The Supreme Court Prolongs Obamacare Fiasco

Once again proof that the federal government isn’t listening to the people nor is it practicing sound fiscal policy was reinforced Thursday morning as the announcement of the ruling came down. Voting 6-3 in favor of funding exchanges for the over 8 million Obamacare members was upheld even though our government had not been given legal authority to do so yet until the decision handed down today.


It makes no difference that nationalized health insurance at a promised budget of 940 billion over 10 years was an intended farce by the Democrats who did not even reveal the details of the bill until Nancy Pelosi stupidly mentioned that without passing the legislation we would never know what was in it! How idiotic of a lawmaker! it made no difference that the CBO later estimated the actual cost at triple the original estimate in just one decade! It made no difference that the president’s statements that you could keep your doctor, keep your health plan if you did not like the program, and that policy rates would reduce by 25% which proved to be a blatant lie, and still Obama is spewing these misrepresentations as this toxic law is rolled out.

Myth of feasibility

Next year the calculations will put Obamacare policy payments in the double digit increases for families already pressed hard by the cost of living, citizens who are barely hanging onto their jobs, and small businesses who will be forced to drop employee coverage and simply pay the IRS fines instead. These are the consequences of living under the rule of progressives who will stop at nothing to control every aspect of the public’s life wether voters want it or not. The GOP campaigning on stopping Obamacare, promising voters that executive amnesty would not succeed, instead capitulated with the complicit cooperation of co-conspiratorial merit.

The end of lawful conduct

It is a sad day when the foresight of the founding fathers who anticipated that there would be a day when the federal government had exceeded its authority and had ceased to be a lawful entity, that the day is upon us. Capitol Hill only rules to perpetuate itself with a nonexistent wisdom that endangers our society with a faulty misconception about currency manipulation, with no regard for the preference of a vast majority of citizens who don’t agree with being lied to and forced to submit to unjust authority!

The insanity goes on

On our border states such as California clinics and hospitals overrun by illegal aliens go bankrupt administering services that are not being paid for. Yet, Governor Brown stupidly approves more deficit spending to issue even more benefits to illegal aliens in the millions. The game in Washington is to buy votes in order to stay in power even if this idiotic concept bankrupts our monetary system! It takes 18 trillion annually to run the US government which easily surpasses the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) the accumulated financial output of all private industry in this country! But, let’s go ahead and tack another 3 trillion onto that number over the next 10 years with estimates that increases will continue over and above the estimate as a given!

Inevitable failure

Yet, in all this the incredible irony is that as with all social medicine the quality of care will degrade. The excellent system of specialists such as ear, nose, and throat doctors will be forced to retire or quit all together because the money will not be there to fund such exorbitant treatment.

A look at Communist or Socialist regimes will reveal that physicians from questionable medical schools from obscure regions will become the norm as the call for cutting costs will begin to drown out the reasons for ever fabricating this absurd concept of nationalized medicine made unaffordable by the inefficiency of the bureaucracy of big government that will squelch any semblance of rational business models.The private sector would exercise in coming up with a better product in a competitive market using innovation and cost effective management that does not exist in the bungling girth of big government!

Lawlessness prevails

Yet, the low information voter relies upon the lies of president and reassurances of the complicit mainstream media to consume the illusion of government sanctioned utopia. This is the sad realization of America under an new era of disinformation, blatant repudiation of fact, and the unlawful violation of US Constitutional compliance by the courts, by the Congress, and the executive branch of a federal government that like a beast that has escaped its cage has now proven that it can neither be trusted or controlled without the consent of the owner, and that should have been the citizens of the United States of America. Their voice was not heard nor was heeded. Our politicians have conveniently forgotten that they serve at the permission of the people who elected them. For now it seems that we have arrived at a foregone conclusion when the fools have succeeded!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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