Trans Pacific Trade Agreement Scandal

Like so many other issues and scandals and points of contention that float endlessly through the ether comes yet another of the Obama Administration’s transparent lies. The Trans Pacific Trade Agreement secretly located in a guarded room in a remote section of the White House where members of Congress or the Senate can only view the document by signing in, reading the voluminous pages, checking out with the security officer and remaining under oath not to speak in public about it, is the new definition of transparency.

A senator weighs in

Jeff Sessions viewed the document and dared make his statements known. According to the agreement that Democrats as well as unions are opposed to contains serious flaws and unconstitutional treaty violations that would give the president even more power to circumvent Congress and make unilateral decisions affecting millions of people and their livelihoods. Allowing international restrictions on federal and state levels that would pertain to trade and employment is one of many concerns. Already, Disney has dismissed 250 American employees to hire foreign workers shipped in from overseas who would work for a pittance compared to their counterparts and even forced those citizens working for the entertainment giant to train those illegally taking their places. Incidents like this will become the norm if the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement is unleashed.

Transparency wrong definition

Senator Sessions after reviewing the agreement sequestered in secrecy from the American people concludes that this piece of legislation would reward the interests of other competing nations while putting the US at a trade disadvantage. Obama, the globalist, ever thinking of the interests of all but American citizens calls upon the Congress to pass yet another bill that is not fully disclosed, hides from the light of day behind locked door, and apparently is so controversial that it cannot be divulged to the general public. At a time when current employment levels in today’s economy go back to 1978 America can ill afford to be saddled with yet another law that will inhibit work opportunities for American citizens who are barely hanging on as it is.

Wake up call

Predictably our president has little concern for the citizens who make up this nation, work hard, and are forced to endure the insanity of the current White House. If America can survive the remaining months that this president continues in office it will be miracle enough, but perhaps a hard lesson that the general public was needed to remind them that when you take your eye off the ball, when you try to drive with your eyes closed, that you’re going to hit something, but that’s the way it goes!

Ongoing battle

There has long been an undercurrent of sabotage going on unbeknownst to the people of America. A struggle to bring America unconstitutionally and illegally under UN control has is being waged. The Islamists want to put us under Sharia Law, the White House wants to allow the United Nations to have control over our waterways, mineral resources, and federal land under the guise of conservancy, not even allowing US Naval submarines to patrol our coastline. The Trans Pacific Trade Agreement comes from the same oppressive mold, and if it is allowed to be fast tracked this nation will further teeter past the point of no return!

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