haiti, give foreign aid to countries like Pakistan who harbor terrorists, and make a nuclear deal with Iran that could cause a third world war much less destabilize the Middle East and threaten our existence. Globalism, in truth, is more like a malignancy that is metastasizing thanks to our traitorous leadership in the Washington DC establishment who are selling us out!

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