The One Thing They Could Not Do To Charleston

In the aftermath of a tragedy that saw nine church goers senselessly cut down by a madman at the historic Emmanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston Carolina shook the tight knit community in a way that it has not known for a long time. However, in this terrible ordeal the people of the town did not allow the idiocy that we have seen flourish in Baltimore or Ferguson as acts of Christian forgiveness and togetherness smothered the race baiting and hate mongering that have caused looting, rioting, and arson in other black communities.

What didn’t happen

In a scene that left one MSNBC on the scene reporter choked up and in tears, the townspeople held hands and sang the Gospel as opposed to the riots and destruction seen in black communities where paid agitators, incompetent local mayors offices, and the media helped ignite the incidents into chaos! Instead, in the very darkest of hours when hearts were broken and loved ones would never see their family again thanks to a senseless murder, the love of Jesus shined through and compassion took priority over the hatred that the media, opportunistic liberal politicians, and such hate mongers as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and President Obama would have been more than happy to exploit. Not on this solemn occasion!


In the last six years the Obama Administration has sought to use each and every episode of inner cities murders regardless of who was at fault as an opportunity to inject racism and to create unrest either by making inflammatory statements as did President Obama and Al Sharpton, or to use their influence to pressure city leaders into allowing looters and arsonists to destroy city and private property even setting police cars on fire to supposedly allow the so-called beleaguered black community to blow off some steam. In Charleston, South Carolina that was not going to be the scenario as God and the hearts of a faithful community prevailed.

What a Christian community did

Transcending the boundaries of human frailty and the hatred of bigotry as well as the fires stoked by the left whenever possible, the good Christian citizens of Charleston, both black and white, united in an incredible demonstration of what love and God’s blessings are capable of doing in a potentially incendiary situation. Healing came at this terrible time when America is in the grip of social unrest and government that would rather promote unrest as opposed to trying to suppress hatred and observe due process of law.

The floundering left

What is the leftist response to the Charleston shooting? Get rid of the Confederate flag? Hillary Clinton giving a speech on how racist America still is while she lives in her affluent gated community and is chauffeured around in the lap of luxury? President Barack Obama uses the “N” word in the course of a comedian’s blog, and tells us what a bigoted nation we still are! Wow, thanks for those words of reassurance Mister President. You sure know how to snuff out the flames of racial tension! Of course, take away our guns too! Let us all be defenseless when in harm’s way while only the criminals are armed!

The beginning of the end

Prior to the inauguration of President Obama, racial strife was fairly quiet and uneventful, but it began suddenly with a vengeance once a friend of the president’s was apprehended by a Cambridge policeman because he appeared to be breaking into a house in a neighborhood that had been reporting burglary thefts. The officer was doing his job to investigate, but was verbally abused by the professor for checking into a report of an attempted break in when the man had locked himself out of his house. The president began his prelude into the race baiting game when publicly announcing that the, “police had acted stupidly.” So was the first shot fired in the White House’s determined mission to fan the flames of racist allegations in America while castrating police forces acrpss the nation. It Ended in a “Beer Summit”, how diplomatic.

Favorable outcome

Happily, all efforts to capitalize in Charleston failed. For once local authorities, the media, and the federal government simply could not surmount the faith of God and a community united in the love of a creator they prayed and sang to in their darkest hour refusing to give into the insanity that has engulfed many cities this year. Sorry, Mister President, but the opportunity to fundamentally transform Charleston into one of your models for racially charged social unrest never materialized!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. Main stream media can deny it all they want but they are guilty of perpetuating these mass murder events by supplying the how to knowledge and by the constant repetition of the same story for months on end. To sum it up it’s like advertising a product.

    Initially I thought it was another cowardly attack on Christians only this time on American soil. Lots of that going on these days. I assumed they were above average “Christians” as in missionary types due to the fact that they were in church on a weekday. All I initially heard was something to the effect of 8 or 9 people were massacred in a church in Charleston. At that point I turned off whatever it was I had on. I’ve gotten tired (over burdened) of hearing the media mindlessly ramble on and on about these ordeals for ratings and while pointing their fingers at every factless fantacy to satisfy their political causes, too. Defending or seeking justice for massacred Christians doesn’t fit their agenda and never will unless they can use victims for political leverage!

    Eventually I learn that the victims were black people. Was the killer ONLY able to find black people in a church in Charleston? Is there a shortage of black people in Charleston? No. He could have carried this out against blacks anywhere in Charleston even out on the streets point blank or via drive by method.

    As far as I’m concerned the victims are fellow Christians/Believers.

    SMC in SC

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