Ignorance Of The Electorate Washington’s Strength

One might ponder just why politics at the nation’s capital are so contrary to the good of the people and our country. They might possibly stop in the midst of their favorite reality TV show, or video game and wonder why taxes are so high, why the media seems to defend terrorist actions, why President Obama seems determined to accommodate everyone but American citizens, and why the economy seems bad while we are told by the federal government that we are in a recovery? For that one moment of frustration one of the many self involved subjects of the ruling class raises its sheep head before lowering it to graze again.


For the others who are searching mildly for some kind of explanation there is the US mainstream media. Upon his retirement recently Bob Scheifer, veteran news anchor, admitted that the US media decides what news content they will present to the public. They will decide what news to report. They will arrogantly decide for us what opinions we should have. If you have ever looked at stories run by the BBC or the Daily Mail you will see a stark difference in news content and meaningful subject matter. in the US headlines you will see Caitlin Jenner getting a courage reward for a sex change, another policeman prosecuted for doing his job because he has to be a racist even when being attacked by thugs, or perhaps another fake scientific data finding on climate change.


The Daily Mail may give you first hand reporting on Hillary Clinton staging mock public meetings under controlled access while denying pool reporters known for digging for the facts coverage of her staged antics epitomizing the new definition of transparency under the White House. The BBC may have an in depth article on the complexity of the war on terrorism and that Morsi, a friend of Hillary Clinton, and supported by President Obama is going to be executed for heading a Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt after our own government aided in the overthrow of Mubarak, a US allie.

The way it works

In all this the contrast in news content and subject matter covered is only the tip of the iceberg as our government continues at break neck speed undermining the interests of its own citizens with destructive legislation. The deals are cut, the pockets are lined, and the false narratives are broadcast while the pigs fight among themselves. This is the general elitist attitude of many office holders of the Democrats as well as GOP leaders. All as the electorate sleeps.

Mystery trade agreement

John Boehner tells us that fast tracking the Pacific Rim Agreement for Asian markets is good for America. Allowing President Obama the power to make treaties with foreign nations with little chance of Congressional review is good according to the Speaker of the House. Question. If the deal is so good why was it sequestered secretly in an office with limited access and a gag order imposed on whatever Senator or Congressman chanced to read it? Why? Ask yourself if John Boehner has done anything to oppose President Obama and actually win. The only thing Boehner can do is talk tough and kiss Nancy Pelosi in front of the House of Representatives.

Fiscal insanity

As Donald Trump pointed out, China now owns more than a trillion dollars in US debt and so does Japan, purchased in the form of US Treasury Bonds. In turn, the US government repays both nations among others millions each day in interest. This is an insane formula that is bound to cause a major monetary crisis but remember rule number one, the American citizen is the least of the Obama Administration’s worries. Do the voters know? Do the voters care? Just throw them some false narratives like ” Republicans deny women’s rights” yes, the right to medically murder a baby in the womb in a clinic that can’t even pass a health inspection. This is the left’s definition of women exercising their rights.
Threatening public safety

So the electorate rally around such narratives led by the US media who continually supports the White House no matter how idiotic their actions are such as allowing Ebola patients from West Africa to arrive here when adequate facilities were not even prepared instead of simply adopting effective quarantine procedures. Who needs logic? Who needs rationality when we have the assurances of President Obama. Yes, this is what the ignorant electorate wants. To simply be reassured when there is no assurance at all. The lie takes precedent over the truth just repeat the lie over and over again and the lemmings will believe you! Just ask Joseph Goebbels and the Nazis. Worked for them, didn’t it?

Over cartoons

Just ask Pamela Geller who now must employ a large security detail to keep from being murdered by Islamo fascists because she held a cartoon contest. Yet, reporters at MSNBC accused her of being at fault for acting within her First Amendment Constitutional rights. Ask the elderly couple who ran a bakery and because of their Christian faith told a gay couple they could not bake a wedding cake as it violated their faith. That couple has lost their business and have to pay fines to the State Attorney General because a 1% minority has the political clout to force the other 99% to submit to threats of legal action.


When more than 7 million Californians voted against Gay marriage under Proposition 8 twice all it took was a Gay federal judge to intervene in state’s rights and force the vast majority to knuckle under to those who would rather impose their will then co-exist, people who demonstrated no threat, but simply do not believe in redefining human sexuality and traditional marriage bullied into submission by out of control big government. The electorate ignorant of their rights will accept bullying, but worst of all will also make the wrong choice again and again by refusing to face the facts just as the black community in America has with their Democratic Party leadership. Playing the victim and trusting the Democrats has brought nothing but decades of unemployment, destruction of the black family, and dependence on big government to create stagnation rather than self sufficiency.

They are counting on you

Washington depends upon the ignorance and apathy of the electorate. They will perpetuate the big sell off of America as long as they can until it all collapses and ends up on the junk pile heap of history, another failed empire due to internal corruption and moral decay. Obama will continue to fiddle as Rome burns. Hillary Clinton will continue to buy influence from our enemies and nation states that treat women worse than cattle while the former Secretary of State who lied about Benghazi claims to stand for feminine rights. The ignorant electorate will once again drift off into a lazy nap once more unfettered with the growing state of chaos on our streets, along our borders, in regions of the world where our foreign policy has failed, and in our homes were job scarcity is taking its toll.

Rule number 1

Yes my friends, Washington DC is counting on you not to be informed, not to cast a vote for a politician with integrity, not to think through just who is really responsible and why. The US media will tell you to laugh at Ted Cruz for giving you perfectly good reasons for ending the IRS. The Democrats will tell you that Christians, conservatives, and Tea Party members are off the rails, when they are better educated and more successful than their liberal counterparts, why? Once again, rule number one, just keep referring to it as you try to make sense of the ongoing failures in our society as the ignorance of the electorate shines through each and every time Americans are duped again into supporting self defeating legislation. Don’t ask why. You already know the answer!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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