The Illusion Of Government Sanctioned Utopia

Have we not learned by now that history has shown us time and again that relying on government to right the wrongs in society by achieving social justice is not only ineffective it’s outright dangerous. Social engineering, entitlement programs, the self perpetuating fraternity of government employee unions, all have led us to the very abyss of fiscal collapse with the promises of making wrong right. Instead we end up paying more taxes and watching that money disappear into a black hole known as the general fund, and for what?

Wall of lies

Each time the war on poverty, the war on drugs, racial equality, Affirmative Action, Vista, a plethora of federally funded organizations based upon causes that Democratic Party politicians tell us need to be addressed and solved with tax dollars and government agencies, the illusion raises its head. The illusion of government help instead materializes in the form of urban decay, government employee pension funds that cannot be paid, over budget costs, and the hollow promises of bureaucrats whose main duty is to their department not to the cause it was dedicated to. Radio talk show host, Mark Levin, recalls reviewing the actions of Vista, another federal program intended for good, who was spending tax payer’s dollars printing and distributing Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” rather than pursuing their intended mission. Yet, this is typical government accountability.

Fiscal karma

Our major cities are headed for bankruptcy thanks to entitlement programs and lack of fiscal accountability. Deficit spending under the aegis of helping the poor and trying to save them from the evil white fat cats who couldn’t care less, is always the narrative used to demonize the straw man and justify the existence of yet one more government program funded with tax payer money that will do little good but perpetuate itself. Yet, come election day that ineffectual program will buy votes because that’s what it was designed to do!

The illusion

We have been conditioned like Pavlov’s Dogs to anticipate some inherent goodwill of government and idolize those in office as though they are Gods whom we must appease in order that they hear our voices and aim that big windshield our way to see to our needs. We have been trained to accept just about everything that our politicians do while in office from womanizing to sending photos of their private parts to young women on the internet or even being suspect in the untimely deaths of those inconvenient individuals who get in the way or threaten to blow the whistle.

The penalty box

It seems just about anything our elected officials do is fair game. Oh yes, maybe they will be rebuked for a short period of time by the drive by media, but as the Democrats usually expect, everything and everybody will need to move along and forget yesterday’s transgressions as these sins are absolutely no reflection on the character of those we voted in to office to represent us. There is where the illusion smites us the most! That these people go unaccountable for violations against our constitution. They go unpunished for committing acts of treason. They go unimpeached for doing things that we mortals, we public sector employed individuals would go to jail for.

Burnt offerings

Oh occasionally we see the sacrificial lambs offered up for punishment like Rod Blagojevich or Randy “Duke” Cunningham for their blatant acts of outrageous crimes against the people, but those such as Barack Hussein Obama seem to have a charmed life and a get out of prison free card despite years of defying the law, lying to the public, and refusing to defend the US Constitution. Is it the cowardice of our lawmakers that makes them reluctant to act when the wrong doing is so obvious or is it simply the stronger urge to maintain the illusion needed to satiate the electorate’s need to have a system in place that even when broken at least provides the fairy tale imagery required to allow the peasants to sleep at night and live their lives unconcerned with reality?

Entitlement termination

One thing is for certain. The gravy train is quickly grinding to a halt, as a matter of fact, it has nearly derailed! The system that once continued to skim the fat off the top has now dug into too deeply not to have fouled the recipe. The once honored altar of statesmanship that we thought spoke in our favor has been used to impale our nation in the interests of those who hate us by a president who has been allowed to impose his perverted fantasies and high opinion of himself upon people who are stressed, tired, unemployed, overtaxed, and wondering why the illusion is no longer working anymore.

An ending too near

The all seeing all knowing wonderful wizard it has been discovered is just a liar standing behind a curtain feeding us hollow promises he never intends to keep and the good ship “Prosperity” is taking on water faster than the damage control can conjure up another fantasy, another promise, another program guaranteed to save our nation. Slowly the internet, the end of the age of innocence, and the frustration that comes from being lied to have all converged at once and there are enough of the sleep walkers beginning to wake up from the Matrix and see that we are on borrowed time. The end is near even as the court jester smiles at the puppet’s dance in the court of the Crimson King.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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