Iranian Nuke Deal Disaster

If a bad deal is the only option why make a deal at all? Why lift the sanctions Mr. president?

In their haste to make an historic agreement Secretary of State, John Kerry and President Obama have entered the US and it’s allies into a bad position. Iran has not only been able to exploit every weakness in the Obama’s JV negotiating team, but have even secured massive funding from the United States taxpayer in the amount of 150 billion dollars as an incentive to an terrorist state responsible for manufacturing 70% of the IED’s used to maim and kill US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Rewarding terrorism

Instead of tightening sanctions in order to pressure Iran into negotiations the Obama administration has caved in and repeatedly sweetened the pot for Iran by offering 700 million a month in US dollars to keep Iranian leadership at the table. If anything, the Obama White House has done nothing more than dangle more rewards in front of the Iran government while making more concessions. Why even bother to impose restrictions anyway if you are going to offer a supporter of terrorism through out the Middle East every conceivable advantage?

Where is sanity?

In actuality, Iran has been given every incentive to hold out, make unreasonable demands, and deny the administration any goals it might want to achieve in establishing a transparent policy of monitoring the Iranian nuclear program. To believe the talking points of the Obama State Department is to accept naive and wishful thinking of those motivated to attain the president’s legacy rather than a realistic appraisal of the actual dire situation materializing under the nose of the people of the United States and our allies who will be in harm’s way. Listen to the chanting outside the grounds of the Iranian Parliament, “Death to America!” Is this just rhetoric? I doubt it.

Advanced notice?

An international alliance of inspectors will be appointed consisting of Russia and China among other members yet Americans will not be included in the team. 14 days notice prior to inspections is but one of many troubling terms of the agreement. No random or surprise inspections will be allowed. The 90 day re-evaluation of the settlement in the event of detected violations has been removed from the agreement. There are literally no assurances that the conditions of preventing a nuclear arms program from being created within the infrastructure of the Iranian program.

Some actually recognize who their enemies are

Why are American allies such as Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and others up in arms over the flawed Iranian Nuke Deal? Why did Benjamin Netanyahou announce that this ill advised agreement will make the world a much more dangerous place? I think it’s safe to say that the neighbors closest to the terrorist state of Iran would have a much more intimate knowledge of what Iran is capable of. Yet, John Kerry and Barack Hussein Obama would rather ignore the events of the last 30 years beginning with the Iranian hostage situation in 1979 botched by the Jimmy Carter administration. Ironically, it was not until Ronald Reagan winning by a landslide against Jimmy Carter that Iranian’s were intimidated by the former California Governor’s hawkish stance on US military policy that our hostages were finally returned.

The only option?

On the one hand we hear that this is the best deal the administration is going to get and that no one else has an alternative that would be any better. Yet, it was only the imposition of stricter sanctions that forced Iran to the negotiating table in the first place. So, our inept State Department took a winning formula of frozen assets that had negatively impacted Iran’s economy, and took the exact opposite approach by giving this terrorist supporting state virtually all the benefits it could ask for, hundreds of billions of US dollars, and the promise of future release of frozen assets. This will not only embolden Iran but ensure they have the fiscal clout to make weapons deals with other nations.

Just give the bomb to them now!

Why would the Obama State Department also give advanced missile technology to this hostile nation state feared by its neighbors? This comes just a day before the big historic announcement that we can all slap our president on the back for achieving his coveted legacy! When Russia will be more than happy to sell Iran their latest S-300 missile system as a delivery platform why would handing over US technology even be an option to consider as an incentive? Unfortunately, should Israel find itself in a do or die situation of having to interdict Iran’s nuclear program in order to protect its own existence, thanks to the ill advised negotiations of the Obama White House, the deployment of a Russian anti-aircraft missile system will make it more difficult for the Jewish state to act in its own interests (survival).

What next?

Of course we can expect the US media to sell this flawed agreement to the American people. We can anticipate that all rational arguments will be suppressed or minimized as much as possible as Democrats and Republican lawmakers alike will be strong armed into voting for this insanity in the Congress and the Senate. negotiating out of weakness and an obsession with President Obama’s legacy will create another unintended legacy. That will be the continued history of liberally negotiated nuclear anti-proliferation deals such as North Korea by the Clinton Administration. The repercussions are unthinkable, but very real! We can be wistfully reminded of the tensions that resulted with North Korea earlier in the Obama administrations’ confrontation with the Communist dictatorship as they threatened and postured against the US over an impending conflict. Some things never change whether the president realizes this or not.

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