The Lawless Fantasy Land on Capitol Hill

The republic of the United States of America was dealt three critical blows by an out of control Supreme Court and president who has unceasingly pushed the boundaries of morality ever since his inauguration in 2009. The people are no longer represented in Constitutional fashion any longer as demonstrated by the capricious lack of due process demonstrated by the Supreme Court justices and the executive branch officer now occupying the oval room in the White House. The people have endured, ignored, and passively accepted this abomination in cynical and apathetic ambivalence without anticipating the grave consequences just over the horizon!

Torpedoing DOMA

When president Obama saw to it that the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down early in his administration, that should have been a clear signal to the sheep and the followers of things to come. Lying the whole time about his faith in the Christian God and Jesus and affirming his support for the church, this president instead has done everything to promote admiration for the Muslim faith observing their holidays at the White House while he instructs the US military to harass our servicemen from being able to worship our god even threatening to imprison chaplains for doing what they were enlisted to do, to give Christian spiritual support to our soldiers going into harm’s way!

Distortion of the truth

Separation of church and state never implied removing God from government as the Democrats and left would have us believe rather it was intended to keep government out of the church! Yet, for political purpose this principle has been grossly misinterpreted on purpose. Without the moral compass of Christianity to guide our politicians in office is easy to see why we are now suffering under the present plague of bad legislation that is now prevalent in our government. Self evident truth has given away to politically correct rhetoric designed to bring about the radicalized culture that has been pounded out in America by big government and fascist administration of it by entrenched ideologues whose only consideration is their twisted agenda.

A crumbling republic

The greatest nation on the face of the earth who rose to ultimate power in 200 years has been torn asunder in a few short years by the collectivists who cannot allow individual freedom and free choice to stand as they use government sanctioned tyranny to dictate their terms! Five hundred and fifty men and women on Capitol Hill under the 4 branches of government, executive, judicial, legislative, representative capacities, are forcing more than 330 million American citizens to accept laws that violate US Constitutional law. This despicable turn of events can only lead to the collapse of a great nation that stood for liberty and freedom by awarding enemies, criminals, and traitors acceptance.

Change for the worse

Under the new metamorphosis of the United States of America fiscal responsibility is meaningless, soldiers who advocate their belief in God are persecuted, those who illegally cross our borders are rewarded, and politicians who break the law go unpunished and applauded! This is the new incarnation of America, a nation whose currency is headed for a collapse, a country whose government shows no allegiance to the safety of its own citizens, an empire that is imploding under the idiocy of its own leadership!

The path to the destruction of America is a blatantly open and incredibly convoluted road of false narratives masterminded by the left. We shall explore more of this perversion in Part II

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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