The Obama White House A Question of Priorities Part I

In evaluating the competency of an administration based upon how well it upholds and defends its own Constituion and serves its own citizens one must call into question the warped priorities of the Obama administration. When official statements are based on political narratives and policy is dictated by radical consensus then there’s no mystery as to why the republic of this nation is in trouble.

Ignoring intelligence reports

With ISIS on the move in the Middle East having conquered territory the size of the state of Connecticut with more than 8 million people now under their rule President Obama proclaimed them as being the JV team even after being forewarned by military intelligence sources for a year. Troubling reports have been coming in since the beginning of the Obama regime of his refusal to even attend early morning intelligence briefings, but of course this can be overlooked by the liberals who would forgive an uninformed leader of the free world who lacks the concern for his country to informed.

Secretary of State in a state of denial

John Kerry seems incredibly out of touch when you take into consideration his statements about America’s present state of security. With know ISIS operatives (74) now operating in 50 states and the Middle East under considerable terroristic mayhem our Secretary of State made an announcement that we are safer now than we have been in years! As well, he went on to proclaim that global warming was a bigger threat than radical Islam to the interests of our military and resources. Perhaps this administration shares a different dimension of reality then most of us.

Hostages what hostages?

One might wonder during the course of a flawed and dangerous nuclear deal that has been recklessly carved out with American hating Iranians as protesters shout “Death to America!” outside the grounds of the Parliament how it is that 4 American hostages arrested on trumped up charges are not yet released? One American, a Christian minister, has been beaten, tortured, and has contracted a lung ailment while refusing to denounce his Christian faith. Well, we can certainly see how our president is in no rush to rescue a Christian held in a brutal Iranian prison when he can celebrate such crucial issues as gay marriage and abortion! he certainly has his priorities straight!

Media white wash

While the Washington Post is busy upholding the talking points of the White House we can rest assured that the gunman who killed 4 US Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee and 1 Navy man is not a Muslim extremist urged to pull off a “Lone Wolf” attack, by ISIS through social media, even when it was discovered in his diary, no sir, he was just a little depressed, on drugs, listening to American rock’n’roll, and being infected by the evils of US pop culture. Why sure he had good reason to murder American servicemen! Why do you think that the president met with the FBI director so quickly after the shooting had been reported?

Don’t worry about our veterans!

As a matter of fact, our president shows how much the American soldier means to him everyday as even after the controversy over the VA’s mismanagement, still 1 in 3 veterans dies while put on a waiting list for treatment. However, make no mistake about it that our commander has his priorities intact as we spend billions on awarding free medical services, work permits, medical help, and food stamps and so much more to illegal immigrants as they take American jobs after illegally crossing our borders!

Can’t overlook the needs of the transgender

Let us not forget the bold sacrifices of our federal government under the Obama White House as our leaders voted for transgender illegal aliens to receive expensive hormone treatments while under the detainment and care of the ICE. This while American law enforcement personnel are killed by repeat offenders who have been deported multiple times. Yet, our good president continues to direct thousands of these criminals from Mexico and elsewhere back into the general population violating federal immigration law.

That’s right Mr. President

When a young 32 year old woman by the name of Steinle is gunned down by a repeat offending illegal alien who had been coddled in one of many “Sanctuary Cities” across the nation, the San Francisco city officials don’t even apologize to the family and President Obama makes absolutely no public statement about this tragedy, but he will be quick to comment on the removal of Confederate flags across America and make inflammatory remarks about the deplorable condition of race relations in the US while in other parts of the world genocide and beheadings are common place when it comes to differences in race and religion. So, I guess we should try our best to see to it that America is just as chaotic as the rest of the world is, right Mr. President?


So, if we here in America under the Obama fantasy regime decide to properly prioritize our awareness we must ignore the threat of terrorism as this is an evil trait of profiling. We must not defend our borders like any other sane and rational country would do and definitely not militarize our boundaries as this would send out the wrong message to the masses who seek American hand outs. We should revel in the fact that abortions will continue by the millions and that our courts will force clinics deemed to be closed by state government to remain open. And we must surely embrace same sex marriage while our economy remains sluggish thanks to Democratic leadership while seeing to it that those nasty plaques commemorating the Ten Commandments be removed from our federal court system. My God, someone might make a morally inclined decision! Can’t have that!

My epiphany

You see, it’s all just a matter of having your priorities in line with the White House, who by the way bathed the grounds of Capitol Hill in a rainbow of colors to acknowledge the same sex court ruling which is really much more important than the safety of our citizens along the US border, or the health of our children exposed to diseases from illegal alien minors trucked here with funding appropriated by the federal government as American workers are laid off and replaced by foreign employees brought into to the US under the vigilance of our White House. You know when I consider all the points made in this article I can breath a sigh of relief knowing that my federal government certainly has its priorities well balanced and aimed at the welfare of US citizens who seem to be more of a nuisance than a consideration by our president and his regime.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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