The Role Of Government Part I

When our forefathers declared independence from a monarch who commanded the greatest army in the world and composed the US Constitution, their wisdom spoke for generations to come. Yet, our present incarnation of ignorant and indoctrinated citizens intent on being subservient dolts to ever increasing government regulation have conveniently forgotten the lessons of history. When the US Constitution is spoken of by constitutionalists the term “living breathing document” means that it is just as relevant today as it was when it was first written. Yet, the left, the big government big spending advocates, think that this term, “living breathing document” means that they can change, amend or alter it anyway they see fit to justify their agenda. That simply is not true.

Twisting the truth

Just as the left defines “separation of church and state” to mean that the church should be taken out of all matters dealing in government when, in reality, our forefathers meant for the church to remain in government influencing politicians morally so that they would make responsible decisions and legislation. The framers of the US Constitution wanted government out of the church but did not want the church out of the government. We can easily see today that our out of control government can thank the missing restraint of Christian ethics for the insanity of its present lawmaking. As a result American society has been thrown into chaos intentionally by President Obama as any despot must create unrest and false narratives in order to propagate their agenda.


American society over the course of the last 50 years has seen a gradual indoctrination process being undertaken. Collectivists, statists, socialists, who simply cannot leave capitalism alone continue to insert their false narratives of inequality, class warfare, and the need for increasing government regulation for some unattainable utopia existing only in their imaginations have convinced many of the clueless and inexperienced young students bombarded with leftist propaganda by college professors, the US news media, and the public school systems funded by the government that act as a preparatory mindset to aid in the ultimate goal of social engineering.

Despotic delusions

You will find that the entrenched ideologues of limited skill such as Barack Hussein Obama will endlessly stir the pot of social unrest and racial tension whenever possible as the false narratives that justify carving away our freedoms continue their erosive effect upon the inalienable rights guaranteed to every American citizen under the US Constitution. Little will the left admit or acknowledge that under free enterprise and right to work states America has provided more prosperity to the public than any other nation in history and in a shorter span of time to boot!

Loss of reason

When public schools no longer teach the US Constitution to the student body, when the events that brought about the Revolutionary War are not taught, it is easy to see that intrusive government does not want a free thinking and independent public who does not see eye to eye with the loss of their freedoms due to the excessive regulations continually being handed down from the bureaucrats on Capitol Hill. Oppression, the invisible chains instituted by the federal government are only part of the war on the individual in American society.

Passage of constraints

Each year thousands of new regulations and laws are passed by such agencies as the EPA which answers to no one and is not even elected. Citizens and small business owners must live in fear of being in violations of laws they have never seen or been made aware of. Large corporations are forced to pay fees and comply with restrictions that make establishment of facilities that would house hundreds of employees and bring huge revenues to local economies much less taxes to those authorities are discouraged in this adversarial environment while big government attempts to punish them for seeking affordable options overseas! The obvious conclusion is that government itself that is killing job opportunities.

Existing only for itself

Government has wielded the sword of disinformation to purposely implant it’s self perpetuating agenda. Many in our society have been conditioned to accept restrictions and bend to the will of out of control tyranny all under the aegis of such false narratives as “Climate Change” “Racial Equality” “Executive amnesty” “Bigoted Police forces” “Forced Busing”
“Environmental protection” “the War On Drugs” “The War On Poverty”. In all these seemingly noble causes government proves again and again that it solves nothing, creates more and more bureaucracy, and punishes taxpayers while imposing laws that are unjust and often biased in favor of those who have no allegiance to this nation at all!

Leftist methodology

The only truth that can be gleaned from a long history of big government agenda and the propaganda that it uses to justify its suffocating presence is that government is costly, inefficient, dictatorial, and confiscatory. These actions are simply indicative of the left as its advocates continually use fascist tactics with which to impose their brand of tyranny. This is exactly why our forefathers, in their infinite wisdom, saw government only as a necessary evil that needed to be controlled before it controlled all of us! They saw the essential role of government as minting currency, setting up a legal system that allowed heavily for states’s rights, and established a military for the purpose of protecting our borders! You might notice that these are elements of recognizable failure inherent in the present Obama White House!

The passive masses

When the people know no better than to allow complete control of their lives to be within the iron fist of government then they have willfully sacrificed their own will and have become imprisoned for doing so. When the social system such as public education, the economy , national security, the medical industry, and foreign affairs have all been thoroughly impacted by an all knowing all seeing government that regards individual freedom as a nuisance and the citizen as a pawn or potential detainee, then you have tyranny, the same kind that our forefathers foresaw and warned us about. They knew we could never be overcome by foreign armies, but they also knew that when the people slept and willingly allowed government to take over their lives, the war against our freedoms had been won, and this is America today!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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