The Establishment GOP’s Ruthless Attacks On Donald Trump

In the wake of comments made by billionaire and TV personality Donald Trump about the illegal immigration problem, we have a spineless group of Republican presidential candidates attacking a man that speaks for the people. Statements made by Trump were actually extractions from articles featured By The Huffington Post and Univision. The supposedly inflammatory statements made by Donald Trump were taken from the left, yet he finds himself on the receiving end of Republican backlash?


That thousands of illegal aliens from across the Mexican border are committing crimes in the US is an insult to the people of Mexico when it’s the truth? That hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from Mexico are costing US taxpayer dollars for the free benefits they are receiving is a distortion of the truth? Really? That 80% of the women arriving in the US from Mexico are raped by traffickers and that American women have been assaulted by illegal aliens from Mexico is misinformation designed to smear the sterling reputation of drug cartel members, convicted criminals, and repeat offenders who are detained and sent back time and again? Sure, if that’s what you want to believe.

Incarceration rates

The official statistics speak for themselves. 33% of all federal prison inmates are convicted illegal aliens from Mexico. Would you like to know what the cost is to our correctional system and to the taxpayer as a result? We would measure that in the billions. Take into consideration that President Obama recently authorized the ICE to release 65 thousand convicted prisoners of illegal alien status back into the general population among US citizens. Within days 121 violent crimes had already been committed in California alone by these offenders. Officers and Deputies along the border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas have been killed in the course of duty by the wonderful trespassers from Mexico whom Jeb Bush describes as being here for love.

US citizens low priority

The protection of US citizens by the federal government seems to be on just about the lowest priority it has ever been in the last 6 years as ranchers and US residents near the border of Mexico have been murdered by illegal alien criminals who according to Jeb Bush, GOP presidential hopeful and former governor of Florida, romantically refers to as adding rich diversity to our nation and work force not to mention love. Perhaps Jeb should fly to San Francisco to that sanctuary city and tell the father of 32 year old Kathryn Steinle who was shot to death by a repeat offender having been deported 5 times previously by ICE. Yet, this man who would murder an innocent American woman was released from jail by San Francisco authorities instead of being returned to the ICE for deportation once again!

The sad truth

Donald Trump’s statements only echo the frustration of American’s fed up with the US government’s criminal negligence in allowing our borders to go unprotected and such sanctuary cities as San Francisco, Denver, and New York City to harbor thousands of illegal aliens who not only commit crimes but often go unprosecuted while being encouraged to live off taxpayer funded programs such as welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, and medical care. We have had American elementary aged school children dying of mysterious cases of neural paralysis exposed to diseases that our own medical system has defeated but for those introduced by unvaccinated illegals.

Ludicrous leadership

What is the response of our government officials? Let’s attack Donald Trump for speaking the truth rather than doing anything about the threat to US citizens. It makes no difference that his statements resonate with Americans who have had enough of the federal government’s negligence in the enforcement of immigration law, but perhaps even more despicable is the actions of sanctuary cities who have sent a signal to illegal aliens that they are welcome, their crimes will not be prosecuted, and we will provide them with aid we would not even give our own working tax paying citizens! Is something wrong with this picture? Why aren’t our cowardly GOP leaders like Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, and others coming to the aid of Donald Trump who is expressing the true depiction of just exactly what is going on in an America that is being sold off lock stock and barrel by both the Democrats and Republicans?

Blood on his hands

I submit to you that once again President Barack Obama has blood on his hands. It started with operation “Fast and Furious” when he and Eric Holder allowed a gun running scheme to put US firearms into the hands of Mexican drug cartel gangs who killed Americans and their own people. Since the huge influx of illegal aliens has infiltrated America, people like Kathryn Steinle have died violently thanks to political correctness and the refusal of US authority to enforce federal law, and that perversion of justice has been perpetrated by our President Obama who is busy making sure we get rid of the Confederate flag!

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