The Dynamics Of A One World Government

Of course the mainstream media will dismiss all speculation of a global government emerging out of the present fiscal and terrorist crises that have engulfed the world. Using their typical narratives such as “Conspiracy theories” “Vitriol” “Right Wing Nut” “Birthers” “Truthers” all terms invented by the pseudo journalists to smear often times concrete evidence that has been unearthed by Whistle Blowers who have the courage and integrity to dig for the facts purposely ignored by the worldwide propaganda machine we call news networks. However, a steady stream of information about the rise of a global control elite is already available.

Already in Place

The United Nations, IMF (international monetary fund), the Federal Reserve, the CFR (Committee on Foreign Affairs) all serve as vetting institutions for politicians, financial officials, and news personnel who are seeking advancement through the globalist chain of command. For example over 4000 major news anchors, commentators, and editorial writers are members of the CFR. The ominous impact of such an organization that can make or break careers while making sure their political agenda is emulated by these recruited officianados is daunting when one considers the progressive ideology they pursue.

False narratives

Dissolving international borders, destroying nationalism, allowing indiscriminate immigration without screening or legal inquiry, are all tactics used by the left to achieve these goals while alleging that all who question this idiocy as being bigoted racists. Again and again the constant goal of consolidating thee nations under one global government is the constant mission always underway, always the ultimate goal, always the ulterior motive. Behind the head scratching policies that make no practical sense, behind the false allegations hurled at good people with integrity, behind the destructive legislation that divides and creates social unrest you will find the underlying motive that drives the disinformation machinery.

Beginning of the end

None of this will stop until we the people are enveloped in a government not operating under the domestic jurisdiction of state or federal law, but under international law which is unconstitutional, illegal, and against the individual sovereignty of the US. Already NAFTA which was enacted in the middle 1990’s was instituted as a North American union of trade agreement between Mexico, the USA, and Canada. Although estimates of at least 945 thousand American jobs being lost as a result of this treaty, more such international agreements wait in the wings.

More agreements to consolidate the deal

After reading the Trans Pacific Partners Trade Agreement, Senator Jeff Sessions pronounced this to be a bad deal for not only American workers, but for US law as workers. Foreign restrictions and the laws of other nations would subordinate US state and federal law domestically. Foreign workers would be allowed placement, work permits, social security benefits, and drivers licenses among other privileges. Under a smoke screen of civil rights, the humanitarian efforts of the generous Democratic Party, and continued diatribe of the US media America will be at the mercy of international influence brought about by our own political leadership voting in direct conflict with the US Constitution. Why would the American taxpayer be conveniently pegged with comping American workers who have lost jobs thanks to the TPPA?

The implications

Under the gathering momentum of a global government the unsuspecting people of the world will find that their government constitutions and individual sovereignty will be overruled by world courts and foreign laws that should not apply to their domestic laws. One might ask why an estimated 200 to 300 thousand UN troops of differing nationality are currently based on US soil. While the men and women of the US armed forces are deployed overseas, foreign soldiers not necessarily friendly to American interests are stationed here. Some analysts have theorized that such a scenario would be perfect for the declaration of martial law using what would amount to enemy infantry not politically aligned with US interests who would have no compunction over firing upon the public.

Occupied by who?

If this seems a bit far fetched to you ask yourself why a questionnaire was distributed through out American military units asking if our soldiers would ever fire upon US citizens if ordered to do so by their command? Shortly after the results of those responses an unprecedented influx of UN forces were stationed on US soil supposedly for the purpose of joint training exercises. Such maneuvers are normally temporary, yet this large foreign presence of international troops has never left US soil. Many accounts of foreign soldiers occupying remote US bases or supposedly abandoned military facilities abound with confrontations occurring with US civilians.

Weaponizing our court system

The recent blows to the Republic of the United States of America with recent Supreme Court rulings on upholding Obamacare, same sex marriage, abortion clinics scheduled for closing, and refusing to require proper ID among voters in US elections has all served a central purpose. These measures seek to destroy the American heritage and undermine the discipline of morality. This is simply another necessary assault in destabilization of a society so that foreign rule can by installed in absence of traditional concepts of right and wrong.

The true mission

The Obama administration’s continual division and provocation of social unrest seems to be targeted at lock and step Democratic Party socialism, but in reality is focused at a much bigger ulterior motive than simply remaining in power. Either wittingly or unwittingly, the useful idiots of the left are contributing to the establishment of a new world order spoken of by such presidents as George Bush Senior in a 1992 speech among others who have made reference to the seeming security presented by a unified world government where nationalism and borders have been dissolved so that no disputes can fester and create wars. This fallacy continues to drive such insane rational.

No historic justification

This supposed prevailing wisdom has nothing in the way of historic fact to lend credibility to a conflict free new world order. One need only look at the failure of the League of Nations so feverishly pursued by progressive President Woodrow Wilson to stop World War II as one of many examples. Wilson also presided over the resurrection of the central bank in the US under the aegis of adding economic stability to America. In 1913 under the Revenue Act, the Federal Reserve came into being as well as its terrorist arm the IRS. Woodrow Wilson would later lament that all he had done was to deliver the fate of America into the hands of a few men, and indeed he did.

The true conspiracy

The World Bank, the UN, Agenda 21, and the climate change agenda are all targeted at massive control of the world population under the aegis of government concern and the prevailing wisdom of the progressives who will tell us whats best for us no matter how much we deny or rebel against the imposition of draconian international law that will be enforced by armies that have no allegiance to any particular country, but will strike under the direction of a global government.

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