Donald Trump Ostracized For Speaking The Truth

Republican upstart, self made billionaire, and TV celebrity, Donald Trump has been intentionally misquoted by the media, rejected by the GOP, and has met repudiation by the leftist bought off US media, and still this man leads in the campaign polls. Why? Even today as Trump visited the US border with Mexico in Laredo, Texas he was even betrayed by the local union representative for the border agents who had invited him initially to appraise the situation by the national level bosses.

GOP betrayal

Donald Trump represents the smoldering American middle class sick and tired of President Obama’s blundering political rule that has plunged this nation into one of the darkest periods it has ever known. The people are tired of the lies of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell who campaigned on defeating Obama’s radical agenda and then caving once the votes were passed by the House and Senate. John Boehner and establishment GOP leaders went after Tea Party elected Republicans removing them from key committees and seeing to it that the conservative voice of America was muted beneath the socialist rule of the Obama White House. Yet, Trump represents a threat to both parties. He is the worst nightmare of The GOP and the Communist Democratic Party!

What happened to Fox?

To watch Fox News network trying to shred Donald Trump while mildly acknowledging that he leads in the polls is not only sickening but is a slap to the face of the conservatives of America who want to take back their country. Trump may seem volatile and irreverent at times, but essentially he’s right. America for too long has accepted capitulation and mediocrity under recent administrations. The people have been forced to knuckle under to laws that were not voted in but arbitrarily forced upon them by judges legislating from the bench instead of doing their jobs and upholding the law. Proposition 8 is just one in a long line of unpopular referendums deemed into existence by unlawful judicial intervention by a federal judge.

Overlooking the silent majority

The people have had enough! Brit Hume of Fox News Network, normally a level head, demonstrated how out of touch he is when stating that he didn’t think there were enough people that angry at the GOP who would support a candidate like Donald Trump, but he’s wrong. It is abundantly clear that with such supposedly conservative runners as Rick Perry and Lindsay Graham taking shots at The Donald that if Republicans could kick Trump out of the party they would, yet here he is speaking the unabashed truth and the establishment and Washington won’t say it and fears anyone of influence with enough money to survive beyond the boycotts, beyond the threats, beyond the lies, that will be hurled at a man with the audacity to challenge the most corrupt White House in the history of the United States of America. You can bet they will do everything they can to dissuade the public from voting for their nemesis!

The man of the moment

The big question is, can the man of the moment do it? Can a man who America has been waiting for do what Reagan did for a stumbling America just 2 decades ago? Can the electorate look beyond the illusions conjured up by the press corps, by the forked tongue president, and by the very party who should be embracing him right now-the GOP? Will America survive if Donald Trump is not elected? if Donald Trump sticks with the Republican party like he says that he wants to as he is one, then he surely will win as a man of the people whom the Washington fraternity has suppressed with their dictator-like rule! Should Trump run on third party ticket then chances are Hillary Clinton might win, and she will, in fact, finish off what is left of America after the beating we have taken under Obama’s treachery.

The hypocrisy of the establishment

It is tragically laughable that even though President Obama made many disparaging remarks against the military and has done nothing to help the dire condition of our readiness or the VA who still allows our veterans to die on waiting lists, the vultures can’t wait to jump on Donald Trump for any statement he makes. Even John McCain admitted magnanimously that simply being a POW did not make him a hero, but that Trump should apologize to US veterans. How about we get President Obama to apologize for all the careless and demeaning remarks ha has made toward the US military as he imposes reductions and budget cuts that will surely lead to tragedy should our nation continue under his warped agenda, yet the critics want to persecute the only man who has the audacity to speak out, Donald Trump.


Is it courage being displayed by Donald Trump or the self righteous indignation of our fore fathers who took back the 13 Colonies from the tyranny of King George of England? Is it Trumps audacious personality that dares to speak against the cowardice on Capitol Hill, or is a warrior for the people finally come down from Val Ha la to liberate the peasants who have grown tired of the life they have been forced to accept under the corruption of the Obama White House? We shall see.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. The Donald has an excellent chance of winning. He doesn’t posse with a team of anarchists murders and thieves!

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