The President Specializing in Constitutional Crises Part I

That the American political system has been hijacked by a rogue White House utilizing a Marxist doctrine is now a forgone conclusion as the GOP roster of candidates line up for the 2016 Presidential election runoff. The Democrats will continue their lock and step socialist bid to sidestep all possible Constitutional restraint under either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders as they continue their class warfare politics.

Each day there seems a new lie that has been uncovered by Mrs. Clinton, but neither do the Republicans seem capable of prosecuting her or does the US media seem interested in covering the truth in depth unless forced to. Below is a commentary that rings just as true today as it did when it was written and it clearly shows that nothing under the Obama administration has changed other than matters becoming worse!


Commentary by Peter M. Friedman

Article 3, section 3 of the United States Constitution is very clear on the definition of Treason:

Article 3 – The Judicial Branch
Section 3 – Treason

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

The Congress shall have power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attained.

I bring this to attention in light of the report that President Obama has leaked secret information, provided to him by one of America’s most loyal allies, to an avowed enemy of both America and this heretofore staunch and loyal ally. Should facts bear out this reported allegation against President Obama, he should be not only immediately impeached, but indicted for Treason under Article 3, section 3 of the United States Constitution. Further, any other person under the direction and jurisdiction of President Obama must pay the same penalty.

Notwithstanding the abject lying of President Obama regarding just about everything, his hot-mike conversation last week with Russian President Medvedev was a precursor to the disclosure regarding our ally described above. President Obama has displayed in his political career a complete disregard for the truth as well as a pattern of Anti-American behavior that is a first in the history of the United States.

Iran is an avowed enemy of America. No greater display of their animosity was the takeover of our embassy in 1979, and the capture and sequester of our embassy staff for 444 days until the inauguration of Ronald Reagan in January, 1981. Since that time Iran has been the world’s number one purveyor of terrorism supporting Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaeda, as well as providing military hardware to our enemies in both Iraq and Afghanistan, causing the death of American troops. Iran also has been embarked on an obvious program to develop nuclear weapons since 1979 when the Islamic clergy assumed full power and control. Iran has obfuscated, flat-out lied, and fooled the naïve West all along the way, but putting the West on notice repeatedly that nothing will deter the conclusion of their nuclear program. If Iran gets the “bomb”, they will use it or give it to one of their proxies like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, et al to use.

The most obvious and immediate target of any Iranian nuclear bomb is Israel. Iran has repeatedly, as a matter of political policy, threatened the existence of Israel, and has stated categorically that Israel must be destroyed to recover Muslim honor. Iran is the immediate enemy of both Israel and America for America’s continued support of Israel as the only civilized democracy in the Middle East. We must take Iran at its word and our foreign policy must reflect that.

Since Obama was elected in 2008 there has been no obfuscation regarding Obama’s hatred of the Jewish State and its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama made it very clear during the 2008 election that he would succor the Muslims, including Iran, without preconditions in a proposed attempt to appease them and “negotiate” with them, in spite of the Islamic historical reality that no “negotiation” has ever been possible in the previous 1400 years. Obama’s rhetoric was “code” to the Muslims that a “new sheriff was in town”, and there would be new overtures to the Muslim world to the specific detriment of Israel. Obama evidenced this in numerous ways including bowing to the Saudi King, speaking to Netanyahu from the Oval Office with his feet on the Resolute Desk showing the shoe soles to the photographer (a direct Muslim insult to Netanyahu!), selling the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt 130 M1 Abrams tanks, which are now moving into the Sinai pointed at Israel (and giving them $2 billion taxpayer dollars to pay for them!), and in all of Obama’s policies toward Israel since his election. It is painfully obvious that President Obama, for the first time in American history, is ardently not only anti-American, but vehemently anti-Israel.

This is an election year. Obama is running for re-election. Obama has made it abundantly clear to Israel and Netanyahu that he does NOT want Israel to attack the Iranian nuclear facilities until after Obama is re-elected. In view of the recent discussions in Washington D.C. on March 5th, Netanyahu made it very clear to Obama that Israel would do whatever was necessary for its survival, and that it was clear to Netanyahu that Obama could not be trusted. Netanyahu clearly told Obama that Obama would not be told of any Israeli attack date because Netanyahu was afraid that Obama would tell Iran to foil Israel’s attack! Further, our Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, disclosed in a press conference that Israel would probably attack Iran in the “Spring”, such as in May or June! It was a clear signal to Israel not to attack Iran before Obama’s re-election – an overt threat against our heretofore loyal ally strictly for POLITICAL gain!

The final Obama political threat toward Israel has now taken place! In the past hours, under Obama’s direction, the fact that Azerbaijan, just North of Iran, had arranged with Israel to allow them landing rights after an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, was “leaked” to the press!

A question of allegiance

At this juncture, the fact that Israel is involved in Obama’s treasonous behavior is irrelevant to me, and it should be to all Americans. What if Canada was the target? Would we take the same threatening tactic against Canada? How about England or France? They have been targeted too by Iran. Would we betray their ability to protect themselves to support the re-election of any President of the United States? Is political power that important to anyone or any political party that they would betray our allies and cause the death of citizens of our allied countries, or the complete destruction? Have our politicians lost all concept of HONOR?

Part II will follow

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