Fabricating A Presidential Family Part I

In order to create a beloved leader whom the masses can be charismatically seduced by as their freedoms evaporate under unfair and ideological rule, a cult of personality must be created. Every Communist and fascist regime in history has used the media, falsehoods about the leader’s attributes, and even the alteration of the person’s past in order that a perfect illusion of personal circumstance and leadership capability is instilled in the mind of the public. Yet, in reality these cult of personalities such as Mao, Hitler, Stalin, and Castro were some of the most ruthless despots in history responsible for the deaths of millions.

A mass murdering ruler

Stalin was painted as having a strong but “Papa” like persona even though his immediate generals and intelligence officers feared him to the point of paranoia, and for good reason. It is said that the prolific excesses of liquidations perpetrated against Stalin’s enemies real or imagined were legendary in the sheer weight of numbers. Hitler is said to have learned the horrid art of genocide from Stalin and the millions he buried in the Russian “Motherland”.

Conquest on a stage

Hitler was once called the world’s first rock star according to a rock star himself, David Bowie. Hitler was a great orator who inspired embittered Germans to rise up against a Europe that they thought had caused them much suffering in post World War I years of reparations imposed by western allies. Hitler gave the German people pride and hope for the future instilling a strong sense of nationalism while targeting Jews as the culprits who caused their financial woes. Unfortunately, it worked.

The mask of power

Mao Zhedong rose to power by vilifying the Chiang Kai Chek’s Nationalist Party in post World War II China after the devastation of Japanese occupation. By promising the Chinese people reform under a Communist revolution millions died who ran afoul of the Red Party. Much like the Nazis, Mao’s revolutionaries indoctrinated children into reporting their own parents to the authorities if they disapproved in private of Mao’s policies.

Tiger’s don’t change their stripes

Castro initially presenting himself as a liberator against the Batista government proclaimed he was not a Communist to the world. Yet, from the purges, executions, and exiles of former government officials, military personnel, and even competing rebel groups Fidel Castro quickly eliminated all rivals and began government seizure of billions in privately owned property.Even though his family owned sugar cane plantations he presented himself to the public as a common man of humble beginnings to win their support.

Redefining a party

Since the Democratic Party has been co-opted by socialism and a Saul Alinsky inspired strategy that anything can be rationalized from lies to character assassination as a means to an end if the objective is achieved, we see many similarities between the Obama White House and tyrannical regimes of the past. Junior Senator Barack Hussein Obama and his marriage to Michelle have a murky past with questionable beginnings and obviously photo shopped family photos.

Creating the illusion

America being a more sophisticated and modern society would require more of a public relations effort in cultivating an image that would instill a sense of admiration among voters and a departure from the current dissatisfaction over government policy was needed. Much as the rulers of the past, Barack Hussein Obama had to be groomed for the position and according to many who have researched his sketchy and controversial past, a family background had to literally be fabricated for public consumption.

A question of identity

The birth certificate controversy began almost immediately and was never truly dispelled with solid evidence presented. The state of Hawaii refused to release an official copy, the Democratic Party used sketchy credentials to grant Obama acceptance as their presidential candidate, and the job of building an image by his handlers was being crafted.

In whose words?

Two books that were supposedly written by Barack Obama were suspected to have been ghost authored by Bill Ayers, a convicted domestic terrorist who had bombed federal property and wounded a federal judge’s son in the process. The junior Senator had his personal, academic, and health records locked down at the institutions that he had allegedly attended. Witnesses who were interviewed who had attended classes during the dates claimed by Barack Obama never remembered seeing him in class or on campus.

Cloud over Flotus

Michelle Obama as well has an unclear past devoid of records that have not been unearthed, a strange lack of photos detailing her pregnancy during the birth of her two daughters. Once again several photographic experts have noted and pointed out anomalies in photos that depict the kind of peculiarities that occur from inserting an image of a person in a completely different frame from another time and physical location. Their arguments are numerous and impressive.

Distinguishing character flaw

Junior Senator Obama’s promises of transparency and reform quickly proved to be only the beginning of a continuing pattern of lies and deception that characterize his administration. Eyves Smith, of Naked Capitalism stated that President Obama’s lies go far beyond the typical contradictions and broken promises of the typical newly elected politician. According to her and many others, President Obama’s only prolific achievement is the fact that the staggering volume of his lies far exceed any other executive in the oval office in American history.

The process

In all this body of convicting evidence that stands as a testament to the monumental effort that it takes for the fabrication of a personality’s background so that those using this figure head as the face of the beast that infiltrates the government and transforms that society through the ruthless means to an end required to obtain a soft coup is carried out under the nose of the public. The treason required for such acts is well hidden but is greatly aided by the ignorance of the electorate and the useful idiots easily manipulated into their roles.

Deadly implications

Volumes of evidence are there for the taking. Witness testimony from even Hillary’s camp as to the brutal tactics used by the Obama camp to intimidate those working in her own campaign. Death threats against her daughter, Chelsea, being leveled at husband Bill after he implied that he would blow the whistle on the nonexistence of Obama’s birth certificate are but one of many nuances in a war of deception waged against America and its people under the Obama administration.

More to come in Part II

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