Gun Control Again Mister President In The Wake of Charleston Tragedy?

It is not enough that this nation as well as the town of Charleston must endure yet another meaningless mass murder, but once again our president uses this opportunity to push his gun control agenda! There is every reason to mourn the deaths of the innocent, but to generalize that America is a nation of bigotry due to the actions of a few, to campaign for gun control, or to say that other modern sophisticated societies that have prohibited gun ownership have not had mass killings is not only a lie but the very epitome of how the left thinks!

The pattern of hatred

When Roof requested who the pastor of the congregation was, sat next to him for an hour during church services, and then began gunning down members of the church not only demonstrates a hate crime but that this was also directed against Christians. Just as the killings at Columbine and Aurora that were carried out by the typically disturbed lone gunmen scenario, Roof appears to be another in what appears to be a disturbing trend. However, these killings do not come close to the appalling frequency of murders committed by blacks on black Americans in this country in such cities as Baltimore, Chicago, or New York City policed by multi-racial police departments.

Audacity of shamelessness

All the time that President Obama was speaking in the aftermath of this unspeakable crime and calling for the banishment of guns in the hands of the public little did he bother to inform the US public that he just released another 65 thousand violent illegal alien criminals back into the general population. Five thousand were set free in Arizona alone. Already 121 acts of violent crime have been committed in California. Yet, the media refuses to report this fact. They refuse to correlate the hypocrisy of a president who would advocated disarming the American public while allowing murderers, armed robbers, and rapists to be poured back into our society so that we American citizens will be sitting ducks for the designs of those not only lawless enough to trespass across our border and rob, kill, and rape innocent US citizens governed by a regime that refuses to guard us and even has the audacity to release these monsters back among our midst!

Unveiling true evil

What kind of president is this that would endanger the American people by allowing criminals back into our society, advocated disarming us, and use the occasion of a terrible tragedy in order to pander his destructive agenda? When will the people wake up and realize that this president and his administration have no vested interest in the welfare of the citizens of this nation only their ideological ambition which takes priority over anything that even resembles the safety or protection of the public at large. Should President Obama succeed in his madman’s vision America will be enveloped in a wave of crime perpetrated by his executive amnesty agenda carried out by ruthless illegal alien criminals, who are free to impose their violent designs upon unarmed citizens awaiting the arrival of police departments that are now reticent to respond due to the government’s support of violent criminals and thugs, repeat offenders that can get away with police brutality charges.

The emperor without clothes

What kind of evil could not possibly be ignored or condoned by a president who would sanction suppressing our police in favor of rioters, looters, drug dealers, advocate gun control, and use a tragic occasion in which to further advertise his faulty agenda? How much more destructive can a leader of any nation be? Charleston is not the typical status of race relations within America, but left up to the opportunistic US media and a president who unexposed and who is secretly allowing the release of violent criminal foreigners from detainment into our unsuspecting society is as despicable an act as any mass murder!

Bloodshed that could have been averted

Mister President, I submit to you that you have blood on your hands in so many incidents that you have directly or indirectly sanctioned as you speak to Americans like the rock star celebrity that you think you are, I sincerely hope that you are brought to justice! The presidency is no place or pulpit for a leftist radical to use in order to propagate the philosophy of our enemies and a diametrically opposed ideology to the original intentions of our forefathers who were the architects of the greatest nation ever to exist on the face of this earth as this White House violates that legacy at every possible opportunity!

The obvious truth ignored

Remember that Charlie Hebdu, Norway in which 69 people died with 110 were wounded, the terrorist wave in Europe, and many other well known mass killings were all committed in gun controlled societies. If one of the members of the historic church in Charleston, South Carolina had been carrying a side arm, the tragedy might have been prevented. However, this fact will be conveniently overlooked by our Obama White House coddling media! Gun free zones will continue to be targets of opportunity for killers. Well planned mass murders by criminals who will always be able to obtain black market arsenals will never be prevented by disarming a society and violating our 2nd Amendment rights.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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