Guess what is more important than national security, peace in the Middle East, our economy, our border security, or our right to our religious beliefs? If you guessed President Obama’s vain and irrelevant legacy, you guessed it! Because Mister Obama’s delusions of grandeur far outweigh anything else when it comes to defending the US Constitution or the people of this country! It’s all about him and how he will be placed in history folks! Yes, indeed.

A deal from hell

When we last checked in on the most recent episode of “Obama helps Iran Get Nukes” we found that the administration has been paying Iran 700 million dollars a month to entice them into accepting the terms of a treaty that they know our State Department under John Kerry is salivating to make at any cost even to the lives of our allies in the Middle East as well as the people of the United States of America. Yes, folks even as the Iranian Parliament chants “Death To America!” our Secretary of State, John Kerry, will certainly break a leg to make sure that the President gets his deal!

A pattern of failure do you think?

Despite the fact that the Iranians refuse to allow on site inspections at military facilities, have a poor record of cooperating with weapons of mass destruction inspectors from NATO in the past, we can be assured that when President Obama approaches a problem it gets done, right? Just like his outspoken solutions to Ferguson and Baltimore as neighborhoods burned down and police were assaulted while shootings went on for days after the smoke cleared!. All we need to do we are told by well meaning hacks like Josh Earnest at the White House is simply to trust the administration no matter how many of Hillary’s emails are deleted and how many times President Obama exchanged conversations with her on unsecured servers violating classified protocol that we just need to get behind the White House and believe what they tell us!

Aiding and abetting the enemy

Getting back to the latest episode of “Obama Helps Iran Get Nukes” we were treated to another pleasant surprise. Not only is the White House giving every incentive to Iran that they can, but now they’re throwing in advanced missile technology as another signing bonus! Wow, do the hits just keep on coming or what? can you say Armageddon kids? I don’t think I have ever seen America on such shaky footing in all my years no matter what administration was in charge Democratic or Republican. I guess it’s true about what they say about Obama being a true genius and all. It seems he knows something that all of us don’t even when his solutions absolutely defy all logic.

What nuclear arms treaty?

Lets look at the wondrous track record of this particular White House in evaluating whether or not we stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a nuclear treaty with Iran that will keep them from developing atomic weapons when they are already working on the missiles to deliver them with. We all know how well the president dealt with nationalized health care by making the Affordable Care Act into law at more than 3 times the estimated cost and still climbing. We now see the backlash of same sex marriage since business owners are being sued and prosecuted for exercising their religious rights under LGBT fascism. Let’s put elderly couples out of business and treat them like criminals. Let’s jail Army chaplains for upholding their Biblical responsibility! Oh, and we can’t forget suing county clerks who don’t even have instructions form the state or the software to marry homosexuals.


If we are going to gauge the effectiveness of the Obama White House at problem solving and their chances of working at a nuclear arms treaty with Iran, lets look at how well they are defending the US border with Mexico now that 74 known ISIS operatives are now in 50 US states! I’m sure that we have an exciting future to look forward to as our president makes sure to stamp out the Confederate flag but has absolutely nothing to say when it comes to 85 black on black shootings in gun free Chicago on July 4th weekend resulting in 15 deaths. Gosh, I’m sure that since the president assures us there’s racism in America when 20 youths in Baltimore horribly beat an elderly white man that it just isn’t news worthy! No, sir. No need to comment on that incident Mister President!

Inescapable pattern

If we soberly apply what we know of President Obama’s ability to solve problems and come up with viable solutions to major issues in the US as well as the world we need only look to the Middle East now where ISIS has conquered a chunk of Iraq and other nations there bigger than the state of Connecticut and now rules over 8.5 million people as the refuges pour into to bordering countries. Our pilots tell us that they are denied permission to shoot when they are flying over hundreds of ISIS fighters caught out in the open. Our aviators complain that by the time they are vectored to targets that the enemy has moved out of the area while the number of sorties they fly are near enough to have an impact over the war. Yet, our president, who refuses to call them ISIS tells us that our allies who are apparently unable to to stop the advance must make more of a commitment.

Reiterating the mission

Does this intentionally bad strategy make any sense at all? Oh, that’s right. Let’s refer back to the President’s obsessive commitment to his legacy, and that the entire federal government seems so infatuated with doing just that, making sure the this president, who is already a legend in his own mind will most certainly have attained his legacy no matter much human bloodshed American, Middle Eastern, and Christian it takes to see this task through. After all, you just have to have your priorities straight! Right Mister President, Sir?

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