Monsters are Real? Planned Parenthood’s Baby Body Parts Sale

Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services had a business lunch with some representatives of a human biologics company.
Or so she thought . . .
Thing is, the representatives were undercover actors posing as buyers of – prepare yourself – baby body parts.

At the lunch, the abortionist doctor is eating a salad as she casually describes in graphic detail the procedures of harvesting different pieces of an aborted baby’s body.

“I’d say a lot of people want liver.”

The medical services director, Deborah Nucatola, is talking about a baby’s liver. With her fresh and tasty meal in front of her, she tells the ‘representatives’ how they get the parts they need.

“And for that reason, most providers will do this case under ultrasound guidance, so they’ll know where they’re putting their forceps.”

Seems Josef Mengele, Germany’s Nazi experimentation doctor of WWII, was working on the same technique.

“Yesterday was the first time she said people wanted lungs,” said Nucatola.

The movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes to mind.

“Some people want lower extremities, too, which, thats simple. That’s easy. I don’t know what they’re doing with it, I guess if they want muscle.”

“Yeah,” replied the actors, “a dime a dozen.”

She went on to tell them how they acquire the organs without “crushing” them.

“We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”

You’d think she’d want a bowl of blood to dip her bread in.

Of course, the video caused an outcry, prompting a response from America’s top abortion provider. Here’s Planned Parenthood’s spokesman, Eric Ferrero, denying any wrongdoing,

“A well funded group established for the purpose of damaging Planned Parenthood’s mission and services has promoted a heavily edited, secretly recorded videotape that falsely portrays Planned Parenthood’s participation in tissue donation programs that support lifesaving scientific research.”

We in the Nazi Party do not put people in concentration camps, we merely re-locate certain citizens for the mental-adjustment program.

Nucatola even mentioned a hundred dollars for one particular part, thirty for another, but according to Ferrero,

“There is no financial benefit for tissue donation for either the patient or for Planned Parenthood. In some instances, actual costs, such as the cost to transport tissue to leading research centers, are reimbursed, which is standard across the medical field.”

I bet this guy has had a bullhorn to his lips before, screaming to abolish experimentation on animals at a research lab.

But let’s get to the heart of the issue. It isn’t Planned Parenthood selling babies and their tiny little arms, legs, lungs and hearts that is the real problem. Monstrous as it is, it’s only the symptom. It’s our Government’s embracing of the bloody practice that is the real issue, here. Abortion is legal. Abortionists – and the Government – says it’s okay to kill a baby.

That’s the problem.

Let’s go back in time a bit. Let’s say it’s 1849 in America, and you hear one of the Democrat Party’s Southern plantation owners (slavers) talking about the loss of a black slave.

Now walk with me here, the comparison works.

Back then, black Africans were, well, people . . . sort of, but not rising to the level of actual human beings worthy of protection from death by their owners. At least not until they are freed from slavery by their owners, the master.

It’s the same thing with babies. Today, babies in the womb are, well, people . . . sort of, but not rising to the level of actual human beings worthy of protection from death by their owners. At least not until they are freed from the womb by their owners, the mother.

Until such time as those that legally possess them and free them from their confines, such individuals can be killed if necessary by those same possessors.

The above statement works for both the African of the 19th century and for the unborn baby of today.

In both cases, our Government legalized it.

Currently, in this country, it is against the law to sell parts of a baby who has been aborted. The perpetrators may find themselves the recipient of a fine if they commit this crime. They could even serve prison time.

Okay, so let me get this straight. What our life-loving and compassionate Government is saying is that it’s okay to kill a baby. It’s okay to pull a baby out of her mother’s womb in the third trimester and stab her in the back of her little head and suck her brain out. And, its even okay to toss her cold, dead little body into a trash bin to dispose of her useless flesh.

But selling her liver is immoral.


Seems to me, that if you can kill someone, legally kill them, it’s a bit ridiculous to balk at making a profit off of the discarded parts.

Sure, Planned Parenthood’s moral equal is Josef Mengele. He didn’t consider Jews, Christians, and the mentally or physically deformed to be viable persons worthy of life.

Same with abortionists and babies.

Like so, if the abortionist is Mengele, then The United States of America is Nazi Germany.

Mengele operated under the auspices of Hitler, abortionists operate under the auspices of America, simple as that.

So if you want to level horror, indictment, anger or loathing at anyone, to be sure, toss some of it Planned Parenthood’s way. But reserve most of your vitriol and fury for your country.

For yourself, if you are in favor of abortion, and for yourself if you are against it but have kept quiet about it.

And just for fun, see if the next time you sit down to a nice, crisp, frigid salad, you can even contemplate the sale of baby’s body parts, much less describe carving them up like Planned Parenthood’s senior director did.

Do monsters really exist?

Oh yes. They do indeed.


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