Obama’s Fast Track To Trans Pacific Agreement Fails!

As has been the case in President Obama’s quest for his legacy another of his bad ideas was defeated by no other than Democrats who realized that the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement would lead to the loss of jobs for American citizens. Little in Mr. Obama’s agenda over his legacy has involved anything good for the American citizen. One might recall Bill Clinton’s tireless efforts to get the NAFTA legislation ratified which is estimated to have cost more than 940 thousand US jobs.

Strange bed fellows

Ironically Republican leaders, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell advocated the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement demonstrating once again just how compromised the GOP establishment has become on Capitol Hill. Refusing to act as a functional opposition party that supports the US Constitution and conservative policy, the Republicans have capitulated time and again toward President Obama’s destructive assault on America’s institutions. Strangely, it was the Democrats who in tandem with labor union wishes, refused to the president the necessary votes to approve Obamatrade.

Anatomy of a bad bill

The Trans Pacific Trade Agreement would have co-opted US Constitutional authority by allowing the federal and state government to come under United Nation regulation. Under this perverted agreement many corporate groups in America would have benefited from cheap labor brought from abroad in the form of foreign workers who were not citizens yet were given work permits, driver’s licenses, and other benefits earned by Americans only they would be working for a fraction of the price that US workers would have to be paid. Massive layoffs would no doubt have resulted as cheap foreign labor poured in.

Recalling another attempt at vain legacy

One might recall the consequences of another of President Obama’s quests for his legacy in the form of executive amnesty which also would have allowed a huge influx of cheap foreign labor at the expense of an already dwindling job market for the American worker as out sourcing continues thanks to EPA restrictions that have forced corporations such as Intel to seek other jurisdictions where they can open new plants cost effectively. President Obama’s legacy stems from victimizing US citizens as he sanctions the use of executive powers to punish this nation as he bypasses Congress to enact legislation that gives advantages to illegal immigrants regardless if it costs Americans their jobs, allows corporate America to profit more heavily from cheap labor, and even endangers US citizens by refusing to screen illegals for criminal convictions or contagious disease.

Intended consequences

The consequences to the American citizen under the imprint of the Obama legacy matters little to this president as his ego is much more important than the oath of office that he took along with his duty to protect the US Constitution. Equally disconcerting is the fact that through out the last 6 years the Republicans have done as little as they possibly could to stand in the way of the White House scandals, over spending, dangerous foreign policy, and idiotic handling of national security.

A happy ending?

The president already has a legacy that can be compared to none but that of Jimmy Carter when it comes to economic failure and reducing the prosperity of America by detracting US prestige both abroad and at home. His legacy will be that of the most destructive oval office executive ever to inhabit the White House and compromise American interests. For once we can breath a little easier as an unlikely savior came to the aid of the beleagured American worker in the form of the Democratic Party.

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