Roberts Court and Dissolution of Co-Equal Branches of Government

There is no solemnity, no refuge granted for our beleaguered citizenry from the daily invective, incompetence, and blatant abuse of our elected and appointed officials. America is the greatest country in the world and our citizens deserve better from our leaders  than what they are receiving.


Today’s atrocious decision by the Supreme Court is the final straw that attests our system of government is broken. The institutions of governance cannot be sustained if our leaders are void of virtue, honesty, and integrity. Those who swore an oath to the US Constitution must be held accountable to faithfully discharge and uphold their oaths of office. Americans are distressed that the collective government apparatus inside the echo chamber of Washington DC is indifferent and distant from working class America. No wonder Americans’ faith and trust in our governmental institutions remains at an all time low. It is obvious to this writer that Justice Roberts’ integrity and impartiality are questionable with his latest Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision. The harm he has forged into the legacy of the Supreme Court cannot be overstated, and his frightful decision adds salt to a hemorrhaging wound.

The Roberts Court has become an activist court willing to compromise their ethics to legislate from the bench. The statue’s wording, “established by state,” was clear and precise. Roberts twisted legal theory to achieve his politically desired goal. What a shame!

Americans are staggered in disbelief at Roberts’ atrocious decision. The duplicity of Chief Justice Roberts in his twisting mental gymnastics to rescue Obamacare, once again stokes the public outrage and growing distrust in what was the last bastion of institutional respectability. The hopes and expectations of justice by millions of American citizens have vanished.

The Roberts Court has turned markedly leftist and as such, this case is a terrible foretelling of future Supreme Court decisions to come that may obliterate individual liberties in support of government supremacy. This thought is chilling to every free patriot who has served the nation. Roberts’ stinging slap to the fabric of American jurisprudence paves a green light for Obama to terrorize and obfuscate his revolutionary agenda with continued lies, deception, and coercion. Obama must be scratching his head in bewilderment as the Supreme Court disregards not only his abuse of executive power but his in your face threats to the Supreme Court. Justice Roberts can only be viewed in the future as a political pawn whose judicial legacy will be destined to the trash heaps of history where he belongs.

In such a short time-frame of the Obama Administration, our American system of government appears to be incrementally dismantled by those elected and appointed to serve the public’s needs. Today, homage to liberal party loyalty surpasses even the national security interests of the United States.

Chief Justice Roberts and President Obama alone are to blame for the growing American discontent and apathy. Obama reached his revolution with the help of what appears to be highly corrupt political cronies such as Senator Reid, former Speaker Pelosi, and the DOJ’s “Democrats get a free out of jail card” door stopper, Eric Holder. Senator Reid changed the rules of the Senate to allow the most extreme, radicalized political cronies to be appointed as Federal Judges and to stack the judicial courts.

That said, in 2014 the national mood towards Obama and the extremism of the Progressive Democrat Party had boiled, and in the mid-season election, the wave of voters swept Democrats from Congress. The voters sent Republicans to stop the Obama agenda. Yet, Obama was extremely fortunate in the leadership of his opposition who, though talked with strength prior to the election never showed backbone after the election. The general public, expecting change in Washington, received nothing but token guarantees and insincere rhetoric. The failed leadership in Congress of Boehner and McConnell did not change even after the election. This time the Republican elected officials are not doing what the majority of citizens elected them to do.

Congressional Republican leadership feared the antagonist liberal press in bed with the Obama administration more than they desired to fight. In every single confrontation with Obama, the moderate Congressional leadership surrendered. Their only legitimate leverage against the Executive Branch, their, “power of the purse” was never seriously used. Obama, with the press and DOJ in his pocket never had to fear Republicans reprisals in Congress. Not only did the Republican leadership not possess backbone to fight Obama’s abuses of power, Boehner and McConnell took the fight to their own base to stifle their fight against Obama.

Afraid to lead on major issues, Boehner and McConnell passed the buck to the Supreme Court but Roberts’ decision has backfired on them, and America will soon become a single payer socialist healthcare system. How could this have happened when the nation is at war and our economic condition is in such peril? Instead of rolling back Obama’s revolution juggernaut, Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell betrayed their party on major issues to support Obama in cases such as sequestration, trade, and immigration, while attacking their own conservative members and removing some from Chairman Post.

No wonder polls today illustrate that a majority of the American public feels all our co-equal branches are broken or failed. With Roberts’ Supreme Court decision, Americans feel suppressed and assaulted by an ever increasing governmental apparatus. The Republican base is despondent, angry, and confused. We have been pushed into the desert by our own party and told to be quiet until the next election.

How could the character of American society change so dramatically in just a few years? Obama and his league of radical progressives effectively control all facets of government. In the remaining period of his Presidency, Obama will continue to have no viable opposition to his revolutionary goals now that he has effectively co-opted the Supreme Court.

The Obama American, fascist revolution marches onwards. Socialism thrives today undaunted by the Supreme Court or the Republican Party. Democrats may take great joy in the crazy, distorted opinion of the Supreme Court on Obamacare; but rest assured, the end result is calamitous for our country. Our public trust in our government institutions will continued to be eroded or marginalized; our guaranteed protections of liberty are now being diminished; our rich, American culture will continue to be besmirched as evil; the future prosperity of our children will become even more bleak; and our national security posture undaunted by reality leaves all Americans in peril. Marxism, Socialism, Fascism are not systems of government that benefit mankind. The Roberts Court may be the last nail in the coffin for America as a free society as they determined that Americans are chattel to the will of government.

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Colonel Steven B. Vitali USMC (Ret) - Military Affairs Writer - Colonel Vitali is a retired Marine Corps Colonel. He graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Master's Degree in Public Administration. Colonel Vitali joined the United States Marine Corps on 3 March 1973 and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in December 1976. He retired from the Marine Corps in July 2008. During Colonel Vitali's military career, he served in Afghanistan as the Senior Advisor to the 201st Afghan National Army Corps and served in Iraq as the Assistant Chief of Staff, Base Support Operations, II Marine Expeditionary Force Fwd.

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