Loving Parenting An Unfair Advantage?

According to Professor Adam Swift who was quoted by ABC in the UK in a recent article, good parenting may lead to an unfair advantage when compared to the underprivileged. If you read to your kids before they go to bed chances are they will be more intelligent and well adjusted according to child psychologists. Thus, Professor Swift points out that this presents an unfair advantage to the poor and abandoned children of the world.

Under the guise of intellect

Professor Adam Swift is considered an authority on liberalism and social justice. He has held tenure in Oxford, MIT, and a host of other distinguished universities. As a matter of fact his specialty is egalitarian liberalism and its sociological impact. Now is this really a serious article that came out in ABC in Great Britain? Could it be that a purveyor of progressive propaganda is actually going to advocate against quality child care? Amazingly yes!

The controllers

This insight into the mind of a dedicated liberal epitomizes just how far the left will go to abolish societal tradition and family intimacy by disruption of the child and parent relationship by ascertaining that we must not build strong emotional bonds or develop our children’s minds because that might just make our child superior to a less fortunate kid. Isn’t that an incredible way to analyze social problems and come up with an alternative? Swift feels that the government should step in and introduce some alternative behavior more likely to level the playing field between the haves and the have nots!

The new reality

Furthermore progressive researchers are now declaring that poor conditions actually cause DNA damage to those who exist on the low scale of the socioeconomic level. According to the findings the telamorase or the end of the DNA molecule become damaged and do not replicate themselves properly therefore causing mutations or disease. These findings should further add to the argument of the left that rather than improve the conditions of these unfortunate people it would be better for government simply to come in and level the playing field by penalizing the rich and middle class so that everyone is at comparable levels of poverty. This would be achieved through wealth distribution and we all know how well that works.

Contaminating young minds

it seems that the statist agenda which prescribes big government intervention into any social issue interjecting pseudo science and false narratives has been institutionalized at the college campus level so that the young and inexperienced minds of those fresh out of high school can be convinced that lower standards of prosperity, more taxation, and the building of a gigantic welfare state is not only acceptable, but the responsibility of the individual who has no inalienable rights and must rely upon government to grant him or her their freedom.

Education’s true agenda

Instead of objective reality, our politically motivated educators would instill the kind of rhetoric that engineers our society into a communist role model dictated by the state. We can think the likes of John Dewey who believed that the mind of a child was best molded in the classroom by the government into the kind of citizen it wanted. This kind of totalitarian thinking is still canonized by educators today who would introduce homosexuality as a required class at the middle school level despite protests by parents. Teaching elementary students how to use contraceptives is another brain child of our educators under tenets of the NEA, a federally funded public educational policy agency who celebrated the birthday of Chairman Mao, a man responsible for liquidating millions during the “Cultural Revolution” in mainland China.

When no one had prosperity

It was not but a few short decades ago that the majority of Americans and all other cultures on the face of the earth were living primarily in various states of poverty during the “Great Depression”. The majority of the populations lived in rural settings and existed on agricultural occupations. They were forced to be self reliant. They were forced to work hard. They lived under the stress of having little and worrying about where the next meal was coming from or how long they might have a household. Under these conditions some of our greatest achievers rose in industry, science, medicine, and other fields determined to succeed and determined to improve the quality of life for others like themselves.

The way it was

There was no political agenda to make everyone poorer, to despise success, to use class warfare as a means of equalizing social inequity. Yet, the left continually calls upon us to sacrifice so that big government can tell us how to live, how to think, while elevating the undeserving who have not earned the right for assistance because there is a political agenda involved and that is to indoctrinate and bribe those in the welfare state to vote for the collectivists in order to keep them in power! President Obama continually drives home the point that if you are affluent or rich you are lucky and over privileged and you must be taking advantage of the poor in order to be living this lifestyle. Therefore, you must suffer through government sanctioned measures such as higher taxes, more regulations, more laws that hinder your personal freedoms so that the poor can live in a deficit induced welfare state in a state created utopia!

Building the perfect prison

In order to achieve this goal of egalitarianism liberalism it requires a fascist state, arrogant enough, disingenuous enough, and deceptive enough to drive home its agenda! This means sacrificing the individual freedoms of each man, woman, and child so they can be forced to kneel at the altar of state enforced compliance and regulation so that all will be pushed into the acceptable definition of government sponsored utopianism. Using the charismatic cult of personality to deliver the message to the sheep while force feeding them to the whim of big government is the ultimate motive of this social paradigm that so many are blindly and willingly coming to accept as they feed off the crumbs given to them by the federal government in the form of food stamps, welfare, and other forms of assistance funded by the over taxed citizens of the dwindling middle class.

The ultimate goal

The end result to the great society born from the deficit spending of the Johnson Administration in 1964 would spawn decades of black Americans dependent upon the federal government along with those who found it easier to live off subsistence than utilize personal initiative. Ultimately, what will the cumulative effects be? Lowered grades in school, less attendance, more depravity, more mental health issues, more violence, more social unrest, as a result of the social engineering of the federal government. As personal land ownership disappears and only the rich or well connected with the upper echelons of government can afford to own their own home or rural real estate, we will see the UN inspired restrictions upon life as we in America know it as our government narrows the gap between the impoverished third world and US society under the designs of the egalitarian left.

The final frontier

In a nutshell let us sacrifice the love and care that we bestow upon our children under the advice of these false prophet messiahs of philosophy who advocate dehumanizing the family unit while making big government into the god who rules over us! Yes, how wonderful, no need for us to worry anymore as we brow beat and assassinate the character of those who don’t buy into the delusion we sold out to. How easy that is. Let us flock to the consensus of government sanctioned vision and persecute the achievers, the inventors, the advocates of liberty, those who worship God, who don’t want to be in the trap that we, the sheep, fell for. For they are now the minority to be despised and ostracized from our midst because we are a lot more comfortable when everyone conforms and no one has to think and be accountable!At last social equilibrium! Liberal egalitarianism! Yes!

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