Disastrous US Foreign Policy Obama Owns It

In 2009 shortly after taking his oath of office, Barack Hussein Obama made a visit to the United Nations and submitted complaints concerning alleged human rights violations on behalf of his own nation. That should have told the naive and low information voter who supported this man that America was headed for hard times under this president. In 7 years of falsified federal statistics on labor and unemployment, constantly recalculated figures downward on economic growth still the White House calls upon the ignorance of the electorate to swallow the “Big Lie”.

Intelligence leaks

From the very beginning the Obama White House telegraphed its intentions to the enemy giving public estimates of the time frame of troop withdrawals. President Obama only had an interest in taking credit for getting America out of Iraq regardless of how this would destabilize the region and cost more American lives as enemy insurgence was emboldened. Despite the proven results of the 20 thousand man surge that President Bush advocated and was criticized by junior Senator Barack Obama, Iraq was thrown under the bus once the Obama doctrine was implemented.

Obama doctrine?

Let’s discuss the Obama doctrine. The rationale is to negotiate with enemies who support terrorism and even kill our troops. The Obama doctrine is to reward enemy nation states with incentives to form Neville Chamberlain types of treaties that will not withstand the light of day once under examination. Presently Cuba, a supporter of terrorism, a human rights violator, holds American hostages, and has not been required to alter their stance by this administration, and diplomatic relations are now opened with them. President Obama released 5 convicted Cuban spies as a show of good faith to the Castro Brothers. What did the US get out of the deal?

Enabling a nuclear holocaust

The Iran Nuclear Deal is controversial for a reason. I will allow Iran to form a nuclear arsenal over a period of time, give them 150 billion dollars, and presents many questionably enforceable inspections issues that appear weak at best. Keep in mind, we are talking about Obama’s legacy here. We cannot allow ourselves to be concerned with the safety of the United States or Israel when Iran will be allowed to keep their ICBM program as they shout death to America on a regular basis. Is any of this sounding a bit insane to you? It should. Iran has a pathetic record of cooperating with nuclear inspections in the past. How was that going to improve once they were given 150 billion dollars to improve their missile systems, their economy, and to import more precision weaponry from Russia?

Escalating tensions

Already US Aircraft carrier operations are nervous when on patrol through the narrow passages of the Persian Gulf and are confronted with Iranian missile batteries not far away who enjoy harassing them. However, let us refer back to the priority here and that is President Obama’s big legacy, because he would like to be remembered in the pages of history. Surely we can set aside such menial considerations as future generations of America, the proliferation of atomic weapons in the Middle East, much less the survival of our allie, Israel.

Congress Ignored

Let, us not forget the blunders in Syria and Libya as the President unconstitutionally bypassed Congress and put US forces in harms way under foreign leadership of the French. Let us not forget that after warnings of an impending attack on the US Consulate in Libya for weeks prior that a disastrous chain of events led to the deaths of 4 American State Department personnel, 19 additional US diplomatic facilities attacked and destroyed in the Middle east and North Africa along with numerous American survivors hospitalized. This story was covered as scathingly as possible by the US media while foreign reporters made detailed accounts of the destruction that was neither prevented with US military action or avenged.

Enabled insurgence

Domestically, America is a powder keg waiting to go off. The Obama administration has been allowing thousands of unprocessed Muslims from various countries access into our country without being background checked, processed for Visa or passport, and given citizenship status. Many such as Somalis have already been determined hostile and intolerant of others. According to Louis Farrakhan there are 4 million black Muslims in the US while official figures for all known
Islamic members is 7 million. Of these, it is said 10% want to see Sharia Law and Islamic domination of America. That is 700,000 Muslim residents hostile to the nation within which they reside!

Intentional security breach

The refusal of the Obama administration to defend the US border is now legendary while 74 known ISIS operatives have been identified in 50 states. That is a conservative estimate. Intelligence experts are now warning that on the Canadian border there are tunnels linking farm houses on either side of the US and Canada border that in many places is not even marked by the division of a fence, marker, or barrier. There is little doubt that a great effort at insurgence is underway taking only the example of what is transpiring on the border with Mexico as air conditioned, lighted, and railroad paved tunnels are built and linked to clandestine locations on the other side.

The outcome

This deplorable set of circumstances epitomizes the current status peril enveloping our nation under the intentionally orchestrated decline of America perpetrated by the traitorous leadership of the Obama White House. Like Benghazi, one can only envision a collision course between an enemy that is now inside the gates, a disinterested public who has accepted the lies of our President, and the unforgivable outcome that awaits.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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