Casualties Of A Radicalized America

It is quite disconcerting when a businessman from mainland China who has done quite well for himself here in the US makes the comment, “my family left China for exactly the reasons that I am seeing here now in America.” In fact, that statement is startling. As a matter of fact, this man knew more about the US Constitution than most Americans would or have been taught in public schools. Why, because his family studied the laws of America and its Constitution and knew that this differentiated greatly from the Communist China that they literally sought sanctuary from. Yet, it takes a person deprived of their freedoms to appreciate what America has and what it is losing. But, what is wrong in America when Americans cannot understand what they are losing?

Beyond reason

The answer to questions like this and more can be found in the radicalization of America and all the lies, the institutionalized actions, and treason that comes with it. When federal employees are lectured about our founding fathers they’re not getting the truth. Those who literally had to fight a guerrilla war against the British Army under King George so that the 13 Colonies could be freed from taxation without representation and over regulation they faced losing everything they owned and their lives as well. As a matter of fact, when the Declaration of Independence was drafted and the US Constitution was signed by our founders, many of them lost everything because they were willing to stand up to tyranny. They believed enough in their cause to sacrifice in order that future generations of Americans would not only have the guarantees of inalienable rights, but that out of control government would not be allowed to intervene in their lives.

Era of cowardice

Just think of the contrast between that era and today. When Pamela Geller held a cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, a private affair, not open to the general public, two Islamic fascist killers attempted to invade a party of two hundred men, women, and children to slaughter them, they were met by 2 policemen with only hand guns to defend against assault rifles, and were dispatched. Shot in the head as they deserved. What was the response of the Mayor of Garland, Texas? He announced that from now on his city will be Sharia compliant! Capitulation, self silencing, surrender to the enemy, all the very back bone of the liberal agenda. Why was Pam Geller criticized by the main stream media for exercising her first amendment rights? Now ISIS has a price on Pam’s head and are calling for their brain damaged followers within our midst to behead this woman!

New landscape of the lie

With police departments across America presently under attack by race baiting thugs and the liberal left we have the likes of President Obama, Al Sharpton, Mayors of major US cities, and now such prosecutors as Marilyn Mosby of Baltimore, who did not even know that a supposed victim of police brutality had in his possession a knife that was outlawed by city statute, who are persecuting officers of the law for the performance of their duties. Rioters who have injured policeman, looters who have stolen from business owners, and shooters who have targeted our police forces are now emboldened due to the implied sanction of non-prosecution by Democrat leadership from the oval office down to the city level! Yuri, Bezmenov, former Soviet KGB agent, pointed out long ago to American audiences that creating chaos within a society was just one of many methodical steps in taking down a nation.

Surrealism of political correctness

The reality of today is a juxtaposed modern day existence of insanity where the federal government that should be upholding our US Constitution instead is acting just as oppressive as the very King George of England monarchy that hanged many a colonial patriot and burned down the estates of those authors of the founding documents that have given future Americans their freedoms and liberties paid for by the blood of the Continental Army. Yet, much as today, there were still loyalists who did not want to secede from England. They were still subjects of the King who were perfectly willing to go on living under the tyranny of Great Britain and the most powerful army in the world at that time. They preferred to be the peasants of their rulers much as many in our present day society choose to be now.

Distorting reality

When federal employees are briefed during training sessions they have reported that our founding fathers were characterized as being terrorists and criminals who ordered the assassinations of British officials. What about the heroism that led to our independence? Our government today equivocates our church leaders as extremists and tax cheats. Our war veterans are denied decent medical attention by the VA while our White House sanctioned free education for illegal immigrants. As clinics and hospitals go bankrupt in California forced into treating illegal aliens from Mexico who do not pay for their services, the Obama administration makes sure that any foreigner trespassing on our soil who is transgender will get their expensive hormonal treatments!

Anatomy of chaos

The insanity of the left has risen to levels within our society that are causing disruption and tension. Generally accepted standards of ethical conduct and moral behavior have morphed into the rationale of allowing criminal illegal aliens to be released from the ICE back into the general population, of placing hundreds of thousands of hostile foreign groups such as the Somalis, who refused to peacefully co-exist with other refugee groups into undisclosed locations in America funded by taxpayers and transported across our borders by the DHS! These kinds of actions epitomize a federal government that is not only out of control, but that is destroying our country.

Part II will be coming soon.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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