Hypocrisy of Hillary and Elizabeth Warren


If one examines the repetitive diatribe of Democratic operatives, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren it will be easy to identify a pattern that consistently runs through the wall of insults to the intelligence of an informed voter. Democrats have made a profession out of distorting the truth and rarely if ever practicing what they preach. What they preach is usually political speak based upon narratives intended to assassinate the character of their political counterparts rather than utilize accurate commentary. Generalizations designed to move people’s emotions but amounting to no more than allegations without facts is their preferred modes operandi.

More baseless allegations

A few days ago Elizabeth Warren lashed out at Donald Trump with phlegmatic self-righteous indignation scolding The Donald about his business ethics. Alleging that Trump had taken advantage of people’s grief during the real estate bubble of 2008 by buying distressed properties, she characterized Trump as being a greedy opportunist. Not so fast, Elizabeth. Wasn’t it you who made 12 real estate purchases in the state of Oklahoma for repossessed real estate for your family members making nice profits for yourself and them too? Hmm is this not the way that the Democrats usually portray the truth? Biased, one sided, politically?

It’s okay for them

One might care to look into Elizabeth Warren’s long history of using the system to her advantage such as acquiring federal grants by declaring herself Native American due to her high cheek bones without any further proof. Personally, I don’t think I ever saw a blonde American Indian. Doesn’t seem to be in their genes, does it? Don’t the Swiss have a high incidence of high cheek bones as well? Just as Barack Obama entered the US and applied for federal grants claiming foreign student status, it appears Elizabeth Warren’s animated rebuke of Donald Trump, the evil man he must be, but let’s examine just what the popular billionaire was doing.

Lesson in economics

In any recession or economic down turn there is a process known to investors as “absorption”. That is the accumulation of distressed assets and inventories from lender portfolios or suppliers by investors so that they can recover a portion of their losses and those products can be remarketed once a recovery begins to take hold again. The possibility of a windfall for those investors who have risked their capital in order to perform this needed service is what constitutes a justifiable function in a free enterprise economy and the corresponding margin of profit. Of course, Donald Trump, a business man, would want to buy low and sell high like anyone else who is in business for themselves! However, hypocrites like Elizabeth Warren, Hillary’s attack dog, possibly poised for a VP nomination will be more than happy to roll out the lies and deception.

Masking the truth

Why is it that Democratic Party narrative must always be false, misleading, and based upon the time honored principal of propaganda? Why can’t we just get the truth? Ask yourself who could possibly run a transparent platform of higher taxes, more regulations, class warfare, awarding tax payer funded benefits to people based upon the color of their skin, or simply running a socialist government with uncontrolled spending? The answer, only a student who wants a free ride without caring what the consequences are. Only an undeserving illegal alien who has been enticed to trespass across our borders because they serve the function of transforming the demographics that allow the kind of stupidity that Democrats need in order to remain in power. It is clear that the White House depends heavily on the low information voter or those who will simply vote based upon the cult of personality refusing to adhere to the facts.

Ultimate reason

Hillary Clinton, who continually refers to the GOP as destroying America, needs to walk that statement back to reality and refer to the facts. It is the Democratic Party who has been in power over the last 7 ½ years and has wreaked havoc with our economy, national security, our society, and our foreign affairs. Why? Once again refer back to reason for deception of the Democratic Party. You can’t sell decline and social unrest to a prosperous nation that is accountable and generates responsible fiscal policy. It can only be achieved by deception and hypocrisy as is practiced by the polished hacks of the Democratic Party. Those who are in it for themselves while convincing their victimized constituents that they are there to protect the unfortunate.

Final word

Taking hundreds of millions of dollars through the Clinton foundation from Muslim countries that kill women and daughters for ridiculous reasons under Sharia Law does not constitute the GOP “War on Women” nor does it support Hillary’s assertion that she is standing up for women’s rights. Please don’t let the facts get in the way, Hillary and Elizabeth, especially when you are exercising your first amendment rights to verbalize your hypocrisy to a largely uninformed audience just ignorant enough to look to you for the answers! This is what our society has degenerated down to.




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