Nuclear Iran and the American Melting Pot – Literally?

So, our brave President, after going after that junior league team, ISIS, making sure that they were destroyed and no longer dangerous to anyone, has now got us a fine deal with Iran. ‘Don’t worry, America, if they get that nuclear bomb they’re desperately trying to build, I’ll make sure they won’t use it on us.’

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(Media Credit:

Whew! For a minute there I thought we were in trouble. Thanks, Obama.
Thanks to the holy ‘O’, Iran now must let us in to check their stock . . . after we call . . . and ask nicely . . . after 24 days.
Yep, we call them and ask if we can come over, and they have 24 days to let us know.
In 2002, we had a deal with Iran to limit their nuclear weapons program. Dissident groups in their own country raised the alarm about two facilities that they left undeclared to the International Atomic Agency, aka, IAEA, which is the UN’s nuclear watch dog.
Just a simple oversight on their part, I’m sure.
But according to Barack Obama, we need to learn how to trust our very good close and personal enemies.
Vito Corleone said, “Keep you friends close, but keep your enemies closer.” I think Obama has taken The Godfather’s advice a bit too literally. If this guy was any closer to Muslim radicals, Michelle could file for divorce on the grounds of adultery.
I don’t know, he’s got this thing for Islamic terrorist regimes. Even ones that are clear adversaries of Israel and America.
Iran is the biggest supplier of terrorism on Earth, and they have said that they want to push Israel into the sea, and he goes and makes a deal with them on a nuclear bomb?
Obama . . . come in, Obama, reason calling . . .
The President says that dismantling of such a huge infrastructure as Iran’s facility to enrich uranium is just “unrealistic.”
Yeah, Neville Chamberlain thought the same thing about Hitler and the Nazis. 14,000,000+ concentration camp deaths later, not to mention a second world war, well . . . why be a stickler for details.
Okay, sure. Hindsight is 20/20. Yeah, so, why aren’t we using it? We’ve seen how this works before. Closing our eyes and giving a maniacal regime the benefit of the doubt didn’t work last time, why would it work now? Not even Hitler chanted death to America and burned our flag.
“Uh, I’ll take Iran for two-hundred, Alex.”
According to The Economist, Iran had a
“. . . pressing need . . . to gain relief from sanctions that have ratcheted up in severity and are having a crippling effect on its resource-dependent economy. In particular, restrictions on its oil and gas exports, its ability to import technology to exploit its energy resources, and being cut off from SWIFT, the financial messaging system used to transfer money between the world’s banks, have taken an increasing toll.”
Those were what our sanctions were doing. I’d say that’s a good start to dismantling a nuclear infrastructure. And if that doesn’t work, we can always tell them that if they don’t stop seeking a nuclear bomb, we’ll turn them into debris.
Sorry Barack, guess that’s not very lady-like, is it?
Also, from The Economist regarding the Iran Nuclear agreement,
“Sanctions related to other aspects of Iran’s behavior, such as human-rights issues, support of terrorism and its ballistic-missile programme will not be affected.”
Sure, I mean, why would they be? It’s not like human rights violations, terrorism, and ballistic missiles are any big deal. After all, they’re no big deal for Iran.
And apparently, nor are they for Obama.
Again, The Economist-
“. . . under this statement of intent Iran will reduce its installed enrichment centrifuges from 19,000 to 6,000, only 5,000 of which will be spinning. All of them will be first-generation centrifuges: none of its more advanced models can be used for at least 10 years, and R&D into more efficient designs will have to be based on a plan submitted to the IAEA.”
Unless, of course, they get a little confused about the R&D thing and design them into more advanced models, you know, kind of like they did with those two little “undeclared” items to the IAEA last time. Again, just a mistake.
‘I can’t believe I missed those, geeze! I mean, they were right there the whole time, how stupid of me.’
Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said,
“This is a bad mistake of historic proportions.”
Can’t blame him. Imagine the state you live in was threatened by another country with, say, something like, ‘Wipe Ohio off the face of the Earth.’ Then imagine your President responding with, Well, it’s unrealistic to make sure that those guys don’t get a nuclear weapon. Then, further imagine that same President making a deal with that country to continue making enriched uranium, reassuring you with, Oh, but don’t worry Ohio, we’re gonna watch them real close.
Although Israel’s nation is about the size of New Jersey, she actually has nuclear weaponry. And Netanyahu has implied he’ll use it if necessary.
Again, I don’t blame him.
Threaten my kids by saying you want to wipe them and all my other family from the planet and then show all the world you’re seeking nuclear weapons? Believe me, I’m going to do anything, ANYTHING to keep you from following through with that threat.
Back in 1941, we entered the war in Europe because we had ‘right’ on our side. We knew the difference between right and wrong, evil and good. We were men and women of honor and virtue, we cherished the unborn child and had a respect for Christ, even if we weren’t Christians. We knew such a war would be costly, but with our faith in God and country we possessed the mettle, temerity, and steadfast will to take on a tyrant and defeat him and his evil regime. And, thanks to God, we beat him. But that was them, this is now.
We no longer have any of those attributes.
Our moral vision is blurry, our reverence for anything higher than ourselves is scant, our tenderness for a baby within a mother’s womb is calloused over, and if you ask the average college student today if Hitler’s Nazism is morally wrong, at best, all you’ll get is a shrug and a, Well, it’s not what I would choose.
Obama has done many things that will haunt this nation for generations to come, many of which we may never be able to mend. But this is different. This is serious. This, I’m afraid, may very well be apocalyptic.
If you cherish your children, bloody your knees with prayer that Barack Obama doesn’t succeed on this one.

About the Author

Joe Keck is a writer of horror, thriller, suspense, and other fiction, some poetry and music, with the occasional op-ed piece on current events, politics, and theology. Although born in Oklahoma, he was taken to Los Angeles when he was an infant, or as his mother described, "the ugliest little thing I've ever seen", and raised there on the West Coast. He considers himself to be far superior to most on the artistic merits of film and literature, seeing the vast majority of such to be well below adequate. He has four novels and many short stories to his credit, and hopes to one day have them published, promising to hold critics like himself in harsh derision. He's currently restoring a Jason 35 sailboat and plans to sail the world, writing horror stories, and marveling at the illustrative works of the Creator and His Divine story-telling imagery. You may Find Joe's Website at

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  3. How kind of you, Michael, much appreciated. And even with the paragraphs not separated (don’t know what happened there).

  4. Your views, comments and . . . well . . everything in this detailed write-up are so well written I had to commend you. Thank you so much Joe ! I will always expect this from you Joe !
    Thanks again
    Mike Harville

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