Trump Cruz and Meadows the Growing Revolution on Capitol Hill

Ted Cruz said it best when speaking of the failure of the GOP to confront and defeat the president on almost every issue since Republicans took record seats in the House and across the country in 2010, but claimed with only a 1/3 majority of the 3 branches of government they could not succeed. In 2014 they captured a majority in the Senate and still with a GOP majority in Congress and President Obama still continues to go unopposed in a sweep of all bills that he has proposed. According to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, nothing has changed and the people of this nation are fed up.

The bottleneck

The establishment on the Beltway could care less about the needs of the people apparently as they have lined their pockets with deals. They have their backers for campaign financing with more than 11,000 lobbyists in Washington DC, and frankly what promises were made when the GOP vowed to stop Obamacare, Executive Amnesty, and a host of other issues ignored by the White House simply vanished after the election. An election that was another landslide for the GOP that still did not deter President Obama from getting his way. Ted Cruz is exactly right. The dog and pony show on Capitol Hill has got to stop.

The liar

In his frustration he called out Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying that the senior Senator from Kentucky lied when he said there was no deal on the Trans Pacific Partner trade agreement, but there was and Mitch had lied! Yet, it was Cruz was demonized by the US media not McConnell. McConnell along with John Boehner are leading the establishment in repudiating anyone who dares speak the truth and calls it like it is when failure and backdoor deals epitomize the back stabbing of voters who trusted the words of their GOP leaders and thought change would come. It didn’t!

The lion

Donald Trump, a billionaire, a successful businessman, and TV celebrity who cannot be bought off calls it like it is. He voiced the very words that the frustrated electorate has bitterly complained of, yet the Democrats deny and the GOP refuses to address. Charging that the Mexican government is sending their undesirables and criminals across an unguarded US border was no stretch of the truth it was a fact. Calling for fences to be erected on the border while he visited San Antonio where he was invited by a local Border Patrol Union leader then denied that invitation once the national chapters had weighed in from the White House, Trump steadfastly kept his promise to appear.


Trump, at this juncture, is the voice of the people. He hears them loud and clear and he exists freely outside of the Capitol Hill fraternity club so he can speak the truth even if he is attacked by the White House lapdog media because he is a threat to their feudal empire! Donald Trump can finance his own presidential campaign. he will not be beholden to the corporate interests who profit off of an economy held down President Obama’s inept policies. If one cares to follow the money as Michael Savage revealed in a recent talk show where Trump was invited for an interview, crony capitalism is literally financing the executive amnesty debacle. As Capitol Hill, all Senators and Congressman who support these self defeating policies and the investment corporations who all profit as the taxpayer is unwittingly victimized!


Congressman Mark Meadows has drafted articles of impeachment against Speaker of the House, John Boehner, with detailed language of grievances that spell out well the intentional failures articulated under his faulty command. In short, Boehner has allowed almost every agenda of the Obama White House to be fulfilled with only small victories traded for the huge losses of freedom and governance suffered by the American people. Boehner, self assured of his power base, announced that he had little fear that his position could be in jeopardy. Meadows like many other leaders has much to lose if his gamble doesn’t pay off. Many Senators know how the backlash works.

Sabotage of the Tea Party Leaders

Early on as Tea Party elected junior senators took office in 2010 Boehner quickly called upon them to begin voting for spending and debt ceiling increases that they had promised their constituents would not happen. John Boehner quickly removed all conservatives from important committees and saw to it that those who needed campaign funding would be denied if they crossed his back stabbing agenda. Moderation on Capitol Hill is just another term for caving in and allowing the Democratic Party to succeed on yet another of their social engineering bills to create more deficit spending to support bills to buy them votes to remain in power with as the economy tanks and the US dollar teeters closer to monetary collapse.

The circus on the hill

If ever there was a modern day Benedict Arnold, the Continental Army General under George Washington, who passed military secrets to the British, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have certainly orchestrated a three ring circus show for the American people who thought they were being represented. Yet, the three ring circus act can no longer go on. The can has already been kicked way too far down that dusty trail of oblivion. The end is near and Donald Trump said it over and over again while on the air with Michael Savage that this election may be the last chance for the hell bound train to be turned around!

A trio of liberators

Together, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Mark Meadows are shaping a movement on Capitol Hill
that will undermine the establishment that has cut their deals, ignored the plight of the American people, and allowed the economy along with so many other sectors to be sabotaged by the Obama White House. The momentum is gathering. The people see a new leadership emerging. It will take courage. It will take audacity. It will take doing what is right. It will take cutting through the lies of the left and the mock journalism that has insulted the intelligence of the people, but it can be done. It must be done! It may be our last chance.

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