The Sleeping Electorate And The Government Illusion

Every year Americans make a pilgrimage to Washington DC to marvel at statues, historic re-enactments, and to reminisce on the over blown accomplishments of our public leaders in office. Some like, Senator, Chuck Schumer, have been a fixture on Capitol Hill for decades while brow beating the public with their over inflated sense of self importance. How is it that these politicians enter their offices making ends meet on government salaries and, yet like Harry Reid, end up being millionaires after several terms?

A truth lost upon the public

One truth that is steadily denied and lost upon the masses with consistency is that the federal government makes absolutely nothing. It taxes, regulates, and confiscates revenue from the people and from private sector business in order to perpetuate itself. It is the private enterprise that generates an economy and supports society, not the government, yet they would have us believe the other way. We never hear any elected official mention in today’s public arena that they are a servant of the people when in fact they are. However, you would never know this by the way they enact unpopular bills and laws that simply benefit special interest groups or completely contradict the vast majority of opinion.

Ignoring the constitution

When a government vastly exceeds its authority from that defined by its constitution then that entity no longer serves the interests of its people and has ceased to be a legal body representative of its constituents. This is exactly why many revolutions occur through out the world when parliamentary law fails the masses rife with corruption or when a peaceful society has been targeted for Communist takeover. All over the world governments are failing by refusing to meet the needs of their people.

Betrayed from within

In the absence of rational governance a regime like the Obama White House will use indoctrination and propaganda depending on misleading narratives to dull the electorate into accepting the unacceptable. When President Obama tells a TV audience on the John Stewart Show that the IRS did not cause a scandal despite evidence to the contrary, the lie reassures the simple minds. When the president blatantly defies the US Constitution and there is no response from a politicized Justice Department you have a compromised government from within.

Serving up the lie

When a corrupt government that refuses to exercise fiscal restraint like the Obama White House, and will not streamline the size of its oppressive operation then they must rely on building an illusion to outwit and distract an uninvolved electorate. This failing entity will deploy the tactics of misdirection, false accusations, and even character assassination in order to maintain the all important illusion. That illusion becomes essential in hiding the trail of crime and incompetence from the public.

Warped methodology

This inept administration will deploy a compromised media in order to broadcast the propaganda needed to drown truth and reason. The pro-regime press corps will award accolades where none are deserved. Will neglect their journalistic duty in objectively reporting the news and exhibit a bias in favor of the government when it is a complete falsehood. In this manner, the public becomes a willing participant in the suppression of truth and the downfall of that society intentionally misled from the kinds of epiphanies that would convict those officials who have betrayed their country. We see evidence of this right here in America on a daily basis as the republic is continually degraded beneath a continued assault that is tolerated and overlooked by a complacent public.

the opiate of the masses

The illusion of government is essential in dazzling the probing eye of the public who is easily impressed by the seeming credentials of the cult of personality leadership continually canonized by the state controlled media. In this single element of deception the illusion intentionally propagated by the government becomes the opiate of the masses even in failure the apathetic public and easily swayed voters will continually elect the same corrupt leaders who failed again and again and again thanks to the regurgitated rhetoric of the practiced ruling class.

Perfecting the illusion

Marxist doctrine prescribes this classic onslaught of social manipulation. it is powerful. When all elements of this propaganda machine are in play even the most virtuous and tolerant societies can be toppled when agitation, media bias, and unelected officials adverse to that society begin to spin their deadly web of deception. State controlled media and slanted public education help to insure the death of that free thinking society tricked into the falsehoods of class warfare and self loathing. These aspects of the great illusion assure the ascendency of the charlatan leaders who captivate the public with their charismatic lies.

End result

So we see this incredible metamorphosis undermining America today. As our federal government regulates and enacts laws that deprive us of our freedoms and allow our sovereignty to be stolen by hostile foreign influences right out in the open. In the very midst of this coup on the American way of life, the dull minded electorate, the useful idiots of liberty robbing sabotage served up by the Obama regime still refuse to see the illusion for what it really is. The illusion is far more seductive then the reality of destruction that has been waged against a teetering America. A smooth talking president is much more acceptable then a rational appraisal of the inherent failures and blatant violations of the administration that this cult of personality represents. So the sheep go on grazing and the nation continues to topple.

About the Author

A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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