What Does Donald Trump Represent Anyway?

In view of a presidency that has consistently failed America over the last 7 years and a GOP establishment that has refused to effectively oppose an onslaught measured in divisiveness aimed at our society, we must examine what billionaire, Donald Trump brings to the table. When Fox commentators Brit Hume and George Wills choose to view Donald Trump as a carnival barker, then why is he leading the impotent Republican hopefuls? Why is a man treated with contempt by the GOP, US media, and the Democrats leading all contenders in the polls for the 2016 presidential race?

Listening to the wrong voices

Let’s examine just why the people would listen to Trump, why his perspective is not only refreshing but truthful? Despite the character assassination tactics of the US media who have misquoted everything that Trump has said about the influx of those illegal immigrants who are convicted criminals, who are seeking US taxpayer funded benefits, and unidentified terrorists such as ISIS is undeniable. Yet he has been portrayed as discriminatory despite these statements being factual even if El Chapo, the notorious drug cartel king pin tweets shortly after his prison personnel assisted prison escape threatening Donald Trump? Instead of denouncing a man who has had thousands of people murdered and has trafficked huge quantities of illegal drugs into the US, the media would take sides with a ruthless criminal and use the Twitter messages as ammunition against a man who speaks non-politically correct truth much to the chagrin of Washington.

Media deception

This is a sad commentary on the present mentality of our society manipulated by a rogue White House and an American press no different than Soviet propaganda news agencies Tass and Pravda during the height of the cold war. In their persecution of billionaire Donald Trump by trying to boycott his empire of businesses, but this charismatic TV personality and successful businessman who doesn’t hesitate to fire the inept or speak the truth whether its politically correct or not, will not capitulate. Why? Trump refusing to knuckle under? How dare him!

Mexico not a trustworthy partner

How dare Donald Trump in retorting that we in America should boycott Mexico! Perhaps there’s a truth there once again that cannot be painted with warm and fuzzy feelings when we examine just what Mexico is doing to America. A government so corrupt that the drug cartel has murdered everyone standing in their way from US Border Agents, to US residents, from Mexican citizens to a Mexican Army general, and allows this illegal syndicate to line their pockets as elicit drugs are moved across the US border while the Obama White House refuses to secure the boundary separating the two nations! Is it not the federal government just as corrupt as Mexico’s? The Mexican military has actually strafed our border agents with their attack helicopters refusing to offer an apology nor being required to by the president of the US! Donald Trump, a man who made his fortunes from outside the Washington DC Beltway, an outsider, refuses to play by their corrupt rules, calls out the cowards in office! Donald Trump calls out the impotent GOP and Democrats who would allow America to decline, not from inevitable consequences, but from policy formed by our president and lawmakers!

Speaking the unwanted truth

So, who is really at fault here? President Obama is presently trying to bypass Congress in order that his faulty nuclear deal with Iran succeeds by seeking approval from the UN, a blatant violation of the US Constitution! The Obama administration refuses to defend our borders with Mexico as Americans die at the hands of illegal alien criminals and offers billions in taxpayers money to provide services to those trespassing into our country as our own citizens languish in high unemployment! Donald Trump calls out President Obama on his politically correct damage to America! Donald Trump calls out the administration on a nuclear treaty with Iran that is so full of holes and advantages to this terrorist supporting nation state that chants “Death to America” while vowing to annihilate Israel that this insanity is almost tragically laughable! Once again the carnival barker calls out the cowardly lies of a Democratic party and a president that threatens the existence of America!


Could it be that Donald Trump has the audacity to speak out about the truth? Could it be that he has already realized the dreams of his father and built an empire based upon the principles of capitalism so despised by our president who has claimed to support the American middle class while doing everything he can to destroy it? When a man who made billions outside of the Washington establishment based upon his own merits and without profiting from using taxpayer’s money succeeds and dares to challenge those whose leadership is so flawed that the fate of America hangs in the balance he becomes the target of their wrath by calling them out and defining their failure with the truth! Donald Trump may seem boisterous and outspoken, but if one takes the time to examine the issues, he will find it is the federal government who should despised and ridiculed for what its destructive policies have done to America, not the man who dares to call them out!

Framing reality currently in America

Is it any wonder that 70% of Americans polled support what Donald Trump says? When Donald Trump leads the pack of Republican hopefuls for the 2016 presidential race in double digits with a message of wanting to bring greatness back to America again, he is only viewed as a threat to the impotent fraternity of establishment insiders in DC who are running America into the ground as our society implodes under the insanity of Obama’s policies! Does the Democratic Party machinery of ruling at any cost see any reason for a course correction? Nope! Just persecute all who speak the truth! Conservative blacks are “Uncle Toms” those who advocate Constitutional conduct by the federal government are deemed “Right Wing Nuts” and those demanding accountability from Hillary Clinton are merely conducting a “Witch Hunt” even if 4 Americans did die in Benghazi! What difference does it make? Well, apparently it makes a difference to the carnival barking billionaire, Donald trump, who is tired of the political correctness killing America and wants to do something about it!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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