The Emergence of Trump


They proclaimed that he was not to be taken seriously. His detractors said that there was no chance that he could succeed. The GOP spent Superpac money to fund negative ads to support his opponents Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Many Republican leaders vowed “Never Trump!” and refused to support Donald Trump if he somehow miraculously captured the GOP nomination. With 16 able and well established GOP competitors The Donald decimated them one by one and proved that a strong willed and patriotic businessman could defeat the Washington DC establishment.

The circular firing squad

The very core of hatred and resentment that has been directed at Donald Trump, who made his fortune outside of Washington DC and did not become wealthy as a result of entrenching himself in office, is because he does not even need their money! He made his own. He is beholden to no one! While the GOP establishment slowly aligns itself in a begrudging manner, still there is talk of the Republican idiocy faction creating a 3rd party as some of the old generals, beaten over and over again by the Democrats, still refuse to support the presumptive nominee. Why?

Deluded leadership

For almost eight years now America has been under assault by the most leftist White House ever to darken our nation. Under Barack Obama our country has faltered in every category and division has torn our society apart with racial allegations, and bad economic policy while ignoring national security. In all this, the GOP under the traitorous leadership of Speaker of the House, John Boehner consistently raised the white flag of surrender whenever faced with representing the people and the rule of law over President’s Obama’s flawed rule.

The lies

When John Boehner resigned from his position as Speaker of The House, Paul Ryan became the “Great White Hope”he failed to evoke public approval when supporting all of the very issues of contention that his colleagues in Congress had promised the people they would oppose, Planned Parenthood funding, Executive Amnesty, Common Core, the IRS scandal, and more. Yet, the GOP boldly exhibited just what infuriated their electorate and Ryan pushed the Omnibus Bill through that would fund all of the despicable legislation Americans have opposed. A 1.1 trillion funding bill got passed in pure defiance of the will of the voters demonstrating just how little “We The People” are being listened to!

The corruption

Donald Trump is the liberator. A representative form of government originally intended by the founding fathers would applaud a nominee with the allegiance and capabilities of Donald Trump, but the GOP fought his nomination tenaciously. Had Mitt Romney fought Barack Obama with the passion that he opposed Donald Trump with, a fellow GOP member, who funded the Mormon’s failed bid for the presidency in 2012, the Presidency might well have changed hands. Yet, this is the perversion of the “DC Establishment” who would rather see Hillary Clinton elected than Donald Trump, one of their own!

When the tail stops wagging the dog

However, the people finally spoke, and they warned the GOP that allowing a rigged system to rob Donald Trump of his ascension to the presidency  would evoke consequences and the Republican Party might just disintegrate beneath the wrath of a public that had been betrayed too many times by those they had elected. Donald Trump is viewed as a threat, not as he should be. According to one commentator Trump may indeed be the most qualified individual to ever enter the oval office because unlike his predecessors, The Donald has succeeded on his own merits, his own achievements, and is beholden to nobody!

When truth is ignored

Coal miners have rallied to Trump’s support while “Crooked Hillary” vowed publicly that she would wipe out the coal mining industry just as Barack Obama had proclaimed before her. While the GOP rhetorically opined that protecting our borders with Mexico was bigoted while Americans are killed by illegal aliens, while the federal government subsidizes them, harbors them in illegal sanctuary cities as they run amuck in California with a million unlicensed drivers, Donald Trump visited the border and acknowledged that there is a dire problem that is being enabled by self defeating White House policies. Of course Trump came under attack for stating the obvious!

Will history repeat itself?

Beleaguered Americans have rallied around presumptive nominee, Donald Trump. Why? For once the people have been heard by a man who will act in their best interests, who will address a common sense answer to the PC insanity in Washington DC and Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the left, and the Democratic Party hates him for it. They tremble in anticipation of Trump’s liberation, the conquest of a corrupt snake pit that would doom America to the will of radicalism, Islam extremism, and impotent economic policies is in jeopardy now. This is what has elevated Donald Trump to the role of a reformist desperately needed in our troubled nation! Not since Ronald Reagan has America faced such despair with the potential for a miraculous recovery. It appears the momentum of Donald Trump is inescapable.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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