2016 Democratic Nomination – Sanders Surges in Key States

With the Iowa Caucus less than six months away, the race for the 2016 Democratic Nomination has Hillary Clinton holding a commanding lead with +34 percentage point lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The PolitiSite Polling Report has the Race as of August 18, 2015:

  1. Hillary Clinton 55%
  2. Bernie Sanders 21%
  3. Joe Biden 11%
  4. Jim Webb 2%
  5. Martin O’Malley 1.5%
  6. Lincoln Chaffee 0.5%

Real Clear Politics has the 2016 Democratic Nomination Clinton 32.5%

Poll Date Sample Clinton Sanders Biden Webb O’Malley Chafee Spread
RCP Average 7/26 – 8/13 54.5 22.0 11.0 2.0 1.8 0.5 Clinton +32.5


Hillary Clinton denied to reporters today that sent ANY classified material from her e-mail account.  even so, Bernie Sanders is beginning to surge in early caucus and primary states as voters begin to evaluate if Hillary can be trusted. In New Hampshire, home of the nation’s first primary for example, Senator Sanders has pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton by 7 percentage points in a recent Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald Poll

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