Planned Parenthood Cannibalizing The Unborn

Recent revelations on Planned Parenthood officials candidly discussing the auctioning of baby parts and utilizing less invasive techniques to keep from crushing vital tissues to preserve profitable organs epitomize the ruthlessness of the progressive doctrine. In an undercover expose’ of the godless and thoughtless premeditation of institutionally sanctioned clinical murder, wheeling and dealing infant body parts like retail merchandise. This is an appalling insight into the perverted psyche of the conscientiously devoid left.

Rationale beyond reproach

The rationalized liquidation of millions of unborn children over the decades since the social engineering decision of the Supreme Court in Roe vs Wade comes back to haunt us time and again as mothers ask where their families went indoctrinated by the women’s lib advocacy believing that they had a woman’s right to choose whether or not they executed their unborn baby in the confines of questionably sterile clinics as liberals applauded them for their audacity.

Essence of wrongdoing

Abortion is a form of rationalization that discards personal responsibility and sanctions the convenient expendability of a future generation who could not speak for or defend themselves. All the while allowing the indulgence of promiscuity and the lack of moral discipline that goes with it. The virtual stagnation of black American population growth over the last few decades owes it to the prodding of the left for rewarding them with the right to exterminate their unborn in bulk quantities ejected in the dumpsters of back alleys or incinerated discretely in the heart of abortion clinic ovens. Yes, let me hear the kinder gentler sensibilities of the left in the muffled cries of fetuses extracted from the womb by the cold calculating abortionist who wants to be able to afford a Lamborghini.


Is there much that distinguishes this government sanctioned atrocity from the ovens that efficiently disposed of the corpses of millions of concentration camp prisoners who were liquidated by the Nazis with unheard of methodicalness? No, not much. Yet, the rationalization of the ruthless left knows little of its own hypocrisy, knows little of the viciousness it has unleashed upon the undeserving in its quest to exercise its agenda, nor do progressives care. Little is there a question of right or wrong in their godless pursuit for rule at any cost.

Faulty reasoning

Would anyone care to raise a question of proper parenting, abstinence, moral conduct, or perhaps even the consequences of one’s actions when engaging in risky behavior? Of course not. For the progressive agenda such questions are immaterial as they require accountability and parents who actually show up in a child’s life while setting a positive example. Unlike the examples we saw in the unrest in Ferguson or the assaults on the ill equipped police in Baltimore, one might ask, where were the parents? Discipline and self restraint are simply not within the moral arsenal of the liberal ideology that buttressed by a president who condones the termination of partial birth abortion has no compunction in relegating more fetuses to unmarked grave sites of clinical disposition and medical industrial profit.

Bloody origins

At the very origin of Planned Parenthood is the practice of Eugenics, the institutionalized genocide of blacks and those deemed undesirable by an intolerant progressive society. Margaret Sanger, who publicly espoused her hatred for blacks and minorities that she proposed another alternative for is the shining epitome of liberal self righteousness when it comes to unfolding the ultimate intentions of those who want rule at any cost. Planned Parenthood is anything but what the name implies.

Wide variety of services

Having sex parties to educate minors on advanced techniques in the bedroom, teaching elementary level children had to use condoms, exposing women to dangerous mammograms, pregnancy tests, and of course the discreet disposal of the inconvenient fetus typify the services deemed within government accorded right of women. Of course the rights of the unborn have no merit in this organization that while making record profits also receives 500 million in taxpayer funding from the federal government, and this needs to stop! But, let us also add a new dimension to “The Little Shop of Horrors”, the cannibalizing of body parts of babies to the merchandising skills of the Planned Parenthood inventory!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. I believe Doc, that the financial figure that our Federal Government participates is one half billion or 500 million, not 500 billion, which is a half trillion dollars.

    At any rate, great arguments as usual.

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