The Role of Government Part II

Seldom will you ever hear a politician on Capitol Hill admit that he is a servant of the people. Our present federal government has forgotten its role in governing America. Rule differs from governance, but Washington does not make that distinction. Washington DC tells us that it can solve all the problems, that it knows better than we do, that sexual promiscuity and deviation are great celebrations of diversity, that allowing criminals across our borders and paying them with US tax dollars is a humanitarian practice while allowing millions of abortions a year is simply women’s rights issue.

Slow decay

The role of government in America has drastically changed over recent years with the hypocrisy of political correctness we can rationalize just about anything. Right and wrong become negotiable as our US Attorney General moves to release convicted criminals into the general population and we try to convict our own police in the performance of their duty. The federal government prosecutes States for enforcing federal immigration laws because the federal government will not do it, and the ICE is ordered by President Obama to release convicted criminal illegal aliens back into America society without deportation!

Can’t hide the truth

As the US economy sags and federal statistics are released that are literally lies about a supposed economic recovery with 93 million Americans unemployed, once again we look to the role of government and wonder just what that role really is. With a labor participation rate that is at 1978 levels, with orders for durable goods down for six months in a row, with one hundred thousand less small business start ups this year as compared to previous years, our President is issuing amnesty to millions more illegal aliens, granting them subsidy and work permits! How does this help the US citizen who cannot find work?

Failing the citizens

While illegal aliens are issued work permits and drivers licenses, US citizens have to wait extended periods of time for the Visas they have earned as being lawful participants in our society. Yet, responsible citizens are forced to the back of the line so that the government can expedite illegal aliens of questionable origin and crime status who will be eligible for welfare, health services, food stamps, employment, and drivers rights at the cost of more deficit spending to a weakening US dollar. The insanity never stops under the Obama White House.

Tipping the scales of the electorate

With this kind of counterproductive legislation designed to transform the demographics of American voters into automatic Democrat supporters it’s easy to see that President Obama and his party have only one interest, and that’s staying in power, not what’s best for US citizens! What is the role of government in America when this administration consistently churns out destructive legislation that contradicts the needs of its own citizenship? Yet, this dereliction of duty seems poised at the deliberate destruction of our society under the historic methodology of Marxist overthrows that have proven not only catastrophic, but have doomed cultures to decades of poverty and self deluded despotic rule!

Controlling the beast

What is the role of government and why should it be controlled and kept small? For one thing, government creates nothing. It taxes, it confiscates revenue, it restrains economic growth with questionable regulation, it increases the cost of goods to the consumer, and why? To perpetuate itself, its officials, its infrastructure, regardless of the cost to the tax payer. Government agencies never run cost effectively because they are a monopoly they do not have to compete in a market environment. Drunken with their own power, our supposed leaders prolong their tenure in office so they can profit while selling out the interests of their fellow countrymen. The intoxication that comes with it illustrates the failing of human nature and exactly why the church must be a part of the government, yet the latest obsession of our bureaucrats has been to push out morality from within the chambers of the Senate, the courts, and Congress.

The rule of law

The role of government is to protect the rights of its citizens, to comply with its very own Constitution so that it never oversteps the boundaries of individual rights and freedoms. This is not the what we are witnessing in this day and age as the Obama White House carries out one scandal after another and demonstrates its ambivalence to the rule of law as apathetic citizens refuse to act, as appointees continue their laughable acts of treason, and our elected officials make promises they know they will never keep. A nation that rose to prominence in record time, used benevolent influence toward its allies and the world, and helped change the standard of living through out the world over human rights and quality of life is collapsing from within.

The ultimate motive

America has not been torn asunder by her enemies as much as the very federal government that was supposed to serve and protect the people. Capitol Hill now maintains an illusion of governance under implied respect for individual rights, but those rights are now reserved for terrorists coming across our borders unfettered by security, by illegals who have not earned the rights that our President would give them, by looters who riot whenever the political climate allows them to capitalize knowing they will not be prosecuted as Democrat mayors order their police departments to stand down, and all this orchestrated by a federal government that has forgotten its role in our nation and substituted it for tyranny. This pattern of misconduct can be historically recognized as Marxist insurrection orchestrated from within by despots such as Barack Hussein Obama.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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