Priorities of the Obama White House Part II

In evaluating the true motivations of our president and the Democratic Party one can only use the warped priorities of ill advised action as a yard stick. Tragically, negligence and arrogant disregard characterize the pattern of decisions made by our commander in chief. As a result, America is clearly on a perilous path, militarily, economically, and socially. The following facts depict exactly the misadventure of the Obama White House and just where the true priorities of this administration lie.

Security meltdown

It is the afternoon 11 September 2012, a series of events has just spun out of control in the Middle East. A coordinated heavy assault has been conducted against the American Consulate compound in Benghazi, Libya. Hired security have actually allowed terrorist fighters into the compound so that chaos has erupted, a fire is consuming the compound and 4 American’s lives are in the balance under a hail of bullets as 2 former Navy Seals acting as Ambassador Stevens body guards are locked in a bloody firefight with their attackers.

The timeline

Meanwhile, back in Washington DC, Director of the CIA, Leon Pannetta, has given President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a briefing on the situation by approximately 4 o’clock in the afternoon even though the attack has been going on for hours. Dept. of Defense employees are watching this event real time via drone feeds from a US Army unit near the vicinity of the Libyan skirmish. There are several US military commands within striking distance of the compound who have been alerted by a general alarm sounded by the Ambassador in Benghazi.

Liquidating witnesses

Ambassador Stevens, who has acted as a regional arms dealer for or has knowledge of it as being the Obama White House operating a “Fast and Furious” type program has been conducting secret deals with Turkey to transport weapons to Syrian rebels over Turkish territory. This makes Stevens a major and incriminating witness over this clandestine operation who could testify against the president and Secretary of State Clinton who are both involved.


Seven hours of heavy battle and casualties and President Barack Obama chooses to go to bed. He has a big celebrity fundraiser the next day in Las Vegas. You can see where his priorities are. Secretary of State Clinton heads home and makes little effort to contact anyone other than a friend banned from the White House whom she seeks advice from over how to handle the press over this incident in the coming days.

The stand down order

With the CIA, AFRICOM, a Naval Air Base within striking distance, along with a military disaster response team in Tripoli, an unidentified White House official who must be on the executive level for such authorization, orders a stand down dooming Americans to certain death! Obviously it was not a priority of the White House or our president to rescue US State Department personnel in a hostile land under assault. Who could have ordered this stand down, a cowardly reply, to a dire situation? Was it President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Cabinet Adviser Valerie Jarret, an Iranian born Muslim, who has vowed in public to force American to accept Islam by using its own freedom of religion laws against it. The White House has never answered that question and Hillary Clinton has deleted thousands of her emails trying to eradicate the trail leading to her part in the worst defeat of a US embassy and many more to come in American history.

Allowing the unthinkable

Ambassador Stevens has been betrayed. When moved to his safe house he is apprehended by terrorists. His security has been breached because the Obama White House has awarded a contract to Al Qaeda to protect many US consulates through out Libya as a guard service to these diplomatic facilities. Why would the Obama White House award security contracts to a known terrorist organization responsible for planning the 9-11 tragedy at the Twin Towers in NYC? Yet, once again the US will taste its own blood in Benghazi betrayed by its own government, the Obama administration.


Ambassador Stevens is beaten, raped, and dragged through the streets of Libya. 5 hours later his body turns up at a Benghazi hospital. The US media reports that helpful Libyans have accompanied the US Ambassador to a medical facility but he has perished from smoke inhalation. This cover story proves to be a lie as foreign journalists publish photos of Ambassador Stevens half nude after having been beaten and raped as he is dragged and carried by the Libyan rebels for the Libyan public and the world to see. The first of many lies by the Obama White House is exposed!

Fabricating an alibi

In the days to come an intelligence report arrives at the oval office from the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) that reveals the attack on the Benghazi consulate compound is the result of a planned heavy assault by Muslim terrorists. Yet, President Obama and Hillary concoct a lie saying that the attack on the US Embassy at Benghazi, Libya happened as a result of a little known comedy film made by an obscure Egyptian Christian producer. The man is rounded up by the LAPD Gestapo style yanked out of his bed in the middle of the night. The innocent small time producer is jailed for months to come on trumped up charges. Meanwhile, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appear on Arab TV proclaiming that they do not support the content of a film almost no one has seen.

Full scope of a disaster

The President knowing full and well what happened in Benghazi along with Hillary, tells the American people that a protest that got out of control was responsible for the destruction of Ambassadorial compound in Benghazi and the deaths of 4 Americans. He blames the obscure film hardly viewed by anyone as the catalyst that led to a US foreign relations diasaster.This announcement is made as 19 additional US consulates are attacked and burned with absolutely no military effort made to save those facilities or retaliate to the assaults conducted by the Muslim Brotherhood! President Obama’s priorities are clear. He is in election campaign mode and he needs to cover for the negligence of his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton along with their gun running operation to Syrian rebels.

Lack of justice

This darkest chapter in US international diplomacy should have been avenged with impeachment and imprisonment of those responsible, but the US media complicit in overlooking this bloody debacle and a Department of Justice ignoring its duty under AG Eric Holder, allowed the unthinkable to transpire unchallenged by prosecution! With the exception of Fox News and talk radio, the US press corps aided and abetted a quick end to a story that could have derailed Obama’s chances of re-election in 2012.

Warped priorities

Our President’s priorities were clear. Re-election precluded the deaths of Americans in the hands of our enemies, a man described by those close to him, as having ice in his veins, allowed terrorism to triumph over US might and didn’t flinch while doing it. To make matters worse, survivors of Benghazi, wounded and recovering in hospitals sequestered from the American public were threatened by gag orders and legal consequences if they publicly spoke about their experiences by the Obama administration. Do these actions by our federal government sound like the steps taken to suppress the truth by a tyrannical regime or like those of a freedom loving constitutionally complicit government? You decide.

Refusal to come to their aid

In the weeks that preceded the fatal assault on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Ambassador Stevens requested reinforcements expecting trouble but his pleas for aid were ignored by Secretary of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Even after a bomb blast had knocked a hole in the outer perimeter wall still no help came. Secret Service personnel for the Ambassador and staff were ordered not to wear uniforms by Hillary Clinton so as not to offend local people there. Guards supposedly contracted to guard the entries were actually taking photos of the premises and sending them to Al Qaeda terrorist command. The stage had been set for a tragic confrontation.

FBI proves impotent

In the aftermath of this horrid and despicable example of criminal negligence and public deception the FBI refused to arrive at the scene of the burned out consulate for days to do a site forensics examination saying they could not get in, yet reporters from foreign news sources were there the next day. Isn’t that interesting. The slain Ambassador’s body guards survived by their parents were flown back to the US in caskets. The parents of those brave warriors who had a snow ball’s chance in hell of staying alive, visited the White House seeking an explanation and perhaps some solace over the loss of their sons. What they were met with only saddened and infuriated them. President Obama and his wife Michelle received them with cool and insincere mannerisms. It was clear that the meeting was neither to console the parents of the former Navy Seals who had fought in Benghazi or to offer any personal condolences. The bereaved parents left the White House feeling worse than before.They knew they had been betrayed.

The dishonorable outcome

What can be said for an administration whose priorities do not seem to involve the best interests of the American people or the lives of US State Department personnel caught in hostile foreign territory. To many such as patriot writer Diane Sori, suspicions that Ambassador Stevens was allowed to be killed in order to get rid of a major witness to the President’s arms deal with Syrian Rebels while Secretary Clinton was privy to if not directly involved seems to be a forgone conclusion. When this administration can be allowed to escape prosecution over such blatant misconduct that seems shockingly unthinkable, 3 years later justice remains beyond redemption and the deaths of 4 Americans unavenged!

Just another insult to injury

In the wake of such a deplorable trail of events, General Carter Ham’s testimony is hidden behind closed doors. Sources concluded that he, the head of AFRICOM command, defied an order to stand down and was relieved of command by a junior officer at gunpoint as he prepared to move out. In the aftermath of the Benghazi massacre, General Carter Ham was urged to tender his resignation and did so. Once again, the castration of the American military then as it is happening now. It behooves the American people to seriously analyze the motives of President Obama in almost every destructive decision he has made over the national security of the United States of America.

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