The Chattanooga Shooting Another Lone Wolf Attack Or?

Once again the faulty lone gunman theory applied to the latest Islamist attack that killed 4 US Marines has struck at the heart of America. As ISIS recruits more followers to cause death and mayhem, we must also raise an eyebrow on the sudden rapid response of the FBI. Why is the FBI so quick to respond this time? With the director reporting to President Obama shortly after the incident was released to the public, we are behooved to read between the lines here.

Something’s wrong

Let us remember that in Garland, Texas that Pamela Geller’s cartoon contest soon to be attacked by two Muslim extremists, could have been warned by the FBI, who had foreknowledge at least 2 hours before the gunmen were shot dead by a Garland Police officer. Why had the FBI withheld their knowledge from 200 people who could have been slaughtered? Why would a federal agency allow Americans to be killed at the hands of terrorists? What purpose could this have served unless Pamela Geller herself was a target of not only the Jihadists but by the Obama administration itself? It would seem that the FBI has been politicized and neutralized by a White House that has been compromised by the Muslim Brotherhood. Even the US media criticized Pam and her cartoon contest as being provocative rather then focusing on the terrorists themselves!

Hiding the truth in plain sight

At Ft. Hood, where 13 soldiers were murdered by Major Nidal Hassan, the word terrorist or act of terrorism was expunged from the voluminous report. Under instructions of AG Eric Holder’s DOJ the true nature of an attack against our own unarmed troops within the largest military base in the world, the FBI acted politically and ignored the obvious! Thankfully, the report was revised recently and “Work Place ” violence which was used to keep wounded soldiers from being compensated for their injuries was rightfully proclaimed as an act of terror, an attack by an enemy! Thanks to members of the GOP the truth was finally extracted from an intentionally botched FBI report. The Obama White House has demonstrated time and again its contempt for the rule of law and the president’s inherent dismissal of Muslim extremist atrocity!

The gunman

Mohammad Yousuff Abdullazeez, a 24 yr. old born in Kuwait, the very first country liberated by US forces during Desert Storm, who murdered 4 unarmed US Marines at a recruiting facility, may very well have been influenced by ISIS. A cowardly act typical of terrorist operatives, Abdullazeez was finally killed after being pursued by police and exchanging gun fire with them at the Naval reserve just 6 miles from the site of the murder of the US Marines at the recruiting center. His bullet riddled Ford Mustang remained on the street awaiting further forensic examination in the wake of the deadly deed that has now become all too frequent here in America. With a White House that meets frequently with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, is it any surprise that denial of the Islamist assault on America by President Obama has become a consistent theme in these troubled times.

Red flags

Unfortunately, we must look at any direction of the FBI that comes from the president himself, who seemed quite unperturbed by this latest horrific mass murder when interviewed on national TV about the killings, as being highly suspect. The FBI has consistently been denied intelligence information on potential terrorism in the US when kept out of the loop by the CIA. An FBI director recently remarked that he could not understand why America is so hated by Islamists planning acts of terrorism against us. There is something very wrong going on in Capitol Hill and at the FBI in view of a politicized enforcement agency of the Department of Justice when Americans are not warned about an impending attack in Garland. One must surely ask just what twisted agenda will emerge from the sudden mobilization of FBI resources in the wake of this latest act of terrorism against our Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Intentional denial from the top

Once again the issue of gun control by the White House comes into question. Why must our servicemen and women at military facilities be allowed to remain unarmed now that we have undeniable evidence that they are targets of opportunity in the gun free zones mandated by our federal government? Why does our president often refuse to speak out against the efforts by ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and Jihad whenever these despicable acts of murder continue in America. When President Obama characterizes Operation Desert Storm and the later liberation of Iraq as being instrumental as unintended consequences that American policy is responsible for, we know that our leadership in Washington is not just flawed, but aligned with our enemies. Is it any wonder that our soldiers have now become targets of terrorism right here in their own homeland?

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