The Seizure Of The United States

Legalizing a takeover

The recent rulings coming down from the Supreme Court are in full defiance of the US Constitution and call into question the true integrity of the justices we trust to defend our laws. it is not a question of the justices listening to popular opinion or being illegally intimidated by a president who refuses to uphold our laws, it is even worse than that. Allowing abortion clinics that were ordered closed down by the State of Texas to remain opened through an injunction, upholding Obamacare despite the inability of the government to make it fiscally feasible, and allowing same sex marriage demonstrate a takeover in a real sense of the word.

The true culprits

We cannot attribute the sudden and forceful contradiction to due process of law under the US Constitution as being attributable to the efforts of President Obama, who by himself is nothing but a vain, egocentric Marxist, incapable of greatness. Rather, it is the influence of those behind him. Our government has been hijacked by a shadow operation of those who intend to profit over the disintegration of American sovereignty and the destruction of freedom of our citizens. They have succeeded in imposing collectivism upon the populace and have neutralized every conceivable principle that stood in the way of corruption and enforcement of our laws. They have undermined the sanctity of freedom in America right under the nose of the sleeping public and the traitors in public office we trusted to govern our nation!

No will to fight

The Democratic Party co-opted by Saul Alinsky style socialism and a GOP unwilling to put up a fight and stand for anything they represented in the past have co-conspired together to end America as we know it. The capitulation has been complete. The bold push to dissolve borders, to override state, county, and city government with an out of control deeply centralized federal government has taken place. NAFTA was the first effort under the Clinton Administration to begin that advancement of an evil cause that will fulfill the designs of a one world government. The recent events dictated by a corrupted Supreme Court are yet another paving of the road to a prison planet exploited by elitists who want to shut down individual freedom, make government the new god of the people, and crush all who ideologically oppose this monstrosity to mankind!

Dictating US trade

The Pacific Trade Agreement will be passed giving one man, the president, unilateral authority to pick and choose international commerce partnerships without the consent of Congress. These settlements would allow the UN and foreign powers to subordinate state and federal laws, bring foreign labor into the country without legalized citizenship costing American jobs, according to Senator Jeff Sessions who has read the lengthy document. Keeping this all secret and hidden from the general public should have been a warning flag to the grazing sheep among us, but denial and preoccupation with triviality seem to have taken precedent over allegiance to the cause of America. The people have been stabbed in the back but have not reacted.

A useless president

In view of the fact that President Obama has not negotiated any agreement in the best interests of the people whether it be on a domestic or international level it is doubtful that his choices on international trade agreements will reflect anything different. America undefended at its borders by a rogue White House, unrepresented by the GOP as a viable opposition party and a president who takes every opportunity to create disunity while defying our US Constitution paints a desperate future for a republic that once served as a beacon of light for all people of the world. If any power or group of conniving self important megalomaniacs were to force world government upon the people of the world they would have to take down the world’s most powerful nation, and they have virtually succeeded in their convoluted deed.

Sad realization

With July 4th Independence Day upon us, we have a government forcing the removal of the Ten Commandments from the premises of our courts, federal instructors calling our forefathers terrorists, and our war veterans dying in droves as they await a Veteran’s Administration whose services have deteriorated even further since corruption probes identified bureaucrats who were botching medical services to wounded warriors and delaying treatment as our servicemen slowly died on trumped up waiting lists. This appalling disclosure only typifies how inefficient and costly our government operates in its war against its own citizens. Our government has literally become the enemy!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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